Holiday gift guide for ladies for 2021 (gift ideas for her)

Hey, friends! How are you? Gift guide season is in full effect, and I’m very excited about it! Today, I’m sharing some gift ideas for her in my official holiday gift guide for ladies for 2021! If you want to give someone who is shopping for you a hint, send this along to them. 🙂

Also, I polled you all on Instagram to see what you really wanted this year, and I included some popular items in my recommendations below, directly from you. 

Let’s get to the gifts …

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, but I’m using affiliate links. While the purchase price is not altered at all, if you shop through these links, I do earn a very small commission. Thank you for supporting A Lady Goes West. 

Holiday gift guide for ladies for 2021 (gift ideas for her)

Holiday gift guide for ladies for 2021 (gift ideas for her) by A Lady Goes West


When it comes to gifting someone clothing or shoes, I feel like you should go for the good stuff. I’m all about fast/cheaper fashion for myself when I’m buying it for myself, but if someone is gifting fashion items to me, I want them to be nice. These are some investment pieces, but they should last. I’ve tried them, or I’ve heard really good things.

Summersalt silky pajama set (Instagram recommendation)

Okay, so this brand — Summersalt — is an Instagram sensation. So much so that I ordered a one-piece bathing suit from the brand over the summer, just because I had seen it advertised on the ‘gram. I loved the suit (it’s here), and I love the other items available on the site too, for all seasons. Now, silky pajamas make an amazing gift, because they are something most people wouldn’t buy for themselves. These pajamas have the best designs, and I think they are an excellent option. Shop the Summersalt silky pajama set here.


Ugg slippers (Instagram recommendation)

True story: I’ve never actually owned a pair of Uggs, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Now that I live in a colder climate during the winter (okay, cold for this Floridian), I could see myself needing some slippers like these. The rumor has it that these last and last and last. Love that. Shop the Ugg slippers here.


Rothy’s shoes (Instagram recommendation)

This is another popular brand that I’ve actually never owned. These shoes are a big investment, but people say that they are totally worth it for comfort and quality. I actually love the look of the loafers and the sneakers too. And the sneakers are washable, which is awesome. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from, and I think these would most definitely make a great gift. Shop the Rothy’s sneakers here.


Gorjana Parker chain necklace (and other necklaces)

I have so many pieces of jewelry from Gorjana, and I love them all. I think nearly everything on the Gorjana site is giftable, but I’m really into the choker-length chain-style necklaces. You can layer them with your current necklaces, or you can wear them alone. Gorjana is great quality, by the way. They have some fine jewelry and some plated jewelry, and it all looks really expensive. I really like this simple choker too. Shop the Gorjana Parker chain necklace here.

Chain choker

Lululemon leggings (Instagram recommendation)

Everybody loves to receive Lululemon! I get a lot of my workout clothes from Carbon38, but Lululemon is my next favorite brand. And I have recently bought a few pairs of leggings that truly hold up for the big workouts. These invigorate leggings are amazing (I have the camo), and I wear them at least once a week. However, I think any lovely lady would love a pair of colorful align leggings too. The aligns are flattering on everyone, and they can be worn for low-impact workouts or play. Shop the Lululemon Align leggings here.

Lululemon align


You won’t see a ton of “home” gifts on my list, because, personally, I don’t love to receive home stuff. But I know that some people do, so here are a few options …

Barefoot Dreams throw blanket

You’ve seen this brand on my gift guides in the past, because I have a Barefoot Dreams cardigan, and it is the softest fabric ever. Well, the brand also makes throw blankets, and they are fancy blankets. These blankets would make a fabulous gift for a lady who likes to read or watch TV or lounge. You can wrap this fuzzy thing around your shoulders or legs and feel totally warm and comfy too. You can find solid colors or even animal print (my personal favorite pattern). Shop the Barefoot Dreams throw blanket here.


“Homebody” book

Big beautiful books are meant to be read, but they are also meant to be displayed in your home. I happen to love Joanna Gaines, and she has some great books for both reading and displaying. We bought her latest book, “Homebody,” and it’s always out on our entertainment center under a candle, but I’ve also enjoyed flipping through it. If you’re shopping for a lady who loves home decor, a big beautiful book is a perfect gift. You also can’t beat the price of this one. Shop the “Homebody” book here.


Personal care

I feel like over the last year and a half or so, as we’ve dealt with some very hard times in the world, people are finally starting to understand the importance of caring for yourself. You are worth it, and so are your loved ones. Here are some gift ideas for personal care …

Gua sha stone (Instagram recommendation)

I don’t have a gua sha stone, but I do have a facial roller, which I believe to be a bit similar. Several people suggested adding gua sha stones to the list, because they are becoming very popular. And you may be wondering what they even are? Let me tell you: A gua sha is a semi-precious stone used to massage the face to increase circulation, relieve tension and improve skin’s appearance. The good ones are made out of jade or quartz from what I understand. You use it daily as part of your skincare routine, and it feels good. And by the way, even my facial roller feels really soothing, so I bet the gua sha stone is a similar pleasant sensation. And when you’re gifting, get the good stuff, and I did some research on this one. Shop this highly rated Gua Sha stone here. And you should probably throw in a facial oil to go with it, like this one.

Skin gym gua sha

Beautycounter gift set

Obviously, I’m partial to giving clean beauty and skincare to loved ones. There are a ton of universal gift sets this year that would work for any lady, and I think the Solemates Exfoliating Duo, which includes a volcanic rock scrubber and an exfoliator for the feet, is a real treat. Shop the Solemates Exfoliating Duo here


Airwrap Styler by Dyson

A repeat on my gift list, but I own this, and I LOVE it. This popular hair tool is consistently out of stock since its debut, and I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas from Dave last year. I got the complete set, with the smoothing hair brush and the air curlers, and this thing is like magic. It completely styles damp hair with nothing but air. You can do salon-quality curls, stick straight strands and much more, and because of the special Dyson technology, your hair doesn’t get as damaged. This is a total splurge, but any hair item from Dyson is such a great gift. I use this every week and even bring parts of it with me when I travel. Shop the AirWrap styler here.



Many of these fitness equipment suggestions were on my holiday gift list for guys. Why repeat them? Because everyone could use them, and ladies would love them too, so they also make gift ideas for her.

Les Mills Smart Tech equipment

I can’t say enough good things about this durable, high-quality and highly user-friendly fitness equipment for home. If you know a lady who works out at home and has some regular weights, it’s time to upgrade her — and she will LOVE it. I highly recommend the Les Mills Smartbar set, the Smartband and even the Smartstep. You can get this equipment in bundles, and even add a digital fitness subscription with Les Mills+ (formerly Les Mills On Demand). If you get the equipment, use this link, and try the code BETTER10 and SMARTTECH5 for a little discount. Shop the Les Mills Smart Tech equipment here. (You can also read my review of this equipment in full here.)

LM Smartbar

Triggerpoint Vibrating Foam Roller

I had the pleasure of trying this vibrating foam roller out at the IDEA World Fitness Convention a couple of years ago, and it’s awesome. This vibrating foam roller can be used as a regular roller with no vibrating, and it’s an awesome thing to have on hand for a little recovery and massaging at home. If you know a lady who likes to work out, or who is just sore from life, this is a thoughtful and useful item to gift for her. Shop the TriggerPoint vibrating roller here.

TriggerPoint roller

Theragun mini portable percussive massage gun

Another one! I mean, if you don’t own a percussive massage gun at this point, what are you waiting for? It’s a valuable and enjoyable self-massage at home. We have one of these guns in a larger version from a different brand, and I don’t like it as much as I like Theragun. I think Theragun is probably the best in this space, as well as the first, and I know that because I’ve tried Theragun before. This mini version is much more affordable than the larger size, and it makes an excellent gift for a lady who works out or for a lady who has stress and tightness. You can get instant relief from neck and shoulder pain with this, which is especially nice during the workday, for someone who is constantly at a desk. Shop the Theragun mini here.


Other gift ideas for her …

  • Massage gift certificate. 
  • Manicure and pedicure gift certificate. 
  • Full-on spa-day gift certificate.
  • A house-cleaning service.
  • Concert or theater tickets.
  • A no-chores day.
  • Flower delivery subscription — like available from Bouqs here

That’ll do it for my holiday gift guide for ladies for 2021 with gift ideas for her. Hope you found it helpful. And if you have any other recommendations, please leave them in the comments below. Have a wonderful day! 🙂 

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