Life lately and a look at all of my meals

Greetings, friends! How are you? I’m doing well and enjoying my first official week of working at Orangetheory Fitness. Many of you asked questions about whether or not I would maintain my Les Mills teaching schedule at 24 Hour Fitness, and the answer is very much yes. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever give up teaching BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK. However, I will be backing off of at least one BODYATTACK class, because I was up to four-a-week, and quite frankly, that was just a bit too much cardio on the bod.

I do plan to share a lot more about what Orangetheory is all about and how the instructor training/auditions went as well, so feel free to leave questions in the comments, and I’ll cover them for the group in a future post. Now for some rambling …

Some tidbits about my life lately

  • The Warriors are still in the NBA playoffs, so Dave has been as busy as ever. Although he does have a reprieve from home-games this week, so we’ll be eating dinner together most nights. Yay!
  • And no, he hasn’t taken an Orangetheory Fitness class with me yet, but we hope to set that up soon, so he can experience the “orange zone.”
  • I’m still reading Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please,” and although I’d love to finish it, I just seem to fall asleep every time I read. Does that ever happen to you?
  • One of the few Bravo shows that I still watch is “Million Dollar Listing,” and the New York season is back on right now. I truly enjoy looking at the inside of homes and hearing how much real estate costs. And I must say, I’m super excited for the debut of the brand new “Million Dollar Listing San Francisco,” which will air in early July. I absolutely cannot wait to see which properties they feature, because places in the Bay Area are some of the most expensive in the country. Home shows are some of the few reality shows that both Dave and I can watch together. I mean, who doesn’t love being nosy?
  • Speaking of neighborhoods, my new ‘hood gets much warmer temperatures than we got in downtown San Francisco, so I’m in major need of summer clothes. I see some shopping in my future.
  • The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, and attending this event and wearing a big hat has always been on my bucket list. It’s not in the cards for me this year, but maybe one day. Anyone else ever gone? Don’t feel bad for me though, because it looks like Dave and I will be at a country concert with friends on Saturday instead. Yay for live music!

And with that, how about we transition to some talk about food?

What I Ate Wednesday 

“What I Ate Wednesday” is a regular thing around here, in which I share one full day of my meals each week on Wednesday. These are the raw, real pictures of my food, with no filters needed. I do these posts to give you a little inspiration, as well as to document what it’s like to strive for balanced eating during the week. While my weekday meals are fairly similar and clean, my weekend eating includes a few more treats, and I do feature those days from time-to-time as well. 

What I Ate Wednesday via A Lady Goes West

But today, it’s a healthy one. We’re going to take a look at all of my meals from Monday. A day in which I taught classes at Orangetheory in the morning, worked on writing projects and the blog mid-day, and then taught BODYATTACK in the evening. It was a full one!

Breakfast at 6 a.m.

Breakfast of oats 4.27My hearty and staple first meal of the day: Overnight oats, topped with a banana and enjoyed alongside some hot green tea, sweetened with stevia and almond milk.

Snack at 9:30 a.m.

Morning yogurt snack 4.27Protein and sugar: A delicious flavored Fage Greek yogurt was just what I needed between teaching morning classes at Orangetheory. And sadly, I had to eat that little beauty with a plastic fork, so it wasn’t easy to get out all the good stuff. 

Lunch at 12:30 p.m.

Tasty lunch on 4.27Colors are good: Yes, that is world’s largest baked sweet potato, paired with two slightly overcooked fried eggs. I mixed all this together and was super full when I finally cleaned the plate.

Snack at 4:30 p.m.

Afternoon snack 4.27 - protein barSweet and crunchy: I received a little care package from Premier Protein and am working my way through the bars and shakes. These Premier Protein Variety Fiber Crispy Snack Bars have a great texture and are plenty of sustenance to get me through teaching a one-hour BODYATTACK class.

Post-workout protein at 7:45 p.m.

Post-workout protein 4.27Protein and flavor: I look forward to digging into my post-workout protein shake every single day. This Premier Protein Strawberries & Cream shake, so nicely gifted to me, was absolutely filling and delicious and certainly packed a punch with 30 grams of protein.

Dinner at 8:45 p.m.

Dinner on 4.27A bowl of goodness: Here’s a big bowl of broccoli slaw and shredded carrots, steamed and sautéed into a soft pasta-like meal. I topped that with organic marinara sauce and some sweet chicken apple sausage slices, which Dave cooked on the grill.

To finish of the day, I had a little vanilla almond milk and called it complete.

That’s it guys! My workout for today will be teaching a one-hour BODYATTACK class not once, but two times. Wish me luck! And have a great Wednesday, my friends!

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Questions of the day

Have you read any good books lately?

How’s your week going so far?

Do you work out in the mornings or the evenings?

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  1. I’m a Bravo addict! All the Housewives shows are always on except for Atlanta for some reason they don’t interest me. I do watch million dollar listing both LA and NYC. Basically Bravo and E! are the only channels I watch.

    1. Hi Megan! I have been pulling back from the Housewives series a bit too and watched some of Beverly Hills and didn’t enjoy it as much. But yes, Bravo and E are too big ones for me when I watch TV as well. My husband is not a fan of Bravo or E (except for house/real estate shows), so that also determines what I watch on our one TV if he is home hehehe. Happy Wednesday! 🙂

  2. I still need to try overnight oats and the broccoli slaw looks amazing. I also have the problem of falling asleep every time i read. My kindle is basically my night mask. The only positive is that it hurts less when it falls on my head than it did when I read actual books.

    1. Hi Carissa! Ummm hilarious! I’ve definitely dropped my phone on my face when falling asleep, but never a book ehehh. You make me laugh. But be careful! And yes, hop on the overnight oats train, lady! It’s a BLOGGER thing to do hahehe.

  3. Dear A Lady Goes Orange (see what I did there?!?!):

    I too love Million Dollar Listing! Sadly, I watch all things Bravo-created. But I am enjoying Housewives less and less these days. So the return of MDL was welcome for me. I’m also addicted to Southern Charm.

    Question about your sweet potatoes: do you eat the skin? I usually cut mine into chunks and roast them and I always eat the skin, but I know some people do not. So I am curious as to what you do.

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. I LOVE it!! You are good, Courtney! And yes, I watch Southern Charm but am not as much into the Housewives lately. They annoy me, in fact. And about my sweet taters – I VERY much eat the skin. I cook mine in the microwave (wash them, poke holes with a fork, wrap in a wet paper towel and cook for 4 minutes a side or so, depending on the size). Honestly, the skin tastes better when you roast the potatoes in the oven, but I never take the time. The skin has extra fiber, iron, potassium, etc., so it’s better to eat the skin to get the most out of your tater. 🙂

  4. I’ve never gone to the Derby personally, but my family who lives in Louisville always goes. One year I will make it to go with them! I just want to wear the most perfect southern dress and a fabulous big hat and pretend I’m fancy : )

    1. You’re telling me, Stacie! You need to go with them!!! I love dressing up, and an excuse for a big hat would be awesome. Happy Wednesday, lady!

    1. Hi Katie! Awesome! I just want an excuse to get a big hat and big Southern dress hehehe! Maybe one day we’ll both go! Happy Wednesday to you!

    1. I know, Jen! Maybe one day we’ll both go! I just need to find another activity not so far away that I can wear a big hat to! Happy Wednesday! 🙂

    1. I think there is a way to empty the fruit part into the yogurt if you bend the container, but I haven’t actually tried that yet heheh! Happy WIAW, Alyssa! 🙂

    1. Hi Marielle! They sure do! I used to like Luis, but seems like he is getting a little too big for his britches heheh. But those guys are some serious business men! I can’t believe the amount of their deals. Happy Wednesday, lady! 🙂

  5. I’m just about to dig into a bowl of your overnight oatmeal. I didn’t use any coconut flakes as the Greek Yogurt I had on hand is coconut with coconut flakes already. 🙂

  6. Yeah I can see how 4 Body Attack classes a week would be a bit much. Especially if you’re doing every track full force. I take it easy with tuck jumps sometimes because I feel like it’s putting a lot of stress on my joints.

    And yay for warmer weather! I’m sure it’s easy to go shopping when you live so close to downtown. They have plenty of cute stores to choose from!

    1. Hi Sarah, That’s the thing about being an instructor — even though you demo a couple of low options each round, you’ve always got to go full out for the rest of the class. Three BODYATTACKs a week will be much better for me! 🙂 Happy Thursday, my friend! Hope to see you in a class soon!

  7. Okay, I am 100% in to sweet potatoes for my carotenoid fix and will totally try them with eggs! I had some for bfast today, but with a side of fruit (why didn’t I think of eggs?!?!) Looking forward to Million Dollar Listing SF too!

    1. Hi Bethann! I tend to think that sweet potatoes goes with everything. I top them with almond butter or eat them with eggs, or cottage cheese, or whatever you have on hand! Eat up!! 🙂 Have a fabulous day!

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