Here’s everything I ate in a day

Ladies (and gentlemen), it’s here! This type of post is one of the most requested on the blog, over and over again. You want to see what I’m eating, and so that’s what you get today. I haven’t done one of these posts with all of my meals in a day in a very long time.

Before we begin, I have a few things to share about my food, so we can be on the same page as a refresher, in case you’re new around here:

  • I eat a lot of the same things on repeat, and I’ve been eating a lot of the same things for years and years. I pull from an arsenal of items that I can put together on my plate, and that’s what works for me. Sometimes I try new things, but I’m generally not recreating the wheel.
  • I don’t cook a lot of things from scratch. I like to “assemble” my meals, rather than create lengthy recipes. I’m busy, and I don’t enjoy being in the kitchen for too long (other than to eat).
  • While I do have a nutrition credential, I do not eat perfectly, and I’m aware of that.
  • I do not track my macronutrient intake (carbs, fats, proteins). I have tracked them for very short periods of time long ago, and I felt very stressed about it. It didn’t serve my mental state, and I also didn’t perfectly meet my macro goals ever, which didn’t feel good. So I stopped. Right now, I have no idea how many calories I eat in a day. I have no idea how many carbs or how much fat, but I do have a very loose and light calculation of my protein intake. As I said before, I try to get 100 grams of protein per day, and I should probably be getting a bit more than that. I definitely got that in the day you’re about to see.
  • I like to eat. I do not fast or have specific eating windows (and I usually don’t recommend that method for women, especially). I do not skip meals. I do not avoid food groups. I do not have any food allergies. And all of this does make eating a little easier for me, and for that I am grateful.
  • I have absolutely no label for my diet, and that works for me. I fully support people that like to label how they eat and move and stick within narrow categories, but that has never been something I’ve wanted to do.

Wow, that sounded like a rant. But it was merely a refresher, and now, we’re ready for some food. 

Here’s everything I ate in a day

Here's everything I ate in a day by A Lady Goes West

Today, I’m sharing everything I ate in a day. These meals are from Thursday of last week, a regular weekday for me, and you’ll get a little bit of info about that day within the post. Here we go!

6:30 a.m. Water with sea salt

Morning sea salt water by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s my water cup. I’ve been using it forever.)

I don’t usually include water on my eating recaps, but I wanted to reinforce this daily habit that I’ve had for a long time, which was upgraded a few months ago. The very first thing I do, after scraping my tongue and meditating, is drink at least 16 ounces of water with sea salt to rehydrate from the night before. I have this before anything else, no matter what.

I covered the why behind the sea salt in my water in this post, so you can head there for the backstory. But basically, it helps with hydration to have a little structure in the water, and sea salt does the job really well. Also, I like the taste of a dash of salt in there.

7 a.m. Collagen tea latte

Morning tea latte by A Lady Goes West

I look forward to my morning collagen tea latte. I usually put out all the fixings for this beverage the night before, so when I come downstairs in the morning, after having my water, all I have to do is turn on my tea kettle. Usually while my tea is brewing, I pack Brady’s lunch for school, which is exactly what I did this day.

This collagen tea latte has a lot of ingredients: It has oat milk, two organic green tea bags, honey, stevia, collagen and cinnamon, and it’s delicious. I wrote a whole post about how I make this drink and why, so you can head here for the “recipe” if you want to call it that. The key point? The frother! You’ve got to froth your milk, folks.

7:30 a.m. Breakfast

Oats for breakfast by A Lady Goes West

I’ve been an oats eater for years. For many years, I made cold overnight oats and pulled them out of the fridge in the morning. Then, I went through a baked oatmeal phase. And right now, I’m in a simple hot oats phase.

For the last few months, I’ve been buying the Purely Elizabeth oatmeal packets, because they are super easy and have decent ingredients. I heat up the oatmeal from one packet and water in the microwave, then I add some organic blueberries, a banana, a scoop of peanut butter and four Brazil nuts.

I’ve been eating Brazil nuts for a couple years to support my thyroid health, and I just love the taste of them. I keep them in the freezer and pull out four a day, because they can go bad quickly if you leave them in the pantry. Yum. This breakfast, paired with my hearty collagen tea latte, keeps me full for hours and fuels me for my classes.

11:30 a.m. Post-workout protein

Protein shake post workout by A Lady Goes West

Protein! After breakfast and the usual morning routine, I dropped Brady at preschool and went to the gym to teach. On this day, I taught a 45-minute Shred class at Life Time. I do almost all of the workout along with the class, and it’s a mixture of cardio and strength training. The funny thing about Shred is that it’s my most simple class to prepare and teach, yet it’s by far my most popular. My Shred class always has a waiting list of a lot of people each week, and the room is always full. I love teaching this class, and it’s pretty physically demanding. Good thing I’m always well-fueled from my breakfast.

Once I taught Shred, I stuck around to prepare some new barre material, then I showered up and had a protein shake while working on the computer. I had already pre-made my shake and froze it for about an hour before I left, so it stayed cold in my bag while I taught.

In my shaker is a big scoop of NOW Sports Plant Protein Complex Chocolate Mocha mixed with water, and it’s delicious. By the way, if you try anything from the NOW site, use my code, WEST, for 20 percent off your order. I love my protein shakes and have been drinking them for years to get some replenishment until I can sit down to eat. You can see more about the supplements I use in this post.

1:30 p.m. Lunch

Colorful lunch by A Lady Goes West

Lunch is probably my most rushed meal of the day to get ready, unless I have leftovers to quickly heat up, which isn’t all that often. And that’s because I don’t get home from work and picking up Brady until about 1:15 p.m. on Monday through Thursday. By that time, I’m hungry, because it’s a later lunch. Brady usually has to sit down and finish whatever he didn’t eat at school from his lunchbox, and during that time, I make myself something to eat and sit with him.

This is a fairly typical lunch for me. There’s a piece of Food for Life Baking Ezekiel toast covered in hummus, two Vital Farms hard-boiled eggs, a dollop of Good Culture cottage cheese and a little bundle of sautéed arugula, which I sprinkled with coconut aminos for flavor. I put turmeric, sea salt and black pepper all over every item on the plate too.

I know this sounds and looks like a weird combination, but it works. And this meal is a great example of how I assemble, rather than cook. I absolutely love this meal and have repeated it many times. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of protein on that plate too, from the eggs, cottage cheese and toast.

1:45 p.m. Lunch dessert

Date for lunch dessert by A Lady Goes West

Is lunch dessert a thing? It is for me. And while this may be a minor addition, I did want to cover every single thing I ate this day, so here we go. Dates are life, and I’ll talk about them again in a minute. 

3 p.m. Afternoon tea latte

Afternoon oat milk tea latte by A Lady Goes West

I don’t hit a slump in the afternoon, but I do love a second hot beverage, no matter what the weather is like, because it’s a little treat. I almost always make a second tea latte, but this time without the collagen, because I feel like one serving of collagen is enough for the day. I go through the whole frothing process again too.

I sipped on this tea beverage while working on the computer. Brady was supposed to be napping, but he reappeared shortly thereafter and then played with some puzzles while I finished up something.

And yes, I desperately need a new mug, because I’ve broken my last two, and this current one is starting to chip. But I can’t find a big one that I like. I like my mugs very big. Any recommendations? 

5 p.m. Afternoon snack

Bar for a snack by A Lady Goes West

I know some of you are eating dinner at the time I’m having an afternoon snack, but I’ve always been a late dinner eater. And, on some nights, I really need the snack, because I’m about to head off to teach an evening class or play tennis. On this day, I didn’t have to teach, but I did have to run some errands, so I brought a G2G Protein Bar for me, and a Larabar for Brady, in the car with us on our way out to get some things accomplished.

I love these G2G bars, and they only have a few ingredients, and they have 18 grams of protein. You can find them in some stores, but it’s best to get them straight from the G2G Bar website, and my code, ALADYGOESWEST, gets you 15 percent off G2G Bars. All the flavors are good, but I like the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana the best, but I’m out of that one right now.

By the way, yes, this is a packaged item, but yes, it’s a convenient item, and sometimes choosing the easiest option that works for you is the way to go. I wouldn’t recommend filling up on lots of bars and packaged goods, but if you eat a bar here and there, and the rest of your meals are more whole-foods, then you are good to go.

7:30 p.m. Dinner

Black bean spaghetti by A Lady Goes West

Pasta night, but make it heartier. This night, we were home a little later than expected from our errands, so dinner was at 7:30 p.m.

But you guys would be proud of me, because we’ve mostly been doing a good job of eating dinner by 7 p.m. during the week for almost the last whole year. However, Dave was on a one-day work trip and was home a bit later this day, and so were we, so dinner was delayed.

In my colorful bowl is some black bean spaghetti, an egg, some sautéed arugula and some Rao’s homemade marinara sauce on top. Of course, I mixed it all together, and yummmmmm. Dave had pasta too, but he prefers regular pasta, so we had slightly different meals this night.

I love this meal and have some version of it at least once a week. It’s really filling, because there’s a lot of protein in the black bean spaghetti too, much more so than regular pasta. Most of the time, I use Eat Banza chickpea pasta, but I was switching it up this night, with the black bean spaghetti. I didn’t like it as much as my other pasta, so I’ll probably switch back. 

8 p.m. Dessert

Dates for dessert by A Lady Goes West

More dates. If I calculated the calories consumed or the amount of money spent on dates in my life, it wouldn’t be pretty. And that’s an area where I choose to be in the dark. But dang, I love dates.

Dave, Brady and I all eat them every single day, so we go through a lot of them. Dates are delicious. We buy these ones at Sprouts, and we’ve been eating them for years. Also, they make the perfect last bites for the day, when I’m not going to have a more decadent dessert. I usually save my heartier desserts for once or twice on the weekend and keep it lighter during the week, as I did this day. 

And that’s my food from last Thursday — we’re talking every single bite, and I finished all of what you see here.

Long-time readers will not be surprised by any of this, because I’ve been eating so many of these foods for years. This line-up of food keeps me fueled and energized, and I enjoy it. If I ever had a reason to change my body composition, I may make slightly different food choices, but for now — this works for me. 

You probably wouldn’t want to eat exactly what I eat, because it may not work for you, and we are different people, with different likes, dislikes, needs and lifestyles. But I hope this post serves as an inspiration to eat colorful foods, eat enough foods, fuel your body and not obsess as much about what’s on your plate, but spend more time obsessing over how your foods make you feel.

If you have good energy, skin, digestion and sleep, there’s a good chance that your foods are working for you. If you are struggling in any of those areas, you may need the help of a registered dietitian or a nutrition coach. I highly recommend getting the help of a professional if you’re totally unsure what to eat.

And that’ll do it, my friends. Thank you so much for clicking over to read the blog, because I sure do appreciate that. 🙂 

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Have a wonderful day! Also, we had a great time in Asheville, and I’ll fill you in later this week on our trip.

Questions of the day for YOU …

What’s something you eat most days of the week?

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

How was your weekend?

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  1. i feel the same way about food/cooking/ not tracking macros, calories etc. too much time and stress!
    My favorite meals are b’fast and dinner. I do try to add more protein in meals and I love gluten free waffles w/ a bit of PB, blueberries and 2 hard boiled eggs cut up on it. weird but so good! I also love dinners w/ a good protein, salad on side and brocoli or stringbeans. I DO have cheat meals ONCE a week , how can i not? !

  2. Thanks Ashley for a glimpse into your day of eating. I appreciate the combinations of food I would not have otherwise thought of. I do believe it was you way back that started me on the love of dates for my sweet tooth. I have been on a baked oatmeal bake right now but ready to switch it up. Always looking for new ideas so thanks for sime great ideas!!

    1. Thank YOU for reading, Wendy! I do have some strange combos, but I think they work. I’m actually ready to get back to baked oatmeal soon, so maybe I will. Happy eating, and have a great week!

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