Hole-in-the-wall dining without a plan

I rarely walk out the door without a plan.

However, last night, Dave and I made a plan to not make a plan.

Decked out in my flat boots and a jacket, we walked out the door at 6:30 p.m. in search of food, drink and some fresh air in a new neighborhood.

We walked through Union Square, Nob Hill and into Russian Hill.  On the way there, we walked nearly two miles up and down the sidewalks, peeking into windows and people watching on the move.

Our first stop was a quaint little wine bar called Café Meuse.  A true local spot, Café Meuse is dark, cozy and had some pretty artwork on the walls.  The bar was mostly full of couples, but there was also one strange guy, who was trying to make conversation with the bartender.  I had a glass of the special French white wine of the day, and Dave had a fancy beer.  This particular spot is on the street corner in Russian Hill, and there were tons of young people walking past.  It’s also located right off the cable car line, and I swear the walls in the bathroom shook when one went by.

After a drink, we walked a couple streets over to the more populated Polk Street and were delighted to stumble upon House of Sushi.  It was absolutely a hole-in-the-wall.  It was absolutely a good time.  And no, it doesn’t have a website.

We sat at the sushi bar, about two feet from the sushi chef, who was very smiley and wearing a blue polo.  He cut the largest pieces of tasty sashimi that I’ve had thus far in the City.

I love a fancy dining experience, with formality and fanfare.  However, I also enjoy a good local spot, where the food is fresh, comes out quickly and there is hardly any room to walk between the tables.  To get to the bathroom in House of Sushi, you have to walk through the kitchen, where a real clock radio is blasting some tunes.

We weren’t the only ones who were in search of cheap sushi last night, and during our meal a line of people formed at the door anxiously awaiting spots at the handful of tables.  The restaurant itself was smaller than our living room, but it was full of warmth and good cheer.  And of course, the total bill definitely brought a smile to Dave’s face.

After dinner, we walked the nearly two miles home, full and satisfied with our adventure.  During our walk, we were approached by a coed bachelor party, who asked me to recite a love poem on camera.  Always up for the challenge, I recited a self-written haiku impromptu.  What fun.

There are days when I spend an hour researching the perfect restaurant or activity for our evenings out.  But last night, we just went for a stroll without a destination in mind and were more than pleasantly surprised.

Maybe this planner can commit to a little less planning…

Cafe Meuse
A little gem of a wine bar in Russian Hill.
Cafe Meuse
Selfie gone wrong. I couldn’t stop laughing.
House of Sushi
That is one happy camper at the bar of House of Sushi.
House of Sushi
Great spot across from the chef at House of Sushi.

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  1. I’m glad you discovered House of Sushi! My absolute favorite place to get sushi in the city! Unassuming and relish

    1. Hi Radeema, Thanks for stopping by. And yes, I need to go back to House of Sushi. It’s so good. But I also like Sushi Rock on Polk for some cheap eats. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great new year so far!

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