Making some changes outside of food and fitness with a new endeavor

Hi, my friends! How was your weekend? Ours was good! More on that soon, but today, it’s all about something I’m excited to share with you and changes I’ve been making for my overall health outside of food and fitness.

It’s more than just food and fitness

We’re all getting a lot smarter when it comes to the food we’re putting into our bodies and the workouts were doing, and I love that. We’re looking at labels. We’re taking rest days. We’re worrying about our health. And you know I’m an open book when it comes to sharing what I’m doing for fitness and what’s on my plate day in and day out. But food and fitness is not everything.

Making some health changes with Beautycounter makeup as a consultant - A Lady Goes West

Over the last few years, as I’ve changed my workouts and diet to heal my hormones, get my cycle back and get pregnant naturally, I’ve learned that there’s a world of “hormone disrupting” chemicals out there that we’re exposed to all the time via our environment — especially here in the U.S., because there’s little to no regulation of make-up, skincare and body products. These harmful toxins are lurking in the ingredients list of products we’re using every single day. Ewwwww.

There are harmful chemicals in the products we buy in the stores

Once I got pregnant, I started off small by switching to natural deodorant and lotion and shared a few of those simple non-toxic body product swaps I’ve made to my daily routine in this post a few months ago.

But I was holding on to one big conventional thing, because I just didn’t want to make the switch …. make-up. Yup, make-up. Now I’m not a beauty guru, and I don’t even have a full face of make-up on every single day, but I do wear at least a bit of make-up most days of the week. As I learned more and more about these harmful chemicals in the products I was putting on my face most days, I started to get a little … well … grossed out and nervous — particularly when thinking about exposing Brady to these things too.

Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs what we put on it

You see, your skin is your biggest organ, and whatever you put on your skin, makes its way into your bloodstream, so you don’t want a lot of junk on your skin. Especially stuff you’re putting all over your face.

I took it upon myself to do some research and ask some questions, and it turns out that there are toxins in our everyday products that are linked to cancer and hormone issues and way worse — like actual links. And the companies selling those products to us don’t want us to know. Why? Because, technically, it’s legal. (But only in the U.S., as Canada and Europe have MUCH stricter laws.)

Making some health changes with Beautycounter makeup - A Lady Goes West

Then, I stumbled upon Beautycounter, a safer-for-you brand of make-up and skin care started by a woman on a mission — a mission to educate more people about the fact that a lot of the products we buy in stores have totally unsafe chemicals in them, and there’s a need for more transparency and better-for-you products. Because I liked the sound of that, I ordered a few products from a friend who is a sales consultant and let those products sit in my cabinet for a while. I guess I was hesitant to try them. 

We can start small by swapping one thing at a time

It’s hard to change your make-up routine, as you get used to things, it’s just so much easier to stick with what you know. I was overwhelmed with knowing I needed to overhaul my make-up bag. But then I realized, I don’t have to do it all at once … one thing at a time.  (Much like getting started with fitness or healthy eating … change one habit at a time.)

Eventually, I opened up those beautiful navy boxes and applied the product. I started with the Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage with SPF 20 (which I use as my foundation) and the Moisturizing Lipgloss, and I was super impressed. They both worked great and they made me feel good, because I knew they weren’t harming me or adding to that terrible chemical problem. (Which I worry about even more as a mom to a little guy, who often gets whatever I wear on him too.)

Making some changes with Beautycounter makeup as a consultant - A Lady Goes West

Then, I ordered the Instant Eye Make-up Remover (which won an award from Cosmo magazine). Then the face wash and face lotion. And next thing you know, I’m filling my make-up bag and bathroom drawer with these better-for-you safer beauty products, and I’m loving it. (However, I am not perfect, and I will NOT be replacing everything with Beautycounter items, just the bigger things that I apply to my face and body each day.)

Introducing Beautycounter

I started feeling compelled to share the good news about Beautycounter and it’s mission, and well, decided to become a consultant for the brand. This company wants people like you and me to KNOW what it is in the products we’re putting on our skin. It’s important, and we need to be talking about it more.

I’ve got to be honest and tell you that I haven’t felt this inspired about a new venture as I do right now in a very long time. Safer products are not popular right now, but they are going to be, and Beautycounter is at the forefront of that movement. I’m pretty excited to be able to work with the brand. I TRULY believe in the mission.

Making some health changes with Beautycounter - A Lady Goes West

Now let me give you some facts …

  • The Never List. Beautycounter has something called the “Never List” — which is a list of nearly 1,500 harmful ingredients that will NEVER appear in their products. Only about 30 of those harmful ingredients are banned in the U.S. That’s it. Beautycounter goes above and beyond the rules. No pthalates, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no parabens, no formaldehyde, no BHA and BHT and so many more. The products are SAFER, they aren’t all natural or organic, they are just SAFE.
  • Lack of transparency. In the U.S., there hasn’t been a regulation on personal care products since 1938. Yup. 1938. Beautycounter has a band of lobbyists working to affect change in Washington, D.C. so people in the U.S. are shielded from harmful chemicals, and conventional companies are held accountable for the things they are selling to unknowing consumers, who think everything on the shelves is safe.

Why Beautycounter? Why now?

Beautycounter is a direct sales company, which I’ve NEVER done before, nor never thought I’d do (like ever). But here I am being moved to do it. These are products that I’m actually using and loving and want to share. But even more than that, I want you guys to take a hard look at what you’re putting on your skin.

Maybe consider reading up on the ingredients in your favorite face lotion or foundation or sunscreen, then make the switch if needed.

Beautycounter products are an investment, but they are high-quality and they are very concentrated, so they last you a long time. Even as a consultant, I’ll be adding on to my collection as I go. 

Much like how organic fresh food costs more than boxed gas station junk, non-toxic safer skincare products, carry a higher price tag too. I totally get that, but when you think about how important your health is, how important your skin is, it makes you want to consider your options. At least it makes me want to.

Making some changes with Beautycounter skincare and makeup as a consultant - A Lady Goes West

What are the best products to start with?

Where should you start? Probably with the products that you use the most, like your foundation, face wash and lipgloss. And with the products that you really can’t get elsewhere, which are unique to Beautycounter.

Here are some faves and/or recommendations …

  • Charcoal Cleansing Bar — The most popular product! Face wash! A detoxifying cleansing bar, and so much yes for this one.
  • Moisturizing Lip Gloss — Pretty lips! A shiny and moisturizing — always in my purse.
  • Lipstick — OMG, the ingredients in conventional lipsticks are just gross. This is way better — and it works!!
  • Mascara — It goes near your eyes, people. It needs to be safe!
  • Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage — Light foundation with SPF! Helps even skin tone and prevent sun damage and can be used as foundation. Won a Best of Beauty award from Allure and I can see why — I’m in love with this.
  • Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion — Light daily lotion! A lightweight lotion that adapts to ever-changing hydration and oxygenation levels of the skin throughout the day. Keeping my face soft and happy.
  • No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask — Face mask. A 10-minute activated charcoal cleansing mask, which you really can’t get anywhere else. Self-care night, anyone?
  • Touchup Skin Concealer Pen — Concealer. Because we all need concealer. Yup. 🙂 

What does this mean for A Lady Goes West?

Nothing! Well … something …

I’m not going to turn this blog into a sales pitch for Beautycounter at all, but what I will do, as I’ve always done, is continue to share things in my life that work for me, and always offer education, tips and insight that I’ve learned about how to lead your best healthy life, through fitness, food, fun and … beauty and skincare. As I learn and try more and more products, I’ll let you know. That’s that. 

Making changes with Beautycounter skincare and makeup as a consultant - A Lady Goes West

Sign up to learn more about safer skincare and make-up

If you want to know more about Beautycounter, to potentially order some products, become a member (which gives you free shipping on qualifying orders, etc.), or learn more about better-for-you products, sign up here for this list. I’ll keep you in the loop! There aren’t many sales, but in case there are, you’ll be the first to know.

That’s it for today!

Thank you SO much for reading, my friends! Go off and read the ingredient labels of your products!

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Questions of the day

Have you started taking a look at the labels of your beauty and skincare products yet?

How was your weekend?

What questions do you have about Beautycounter?



  1. Yay! Congrats on the new adventure! I LOVE Beautycounter and have been using it for about 2 years (as a customer though, not a consultant). I’m assuming you’ve heard all the hype about the overnight resurfacing peel?! TRY IT if you haven’t yet! It’s amazing! Can’t wait to hear what products you try and love! <3

    1. Hi Kaitlyn! SUUCCCCCH good products! I’m so happy to know you are a fan of the brand!! Always good to support a woman-based company with a good mission. And I haven’t tried the peel, but it’s in my cart! I will do that RIGHT NOW heheheh! 🙂 Have a great day, lady!!!

    1. Hi Jess! Thank you! Yess … much like you are probably inundated with people asking you to join something or sell something — I’ve always said NO, but this is something I actually sought out because I believe in it. Have you tried any of the Beautycounter products before?

    1. Hi Patricia! I kept doing the same thing — like — I want to run out of what I have before I get new — it’s WORTH the change! Lt me know if you have any Beautycounter questions or want to try some!

  2. I was overwhelmed too thinking about overhauling my make-up bag! I have used it for almost 2 years now. I am almost there but not yet ! I am hoping they will come out with a deodorant at some point! Have you found a natural deodorant you like?

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