An inspiring story and an activewear giveaway

Sometimes you can be drawn to something because of its aesthetics. And sometimes you can be drawn to something because of what it stands for or means. In the case of Actio926 activewear, it’s both. It’s truly both.

Ashley in Actio926 wear via A Lady Goes WestHere’s a look at the gorgeous outfit from the Actio926 line I received. And the beautiful photos in this entire post? Compliments go out to Leah Bentley Photography for all.

I had the wonderful opportunity to test out an outfit from Actio926, and one lucky reader will win the chance to pick out one top or bottom from the line as well. Before we get to that giveaway (which is not just for women, but is also a great chance for you fellows to win something for an inspirational lady in your life), I think we need to talk about how these clothes even came about, because it’s pretty awesome.

The woman behind Actio926 

The woman who started Actio926 in 2012, Stephanie Radkay, did so for many reasons. After her mother passed, she found a hidden box of drawings her mother had done years before. From that discovery, she then learned that her talented mother had once wanted to become a fashion designer, but became discouraged and gave up those dreams forever, never mentioning them to her family again. It was after this realization that Stephanie found out from one of her late-mother’s closest friends that her mom always wanted to do more with her life than she had. Although her mom had been outwardly happy, she had lived with the feeling inside that she wasn’t fulfilling her full potential or meeting her own expectations. Immediately, Stephanie knew she needed to change the trajectory in her own unfulfilled life as a tribute to her mom.

As a runner, yogi and dancer, Stephanie knew she wanted to combine her love of fashion with exercise. And with a lot of hope and support from her husband, she threw herself into designing, testing and creating her own activewear line, now called Actio926, which she launched out of her Southern California home. The word “actio” is Latin for action, and 926 is a set of numbers very significant to both Stephanie and her late mother. What’s now a growing and gorgeous line of fashionable clothing, is representative of someone changing their life for the better.

Stephanie followed her heart and is now pursuing her dreams. With Actio926, she wants to encourage other women (and men) to do the same. Truly, I’m moved by Stephanie’s story and really felt like I wanted to share it with all of you. I too, have made some big changes in my life over the past year and already see the benefits of taking chances. It’s a beautiful thing.

Activewear that moves you to your core

But now, a little bit about the actual product. This is not-your-average factory-made clothing line. It’s been tested and created with every little detail in mind. According to Stephanie:

Every piece of fabric, every cut, every thread, every band of elastic, every aspect of my line has been selected by me and dissected to perfection. Every choice I make is about quality and fit. That’s what moves me.

That’s pretty impressive. And I can definitely believe those words, because I’ve had the chance to incorporate Actio926 pieces into my active life.

Ashley stretching in Actio926 via A Lady Goes WestAshley stretching in Actio926 via A Lady Goes WestI move a lot. And these pieces move with me. Speaking of moving: Are you sitting at a desk right now? How about a little hamstring stretch like the one I show above to counter-act the effects of your current position? 

How I live an active life

I’m a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, so I spend the majority of my days in workout wear. That means I run errands and go other places while in those same “work” clothes. Well Actio926 is meant for that kind of use. It’s designed as fashionable workout wear that you can wear basically anywhere, which is just what I need.

But other than working out in the gym setting, I also like to get moving outside of the gym. Being active is very important to me, and so I do it as much as I can. I walk. I get fresh air. I move. And I explore. In fact, just this past weekend on Valentine’s Day, I took my new colorful and functional Actio926 outfit for a test-run on a gorgeous outdoor adventure with my husband, Dave. You can read more about those weekend adventures in “Eating, exploring, exercising and enjoying life,” as well as check out some shots I posted on Instagram wearing this exact outfit here and here. And yes, based on your questions about the pants, you like this stuff. Here’s some more information about each piece. First the top …

Ashley in Actio926 workout wear via A Lady Goes West - topThis “Own the Draft” top has the perfect thumb-holes, which I am a big fan of. 

I received the “Own the Draft” long-sleeve top in Minted Mesh, which is 93 percent nylon and 7 percent spandex. I’m wearing a size Small, which is my normal top size. It’s comfortable, has a wide neckline and little thumb holes, which I just adore. This top retails for $85. It’s just the right fit and is very breathable. I’m pretty long, and it safely covered the waist-band of the pant. And for the bottoms …

Actio926 workout leggings via A Lady Goes WestThese “Rock the Course” leggings have the best color combination of any pants I’ve ever owned, and I want to wear them every single day.

I also received the “Rock the Course” leggings in Parade, which are made from 92 percent nylon and 8 percent spandex. I’m wearing a size X-Small, which means they run a little big. I originally ordered a Small (my usual size in bottoms), and those were too big. These leggings are incredibly comfortable, and they fit like a glove, with a little bit of compression to help with muscle support. The best part? They stay in place, and the waist-band is nice and wide. I’m tall, and these were the perfect length. These leggings retail for $98.

Suffice to say, I am truly pleased with this outfit on all accounts. And I can bet it will become a regular part of my rotation. If you like the looks of it, check out the rest of the stock from the line. You can order on the Actio926 website, or visit the handful of retail locations currently carrying the product, which you can search here.

Yes, the clothes are great, but what they stand for is even greater. Let’s all follow the lead of the Actio926 creator, Stephanie, and find more ways to get active, chase our dreams and seek fulfillment. There’s no better time than the present. 

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Win a chance to try Actio926 for yourself

This giveaway is NOT just open to women. Although the clothing line is for women, guys, feel free to enter to pick something out for an inspiring female in your life. Good luck! The contest will close Saturday night, and I’ll announce the winner on Facebook, so make sure you follow A Lady Goes West there. Once I’ve selected the winner, you get to choose which piece you want from the line — that’s any top or bottom at all. And please feel free to share this with your friends who may also be interested! (The winner must reside in the U.S. or Canada, by the way.)


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That’s that! I hope you have a wonderful and active Tuesday, my friends. How will I get moving today? By teaching a huge BODYPUMP class tonight. See you back here tomorrow for some talk about food.

**Please note: This post is sponsored by Fit Approach and Sweat Pink on behalf of Actio926. While I was compensated for my review as a Sweat Pink ambassador, all of the words and opinions expressed are 100 percent my own. And just one more shout-out to my photographer, Leah Bentley, who is new to the Bay Area and looking for business. Check her out!

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Questions of the day

What’s something that motivates you to your core?

What’s the last thing that inspired you to take action in your life?



  1. What a great story! And the clothes are super cute too! My parents inspire me. I see how hard they work to provide the best life for their kids and it makes me want to work that much harder for them πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for this giveaway. What a special message, not to mention I love the styles! So many things inspire me like seeing others around me successful and happy and seeing positive things come my way that have come from hard work. In the gym, other people who are dedicated and motivated inspire me to work hard and stay focused too.

  3. I”m inspired by many different people every single day. Whether it’s my mom putting her effort into something completely, or new people coming to their first gym class. I love seeing the kids learn something new, and love meeting others and finding out their stories and what pushes them.

  4. Ashley, I know as a girl who LOVES her Mom, you can really relate to this story as I can to. What an INCREDIBLE way to bring her Mom’s spirit back to life and I have no doubt she is going to be a huge success with her activewear line because it comes from such an inspired and honest place. Not to mention, the clothes are super adorable. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I really loved reading about the backstory behind Actio926, and definitely try to embrace living your dreams (or at least working toward them!)!

    I am inspired/motivated by wanting to be able to have a job that I love and being able to help my future patients + the people I love and care about. :] That’s what keeps me going through even the worst of struggles through med school!

  6. Wow – such pretty active wear and I’m glad that you said the leggings stay put. I’ll be checking out this clothing line the next time I’m in the market for a new pair of leggings.

  7. What inspires me?

    1. My friends’ and their pursuit of a career that fulfills them
    2. My work community
    3. My family and all of the hardships and/or triumphs they’ve had over the years
    4. Thinking of my future – all of my goals and who i want to be

  8. I really like that top, I think all tops need thumb-holes, especially in the winter time πŸ™‚ Unless the sleeves aren’t very long… then the thumb-holes just feel like they are going to stretch off your thumbs… tall girl problems.

    My grandparents and parents inspire me, they are kind and generous to those in their community, I enjoy spending time with them!

  9. What a cute line! You can never have too many cute pairs of workout pants, in my humble opinion.

    As far as inspiration, I’m given energy by so many things. Lately Yoga has really been what’s been keeping me centered and moving forward, giving me a chance daily to realign my goals and priorities and prepare my mind for the challenges that lay ahead.

  10. I love this workout gear! I am inspired daily at the gym. I workout at a military gym on base and there are many disabled veterans that are there daily staying healthy.

  11. Cute clothes and what a great story! My inspiration honestly changes day to day but most recently I’ve been inspired by stay at home moms especially ones that are able to stay fit and healthy while devoting all of their time to someone else!

  12. I’m inspired by my husband. He can be pretty fearless, and definitely pushes me to try new things and believe in my abilities!

  13. What a beautiful and touching story! Thank you so much for sharing <3

    I'm inspired by everyone around me. Whether it be my parents, my best friends, or even the people who comment on my blog. When you make connections with people and hear about their stories it's hard not to feel inspired and want to work hard in your own life.

    I also think it's important to be your own inspiration. This is a hard one, but I want to inspire myself to push myself and that way maybe I could help someone else out.

  14. Those are gorgeous! I love a company that stands for more than just making a profit, especially one with an awesome story like this one! The outfit they sent you is adorable and looks awesome with your hair color. I find inspiration in the smallest places when I’m not expecting it, like when I’m laughing with Jon or walking the dog. Enjoy!

  15. My mom will forever be an inspiration for me. I lost her last June and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t push on for her. Thanks for this giveaway!

  16. I’m inspired by the positive changes in my patients on a daily basis. Witnessing their positivity even when they are ill is very encouraging to me. I need to remember to be grateful for the small things!

  17. People that are nice and friendly to everyone inspire me. People that help others and expect nothing in return inspire me.

  18. what inspires me is the feeling that working out and treating my body right gives me. So much energy and motivation to tackle each and every day!

  19. My oldest son inspires me. He is a full time student as well as a full time worker and still makes time for family and friends and everything else in life. He will be heading to U of M in the fall for grad school.

  20. I am a new reader and am loving your blog, as well as these workout clothes! I am constantly inspired by my mom who had me at a young age and has done a marvelous job raising me while also building her career. In the fitness world, I am inspired by the many marvelous instructors at my local Y! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Ashley! That is fabulous! Your Mom sounds wonderful, and I’m glad you like your instructors at the Y. Thank you for visiting the blog and for entering the giveaway. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  21. I recently realized that I am my most confident when I am exercising, because I can really feel how amazing our bodies are and what I am capable of doing all by myself – and seeing everyone else being so strong helps too!

  22. Those pants are amazing! I totally missed this opportunity lol, so glad you could share with me! πŸ™‚

    And all my fellow Sweat Pink ladies inspire me! πŸ˜‰

  23. Gorgeous line of clothing! Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway!

    People who have overcome hardships in their lives inspire me to stay strong and persevere. Bright, fun workout clothes also inspire me to stay active and have fun while I work out πŸ™‚

  24. Fitness blogs inspire me a lot. It’s just helpful to know that if someone else can do it, then it’s possible.

  25. My friends and family are my inspiration. They always do their best and help me out. So, I always try to do my best for them as well.

    1. Hi Char! I LOVE my colorful Actio926 leggings and get so many compliments on them when I wear them around. I’ve also paired them with a different black top. What cute stuff. Glad you enjoyed reviewing the clothing too! πŸ™‚ Hope all is well in Central Florida!

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