Favorite things: IDEA BlogFest event, LE TOTE and a little bit more

Hey friends! How’s life? Is it possible that this short week seemed long? It did. But that’s okay, because we’ve nearly made it through. 

For me, this weekend will be full of werk, werk, werk, because I’ve got a few big things on the horizon. On Monday night, I’m team-teaching the new Les Mills BODYATTACK 93 and following that up by team-teaching the new Les Mills BODYPUMP 98 first thing on Tuesday morning. Then, on Tuesday afternoon, I’m heading off to L.A. for the rest of the week and weekend for a shoot for work and for the IDEA World Fitness Convention and IDEA World Fitness BlogFest. All of that means that the next couple of days, I’ll be memorizing group fitness choreography and also packing and preparing for my trip and teaching a BODYPUMP class featuring the old choreography.

Les Mills launch

IDEA World Fitness BlogFest

Speaking of IDEA, last year I attended the conference for the first time and had one incredibly memorable and fun experience. It’s the world’s largest fitness convention, with big brands showcasing their latest and greatest; education sessions from the best-in-the-fitness-and-nutrition-business; a huge expo hall for sampling supplements, bars and apparel and of course; two days of BlogFest time with some of my favorite blogging buddies. I wrote a bunch about what I learned last year, which you can read here, here and here.) I’ll be giving you the download on Instagram while I’m there and a recap when I come back. But for now, let’s take a moment to dig into some favorites … 

This week’s “Favorite things”  

My favorite clothing service 

Long-time ALGW readers may remember that back in my City days living in a shoe-boxed-size apartment in San Francisco, I shared a small closet with Dave and literally could not purchase anything new unless I gave something away. Well, right around that time I had my first chance to try the LE TOTE clothing subscription service (referral link!) and loved it. Fast forward to now, and I have a bigger closet of my own and still don’t have that much space. (Funny how that happens, isn’t it?). Thank goodness LE TOTE is back in my life though, because I can get fun new pieces without having to make a long-term commitment or investment. And I don’t even really need to clear a shelf.

Le Tote Spring

Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up for the service and pay a monthly fee of just $59 and you get unlimited “totes” or shipments of five pieces sent directly to your home. Three garments and two accessories. 
  2. You can wear the stuff, then buy the pieces you like for a reduced rate, or send them all back and get another tote full of new stuff, with free shipping. So essentially, you are just borrowing the clothes. For someone who likes trendy items or gets sick of the same old things in their closet but doesn’t want to commit, this is the service for you.
  3. You can wear the things as much as you want or as little as you want, and keep the tote for a long or short time.
  4. And the clothing is cute and from well-known brands.

Also, LE TOTE has made some updates since I was last a member. What’s new? Now, they send you an email preview of what will be in your tote before it ships, and you get to approve or choose new items in case something is just not your style (which is a change that I am LOVING). And LE TOTE now features handbags, accessories and jewelry, so you can pair things up with the clothing. I’ve been totally enjoying my shipments, and here are some of my favorite pieces worn around Northern California as of late …

Fun purse …

Ashley with a LE TOTE purse by A Lady Goes West

Crochet top …

Ashley in LE TOTE by A Lady Goes West

Sparkling bracelet …

Ashley in a LE TOTE bracelet by A Lady Goes West

Asymmetrical purple top …

Ashley in a LE TOTE top by A Lady Goes West

Such variety, right? And I wore each a few times, then sent it back for more. 

PROMO CODE: Do you like the sound of LE TOTE? f you want to give it a try, use the code ALADYGOESWEST to enjoy 20 percent off your first month. This code is good until August 20. *Thanks to LE TOTE for the complimentary service. You’re keeping me stylin’.

My favorite nail color

Other favorite things? This fresh mani I got this week, which is supposed to last me through the weekend and my L.A. adventures. Even though I often get different colors on my nails, I always secretly love red the most, and this is the one I regularly get on my fingers and toes. It’s my signature, for sure, and I have a bottle of it at home for touch-ups.

Red nails by A Lady Goes West

 My favorite links of the week

Did you miss the latest on A Lady Goes West

And more from around the web worth checking out …

  • Gina (who I look forward to hanging out with in L.A.) seems to like most of the same foods as me. And because I eat sweet potatoes for breakfast with no shame, this concoction she made up has my name all over it: “sweet potato protein breakfast bowl.” Yummy. I hope she brings some to BlogFest …

That’s it, folks. Have an awesome weekend!

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Questions of the day

Bloggers and fitness buffs, are you going to IDEA or BlogFest?

What are you loving this week?



  1. I’m going to BlogFest this year! My sister lives in LA so I figured it would give me a reason to visit her and learn a lot more about blogging since I feel like such a newbie. And yay I’m excited for another BodyPump release, we’ve been doing the same routine for what feels like awhile at my gym so I’m definitely ready for some new moves. Have a great weekend!

    1. I will miss my buddy! We made a good group last year, but yea, you’ve got more important and (tiny) things to deal with haha!!

  2. See you soon! I’ll be getting in a little late–I guess you could say that is the only thing fashionable about me! You are WAY more fashionable. Love you in all of those picks! Have a great weekend, Ashley.

  3. Ahhhhh I’m just going to stay off of Instagram while you guys are having all the fun at IDEA this year! So sad and jealous. Next year, my friend! Have a great weekend and awesome time! Also … loving all of those Le Tote pieces. <3

  4. I agree with Heather… I’m not jealous really, but I’m kind of secretly jealous about Blog Fest. That is the thing I do love about Blog Fest is that you all will share updates, I’m sure! 🙂 And that clothing service looks perfect for you Ashley, because you are always so good at putting outfits together. I probably wouldn’t use it enough, but I love following people who know how to do the fashion!

    1. I wish you were going, but there is always next year. And yes, I’ll share tons of photos so you can see what’s going on there. Enjoy your weekend, Emily!

  5. My gym JUST got Body Attack this week and I cannot wait to try it. I’m Body Pump obsessed and pretty much love anything that Les Mills comes out with. It’s so cool that you’re an instructor!!

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