How to stay healthy while you travel

I’m teaming up with Ricolaยฎ Herb & Throat drops, as part of a campaign with Socialstars, to bring you this sponsored post all about staying healthy while you travel this spring.

Hi friends! And a very happy Tuesday going out to you! Spring is in the air, and I’ve got vacations on the mind. So today I’m going to share with you how I stay healthy and active when I travel.

This is timely, because Dave and I are hopping on a cross-country flight in two weeks to head to Florida to visit my family and attend a huge wedding for one of my best friends. We’re pros when it comes to planning, packing and making big trips, because we’ve been doing it for nearly three years now. And although we don’t say no to when we’re on vacation, we’re both pretty adamant about maintaining some balance by being active and focusing on our health in other ways.

How to stay healthy while you travel

How to stay healthy while you travel via A Lady Goes West

Spring is the perfect time to take a trip, so if you’ve got one lined up, put these tips in your back-pocket to make sure you have a happy and healthy adventure …

Pack plenty of healthy snacks. I do not leave home without snacks. Healthy items in my carry-on bag and in my purse while I’m out-and-about on vacation typically include the following:

  • Granola bars
  • Almonds
  • Trail mix
  • Fruit
  • Protein powder (you just never know when you’ll need it)
  • A baked sweet potato (sounds weird, but this is a great snack or meal on the plane, when topped with almond butter — trust me, it travels really well)

Yes, you want to eat and try the food in the locations you visit, but you don’t want to be walking around starving, so be prepared with healthy bites at all times. Hanger on vacation? Not a good plan!

#SwissHerbsA peek into my carry-on bag when I’m planning for a trip: Extra socks, a water bottle, a book, a resistance tube, a banana, some almonds, anti-bacterial, shades and my Ricola Revitalizing Herb Drops.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I always have a reusable water bottle with me, wherever I go, which I drink before the security line at the airport, then I fill back up after I make it through security. But in addition to drinking water on the day of the journey, I also like to drink a lot the day before I get on a plane and throughout every single day of my vacation. You just feel better when you’re hydrated, so drink up! And don’t rely on those tiny waters that you get for free on planes or at hotels, bring your own larger bottle to have more than enough H2O on hand. (However, if you’re traveling to a foreign country, make sure you’re filling up with safe and filtered water.)

Explore on foot with a walk or run. There’s no better way to explore a new area, than to walk around it. I’m all about going on walking tours and getting everywhere you possibly can by using your own legs. Don’t be scared to get lost out there, because you just might stumble upon some lovely views. While I usually don’t run outside, whenever I go on vacation, I like to get out for a short jog with Dave to see our surroundings. You see so much more at street-level than you do from the windows of a rental car or cab. And sometimes you even get a nice sports bra tan from an outdoor run, and who doesn’t want to come back from vacation with that mark of success?

Ashley on footComfortable shoes, colorful leggings, a backpack full of snacks and a water bottle? I’m ready for adventure!

Start your day with a super-short workout in your room or outside. While I do like to take a week off of all workouts maybe once or twice a year, I still like to be active on most of my vacations. I always travel with a resistance tube, because I can use it for exercises in my hotel room and also use it to help stretch my tight muscles after sitting for too long in the car or on a plane. Resistance tubes are so easy to throw in your bag and are very versatile. If you don’t have one, try doing some push-ups, planks and jumping jacks in your hotel room for about 15 minutes to get your blood flowing before you start the day. It’s certainly not going to hurt you to fit that in before beginning your adventures. And if your hotel has a gym? Use it!

Rent bikes to tour the area. Need to get from point A to point B while traveling? Why not bike? It’s so easy to rent bikes, and it’s the perfect and fun way to get yourself where you need to go. If you ever visit San Francisco, I would definitely suggest that you rent bikes to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. This is something that Dave and I have done with visitors and done ourselves when we first moved here. So beautiful and also a good dose of exercise and vitamin D!

Biking the BayNo better way to check out a beautiful area than to hop on a bike and ride. Here’s a shot of Dave and me with our very best friends, who came to visit us in the spring of last year.

Don’t forget about nutrients to keep sickness at bay. It may seem easy to eat nothing but junk when you travel, but if you’re normally a fairly healthy eater, you’re bound to feel differently if you go a couple of days without any quality food in your system. In addition to eating some greens (alongside bacon-dusted french fries, perhaps), pack some vitamins and enjoy some energizing nutrients, like you those you find in Ricola Revitalizing Herb Drops. These drops are made up of herbs cultivated in the Swiss mountains using natural farming methods and are a natural way to boost your immunity. Every little bit helps when you’re out of your normal surroundings and on-the-go.

Sleep and nap. If you’re anything like me, you want to fit in as much as humanly possibly when you’re away from home on a trip. But don’t forget about getting some ZZZs. If you change time zones and feel some jet-lag, it’s okay to nap. Our bodies and minds need the recovery you get when you sleep, so make it a priority. I find that the afternoon nap makes an appearance when I’m on vacation much more than it does in real life. Why not? It’s good for you.

The most important part of travel

Most of all, have fun, and don’t stress! Vacations are good for the soul, and I look forward to them so much. While I like to let loose and veer off my schedule a bit when traveling, I know that being healthy is a priority to me no matter where I am. So with these tips, a plane ticket and an open mind, I’m ready to rumble! I hope you will be too!

*Disclaimer: As part of a Socialstars campaign, this post in sponsored by Ricola. I’ve really enjoyed learning about this family-owned Swiss company, its rich history and the product line available throughout this campaign. So thanks Ricola. However, please know that all the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. For more information on Ricola, you can visit Ricola on Facebook or on Twitter.

Questions of the day

Do you have any trips planned for the spring or summer?

How do you stay healthy while traveling?

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

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  1. I have a similar post as a guest post on Monday on Pretty Little Grub! For me, traveling is, in general, about movement, exploration, and then rest and recovery (with a glass of wine, thank you). I marched Alex around Europe when we went for our honeymoon! NO SHAME

    1. Hi Susie! Awesome! I’ll have to check that out. And yes, movement and relaxation are a great combo. And wine? A must! Have a happy Tuesday!!

    1. Hi Megan! Yes, I eat it cold. I take baked sweet potatoes loaded with almond butter as an “on-the-go” lunch quite often. The longer the AB sits in there, the better it gets. I wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in a tupperware and bring some disposable silverware. Works every time hehe! Happy Tuesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How exciting about yalls upcoming trip! These are some great tips. I always manage to get sick when I travel. I would also add plenty of vitamin C!

  3. Remembering to hydrate is my downfall when it comes to traveling. But boy do I remember once my head starts pounding and I feel dizzy! Love your colorful leggings by the way – so fun!

    1. Hi Carrie! I feel ya! If you’re thirsty, that means you waited TOO long to drink hehehe. Here’s to staying hydrated every day! Have a lovely Tuesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I try as much as possible to stick to my regular habits while Im on vacation (getting enough sleep, drinking water, eating healthy foods) because I never feel as good when I don’t do those things! But yes, vacations are definitely also a time to relax and indulge bit, for sure:)

    1. Hi Lisa, It’s a fine balance to stay healthy enough so you feel good, yet also let yourself veer off enough to feel like you’re having a break. Right? Yay for vacations! Hope you have a great Tuesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Love this post! You have such great tips. I always try to stay active on vacation and walk around a ton. On my recent trip to Europe I ended up walking/running almost 20 miles a day! That was one of my favorite trips ever, but I think my all-time favorite was when I went to Costa Rica!

    1. Wow, Gretchen! 20 miles a day? That’s a lot of steps! Nice work on that. And I’ve never been to Costa Rica, but of course, I’m sure it’s beautiful. Happy Tuesday to you, lady! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Courtney! Thanks so much! I can’t wait for my Florida trip soon so I can put these tips into practice! Hope you have a lovely Tuesday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks, Heather! I can’t wait and wish it was happening this week. We won’t have time to get to Orlando this visit though and are staying in my parent’s hometown the whole time. Luckily many of my friends will be in town for the wedding I’m in at the same time. Happy Tuesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Excellent tips! I try my best to drink loads of water, remember my vitamins, and get plenty of sleep. When I let those things fall by the wayside is usually when I notice I start to get sick. So excited for you that you get to go back home in a couple weeks!!

    1. Thanks, Ash! Me too! And I know, even though I love to relax and indulge in EVERYTHING, I feel better when at least a little bit of focus is put on health. Drinking water and sleeping are a great way to maintain that during the fun of vacations. You should take a babymoon! Have one planned??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I will be taking my boys up to NH/MA this summer by myself. Snacks will be easy for me, but getting the exercise is the tough part. I won’t have my gym with childcare and most likely not a lot of opportunity to have a babysitter. It’s tough!

    1. Hi Sue! A trip alone with the boys? Oh man! Good luck to you! I bet that will be fun, but tiring. heheh Start resting for it now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Good tips for sure! My favorite trip ever…. either my semi-solo, 4 and a 1/2 week jaunt around Thailand and China or our family trip to Hawaii 2 years ago. Oh Travel, I love it!

    1. Hi Jessie! I still haven’t been to Hawaii (or China or Thailand of course!) Sounds like you are well-traveled. Awesome!!! Hope all is well! Happy Tuesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. We are actually leaving next Thursday to head to the beach for a long week. We are traveling with our 17mo and driving in the car (a 14hr car ride) so that we can take extra beach toys. I pre-cut apple slices and peel Halo’s in bags for all of us and usually have a couple protein bars thrown in there for the “adults.” We also stock the car with PLENTY of water and a few LaCroix for something different.

    We also do lots of stops at parks for our toddler to run a bit and get some energy out.

    I still workout while on vacation and I have a notebook full of quick HIIT full-body workouts to knock out in under 30 minutes that I do in the mornings before the day is started. (Then I don’t feel as guilty about indulging just a little while on vacation!)

    1. Hi Sherri! Well I can tell you are a planner, and I LOVE that about you hehehe. Nice work on all the prep and book of workouts. I agree that it feels better to get a little sweating done before you indulge all day. Hope your trip goes well, with the long car-ride and all!

    1. Oh Sara, may your Expo Peanut Butter Rest In Peace. That is soo sad. ๐Ÿ™ And yes for overnight oats, I’ve brought that on the plane too!

  10. You’re going to have so much fun! What part of FLA?

    This is a great reminder for me – Vegas and I leave for Greece on Saturday! I always try to explore on foot and having that water on hand is key. I keep it out on planes and *most* flight attendants will refill it for you in air too!

    1. Hi Laura! I’m from Southwest Florida (near Fort Myers/Boca Grande) so that’s where my parents live and where I’ll be for the wedding. I lived in Orlando before moving to San Francisco and usually make it back there on my Florida visits, but not this time. And YAY for a trip to Greece. I’ve always wanted to go to the Greek Islands. One day! Have a great time, and I hope you have nice flight attendants!

    1. Hi Doc! That’s a full travel schedule. Where in Maine? My husband is from there and we got engaged on Peaks Island off the Portland coast, so Maine will always be special to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. You have some great tips here, and I totally agree about the hydrating one. I know that when I start to get dehydrated I get tired and grouchy. Not cool on vacation!
    The best vacation I’ve ever had was backpacking in Europe with my husband after graduating college. It was such an awesome experience!

    1. Hi Heather! Oh wow, backpacking Europe sounds awesome! I studied abroad, but we didn’t officially backpack when there. And I also get grouchy when I’m tired and dehydrated, so focusing on sleep and water is important. Hope you have a great night! ๐Ÿ™‚

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