Holiday gift guide for guys for 2021 (gift ideas for him)

Gifting season is here, and I’m excited about it. Today, I’m sharing a holiday gift guide for guys for 2021 with plenty of gift ideas for him so you can get some inspiration and get your shopping done early. And before we begin, just so you know, Dave has reviewed, approved and even recommended many of these items. In fact, I’ve gifted him many of these before or will one day, so you can be sure these are good.

Let’s get to the gifts …

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Holiday gift guide for guys for 2021 (gift ideas for him)

Holiday gift guide for guys for 2021 (gift ideas for him) by A Lady Goes West


Oversized cozy sports hoodie

When I was talking to Dave about my “gift ideas for him” post, he wanted to make sure a super-casual and chill item like an oversized hoodie made it on here. Now that Dave has been working from home for well over a year, he’s often in hoodies when he doesn’t have Zoom meetings. And the cooler weather calls for all the comfy hoodies — the ones that are very soft and a little bit big. I think a sports-inspired hoodie is always a good idea, but you could also get one based on your guy’s city, state or college. There are plenty of places to get big hoodies, and this site is a great one. I love this University of Florida one and wouldn’t mind having it for myself. Shop some oversized cozy sports hoodies here.


Lululemon ABC Joggers

A MUST! I’ve put these on two gift guides before, because they are that good. These pants are an investment, but they last. I have gifted Dave two pairs of these super-chic Lululemon joggers over the last year, and he wears them both all the time still. They can be dressed up or down. And these are a GREAT way to introduce your guy to joggers, if he doesn’t already wear these chic pants. Also, these pants have a really cool feature where you can wear the drawstring inside or out, depending on what look you’re going for. Dave likes that part a lot. Shop the Lululemon joggers here. (Side note: I would totally pair the joggers with this henley, which I’ve also bought for Dave in two colors. Such a good shirt.)

Lulu joggers

Saxx undies

Are we talking about men’s underwear on my blog today? Looks like it. I won’t say much. But these are some fancy underwear, and I think they make a great gift, because they have the cutest designs and are high quality. I’ve bought a few of these for Dave, and he thought they should be on today’s list, so here they are. Shop the Saxx undies here.

Saxx undies

Stance socks subscription

The best socks. In fact, these are Dave’s favorite socks for work or play. I always used to put these in his stocking, so he has a lot of them. Well, I just found out that Stance now has a monthly subscription service, which would make such an excellent gift. You can find dress socks or athletic socks, and they are well made, and the designs are great. Shop the Stance socks subscription service here. Or, shop individual Stance socks here. (Fun fact: I actually wear the no-show women’s version a lot too under my sneakers to teach classes.)

Stance socks

Mizzen + Main Button-up shirts

Again, this is a repeat item on my gift ideas for him list, but for good reason. Dave was introduced to this brand of shirt a couple of years ago and is now hooked on them. They wash up well, don’t need to be ironed (are totally wrinkle-free actually) and have the best stretchy and moisture-wicking fabric. In fact, these are the only dress shirts he would ever wear to work, and he also has some casual ones for the weekends. He just keeps buying more of them, because they’re so good. They last a long time too. Shop Mizzen + Main button-ups here.

Mizzen shirt


Chunky cocktail glasses

My mom bought Dave these chunky cocktail glasses four years ago, and they are still his absolute favorite glasses to use. They are super heavy, and they feel great in the hand. They feel mature, expensive and luxurious. And I think every guy loves a good heavy glass, whether it is spirits or water that ends up in there. Shop the chunky cocktail glasses here.

Chunky glasses

Sonos roam portable bluetooth speaker

I bought this speaker for Dave for Father’s Day this year, and he loves it. It integrates with our house-wide Sonos sound system, but you don’t need the rest of the system to use this speaker. You connect it to your phone, and you can turn it on and off wherever you are. When it was warmer, we would bring it outside to our patio for a little background music. The sound quality is so good for a small speaker, and it’s easy to use. Shop the Sonos roam bluetooth speaker here.

Sonos speakers

Philips Hue bluetooth lighting starter kit

Dave has this thing for lights. He brought home a Philips Hue bluetooth lighting starter kit maybe five years ago. Then he ordered another light, and then he ordered a light strip. And then next thing you know, our house has many of its main lights connected to this bluetooth system, also connected to our Google assistant. With a touch of a button on the Hue app on his phone (which he eventually put on my phone too), or with a verbal request to Google, we can change the lighting in our house at any time without touching a single lamp. Even though I initially thought this was silly, I’ve learned to love it. We can even turn the lights on for Rudy if it gets dark when we aren’t home. Nonetheless, it’s a super-cool gift idea for him, if you think a guy in your life would enjoy this convenience (you can even change the color of the lights). You need to get the starter kit first, then you can get the accessories, and it’s not that expensive for the basics. Shop the Philips Hue bluetooth lighting starter kit here.



Triggerpoint Vibrating Foam Roller

I had the pleasure of trying this vibrating foam roller out at the IDEA World Fitness Convention a couple of years ago, and it’s awesome. This vibrating foam roller can be used as a regular roller with no vibrating, and it’s an awesome thing to have on hand for a little recovery and massaging at home. If you know a guy who likes to work out, or who is just sore from life, this is a thoughtful and useful item to gift for him. Shop the TriggerPoint vibrating roller here.

TriggerPoint roller

Theragun mini portable percussive massage gun

Another one! I mean, if you don’t own a percussive massage gun at this point, what are you waiting for? It’s a valuable and enjoyable self-massage at home. We have one of these guns in a larger version from a different brand, and I don’t like it as much as I like Theragun. I think Theragun is probably the best in this space, as well as the first, and I know that because I’ve tried Theragun before. This mini version is much more affordable than the larger size, and it makes an excellent gift for a guy who works out or for a guy who has stress and tightness. You can get instant relief from neck and shoulder pain with this, which is especially nice during the workday, for someone who is constantly at a desk. Shop the Theragun mini here.


Les Mills Smart Tech equipment

I can’t say enough good things about this durable, high-quality and highly user-friendly fitness equipment for home. If a guy in your life works out at home and has some regular weights, it’s time to upgrade him — and he will LOVE it. I highly recommend the Les Mills Smartbar set, the Smartband and even the Smartstep. You can get this equipment in bundles, and even add a digital fitness subscription with Les Mills+ (formerly Les Mills On Demand). If you get the equipment, use this link, and try the code BETTER10 and SMARTTECH5 for a little discount. Shop the Les Mills Smart Tech equipment here. (You can also read my review of this equipment in full here.)

LM Smartbar

Other gift ideas for him …

Car detailing. For his birthday last month, I had a mobile car detailer come to our house and clean Dave’s car, and the person was here for five hours doing the most thorough interior and exterior cleaning ever. Dave’s car is still shiny, and because he loves his car so much, he loves this gift.

Golf club fitting. Another thing I did for Dave was get him fitted for new golf clubs. I made an appointment at Golf Galaxy for him to get fitted for new irons. It was a one-hour experience, where he got to try out all sorts of new clubs, get help from a golf pro on the best fit, and use a golf simulator. He loved it. And from there, he was able to order some new irons.

Clothing subscription. I have bought Dave a month of Trunk Club, as well as a month of Stitch Fix, and he loved both of them. He filled out the questionnaire and received a customized box of styled goods, and he ended up keeping most of them from both shipments. He thought this was fun, and I think it makes a great gift. I think he probably liked the clothing from Trunk Club the best, because that’s all Nordstrom.

Sporting event or concert tickets. I used to gift Dave event tickets all the time before we had Brady. It’s like a double gift, because you also get the anticipation of the event coming up. This year, things are much more open than last year, so event tickets are a great gifting option again.

TV subscriptions. Netflix, Apple+, Disney+, Hulu, there are so many streaming TV networks worth trying. If you’re in a pinch for an easy gift, choose one of these and pay for the year. We have all of these, and there are good shows on each.

That’ll do it for my holiday gift guide for guys 2021 with gift ideas for him. Hope you found it helpful. And if you have any other recommendations, please leave them in the comments below. Have a wonderful day! 🙂 

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  1. Great ideas here! I never know what to get my hubby but he can’t have enough ND shirts, hoodies, hats, etc! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  2. Great ideas Ashley! I really like the Smartbar set but for myself 😀 When the pandemic started I bought a cheap set thinking that I would only be using it for a few weeks at most but I am still working out at home!

    I hope you are doing well x

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