Awesome Maui adventures – Days 2 & 3

When people say that Hawaii is paradise, they aren’t far off. The scenery is beautiful, the people are nice and when you vacation there, you have a chance to do so many things outside of just lounging on the beach (which of course, is something you should definitely spend a lot of time doing). And sometimes when you visit Hawaii, it’s unseasonably hot, so you also spend much of the time feeling sticky. Just an added benefit.

The tales from Maui continue today, with a recap of day two and three of Dave and my wonderful five-night adventure and first trip to the island. In case you missed the first installment, check out the details from day one of our vacation, which featured a long flight, great food and our first time at an authentic luau.


Morning beach-side yoga to start the day

On the first full day of our Hawaiian adventure, Dave and I woke up super early, still on Pacific time. That was okay with us though, because we had plans to walk down to a neighboring resort for yoga on the lawn. We showed up to the back-side of The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa just before class was getting started and were greeted by the yoga instructor-of-the-day. We set out mats on the very green lawn and sat down awaiting class to begin. And yes, it was super hot even at 7 a.m., and Dave was already dripping before the first pose of the day. He’s a bit of a sweater …

While the class was titled “Power Yoga” our instructor immediately told us that the moves would instead be gentle and relaxing, and they certainly were. Although we were sweating a ton, it felt so good to stretch, breath and soak in the Maui morning air. In fact, I would have started our days with yoga every morning if we could, but we just took the class that one time. It was nice of the folks at The Hyatt to invite us out, and their new fitness program is a major perk of staying at that particular hotel when you visit Maui. The classes at our resort were not included with our regular room rate, so we skipped out on them and don’t have a review.

Yoga at The Hyatt Maui via A Lady Goes WestIt was like Bikram yoga, except it took place outdoors. Let’s just say the warm weather had us loose and limber during morning yoga in Maui.

Once yoga was complete, we started walking down the sidewalk, between the resorts and beach, which runs along the Ka’anapali area, thinking we were heading to our next destination. But of course, we soon figured out we were further away than we expected and ended up having to swing into the Sheraton and hop in a cab to get to our next stop in time. Whoops!

Getting pampered and scrubbed at The Westin Villas 

Dave and I were absolutely elated when we got the invite from The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas, our hotel’s sister property, to come experience their Spa Helani, which is known to be the best-of-the-best. And let me tell you, it was. We arrived for our 9 a.m. service just in time to get a tour of the facilities and begin our 80-minute couples Ocean Ritual. This service included warm water poured onto the body, a really cool body scrub, as well as a massage. At the end of the 80 minutes, I felt so soft and relaxed. I’m pretty sure I nearly fell asleep while I was getting worked on, but then would keep opening my eyes and trying to stay awake so I didn’t miss out on the great sensations!

Spa Helani at The Westin Villas via A Lady Goes WestDave and I were in complete awe of the pineapple vanilla-infused water available in the spa. It was so different and tasty, we each drank about a liter. I want to make it at home! Apparently they use real vanilla sticks.

I feel like normally when I get a massage (which is not all that often, by the way), it goes by far too fast, but the good thing about this service was that it really felt like we got the works for a while. Once our massages were over, Dave and I each went back to our respective “lounges” to shower, chill and use all the amenities. We then sat outside on the patio for a bit with some champagne and chocolate. I mean, it couldn’t have gotten better than that. We walked the grounds of The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas afterwards for a bit and got to see all the pools, a mini garden and even a food truck that the resort operates for guests. *Thanks to The Westin Villas and Spa Helani for hosting our services!

Chilling by the adult pool back at our hotel

After yoga and massages, Dave and I were totally relaxed and ready to visit the pool at our hotel (The Westin Maui Resort & Spa) for the first time. We snagged some chairs right near the adult pool and set up shop. We went to the adult pool every afternoon and enjoyed the fact that it was a more quiet area without any splashing or screaming. We each ordered a frozen beverage and laid back and chilled. Once our tummies were grumbling, we walked over to the resort’s outdoor spot, Relish Burger Bistro, and had a tasty lunch. 

Hanging out at the Westin Maui pool via A Lady Goes West blogPlease note the manly fingers digging into my salad during the picture. Yes, I promptly slapped them away. Nobody touches my food. 

Poolside activities included getting in the water to cool off, laying out, walking to the beach and back, rinse and repeat. Finally in the early afternoon, we decided to head up to the room for a brief nap, which was successful and much needed. It was then time to shower up for the evening.

Italian dining at The Westin Villas

On Friday night, Dave and I went to back to The Westin Villas just up the road for dinner at Puhelo, an Italian restaurant. We had a lovely table right in front of the resort’s koi pond and were so pleased with our experience. There was just a faint breeze blowing that night, and it was cool to be dining half inside and half outside. Of course, we ordered drinks, appetizers, entrees and just one dessert. And believe it or not, this was perhaps the best dessert of the visit. With totally stuffed bellies (once again), Dave and I returned to our room to hit the hay by 10 p.m., which we did nearly every night in Maui. (By the way, when staying at any of the Starwood Hotels, there is a free shuttle running between resorts, which we took advantage of a few times.)


Exploring Hawaiian reefs underwater with Atlantis

On Saturday morning, Dave and I still woke up pretty early and hung around the room. Then we hopped in our rental and drove about 10 minutes down the road to Lahaina, which is a historic town on Maui’s coast. We found parking and headed to check in for our Atlantis Adventures excursion. We were signed up for a 10 a.m. trip on the Atlantis Submarine. We were directed to go wait on the dock, and then we boarded a boat which took us to the dive site above some reefs. Once at the dive site, we were given safety instructions and transferred onto the submarine with our fellow passengers.

Atlantis Submarine trip in Maui via A Lady Goes WestAhoy! We totally enjoyed riding on one of the battery-powered environmentally safe Atlantis submarines in the waters of Maui.

During the one-hour-and-45-minute tour, we were taken down to about 100-115 feet of water and watched the reefs go by. Our tour guide was totally sarcastic and humorous and had us entertained the entire time while pointing out fish and such. Fun fact: When you go that far below sea level, you can’t see colors as they actually are, so most fish and coral looked brown, when in actuality those things are bright and colorful. We also saw one little shark, which was pretty exciting. This was definitely a unique activity and gave us a chance to see another side of Maui, so I’m really glad we did it. *Thanks to the Atlantis Adventures team for hosting us, you guys put on a fun tour!

After our underwater adventure was complete, Dave and I walked around downtown Lahaina, got some delicious gelato, bought some souvenirs and purchased more cookies at Honolulu Cookie Company, of course.

Poolside lounging and sunset cruising the waters of Maui

In the afternoon, Dave and I hung out by our pool again before walking the beach and joining up with the Sail Trilogy crew for a sunset cruise off the Ka’anapali Coast. Our cruise was set to take off at 5 p.m., and just about that time our bubbly tour guide and the other hosts on the boat helped us board straight from the surf. There were probably about a dozen people total on this family-friendly cruise, and it was such a nice way to spend the early evening. There were complimentary cocktails, beer, wine and even tasty appetizers, which the Hawaiians called “pupus.” Dave and I moved about the catamaran cruiser during the excursion and even talked to the captain and hosts, who all relocated to Hawaii to live the island life and were loving it. How cool!

Sail Trilogy cruise via A Lady Goes West blogWine, nibblies, music and a laid-back sunset cruise on a catamaran? Perfect Maui evening!

The cruise ended around 7 p.m. so we headed back up to our room to change for dinner. And by the way, there is a nicer version of this cruise with a full dinner that we considered, but it didn’t take off close enough to our hotel, and we ended up totally happy with our more casual sunset excursion. I mean, you don’t even have to wear shoes. The people were so chill. Perhaps one of the highlights of our trip! Good stuff.

Outdoor casual dinner at Whalers Village

Because we had already been on a cruise and didn’t want to go far, Dave and I walked next door to Whalers Village without a reservation and settled on Leilani’s for dinner. We had some excellent service and tasty food, which didn’t come out well in pictures. And of course, we called it a night early, totally tuckered out from another day of fun. We also kept saying to ourselves … “Wow, it seems a world away from the Bay Area here.” “This place is awesome.” “Boy, it’s hot.” “Man, I wish we were staying longer.” Upon reflecting, we were right on all accounts!

Just a few more Maui adventures to come 

Was that long enough for you? That’s about it for day two and three of our trip to Maui! I’ll be sharing more details on our final adventures tomorrow, culminating in a Maui Travel Guide post, which you can reference if you ever plan a trip in the future. And all of these posts are living on my Travel page. Have a good one, my friends! 

Questions of the day

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever done a workout?

What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?

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    1. Yes, Stacie, it was pretty amazing! I wish all of my workouts took place with that scenery — but perhaps with air conditioning too! heheh! Hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Hi Marielle! Yes, that massage was incredible. And I bet you need one from toting around a little one all day!! πŸ™‚ Have a fabulous day, lady!

  1. Oh my gosh, I love all these posts!! I can’t stop dreaming about Hawaii! I will be going back…hopefully sooner rather than later πŸ˜‰ About 7 years ago or so, we had verbal (not official) orders to Hawaii and I was SO excited. Then the actual written orders came in and they said MAINE! So NOT Hawaii! I am really enjoying all your pictures! That water sounds divine!!

    1. Oh man, Melissa! My Dad was actually in the Navy long ago and was stationed in Hawaii, so my parents lived there before we were born. πŸ™‚ Maine is not so bad either though!

  2. YAY for Maui!!! I love how you went straight to the good stuff with a Luau, Mama’s, and Lei’s in Day 1. I stayed in a condo just down from the Westin and my gf and I walked the boardwalk by it almost every morning and watched the outdoor yoga. So fun!! Can’t wait for more updates πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Jill! That sidewalk behind the resorts was so convenient — they know how to make people want to stroll in Maui! Glad you’ve experienced the fun and beauty of the island as well, lady! πŸ™‚

  3. So fantastic! Looks like a lovely time, people in Hawaii are so so friendly and laid back. My favorite thing to do on vacation is eat!

    1. Hi Pragati! Yes, it’s different from other tropical places I’ve been, and I loved that about it! Glad you’ve experienced it as well! Hope you’re having a great week! πŸ™‚

  4. Love that top you wore to yoga! I would say Haiti was really cool to visit on our cruise, or Mexico. Hawaii is amazing! I want to get there, haha. Love the fitness classes offered, too, though I’m not sure how much money they cost to partake in. I typically stay by the pool or beach when I vacation, but if I went to Hawaii, I’d definitely try to get some sight seeing in!

    1. Hi Heather, Yes, most of the time we lay by the pool mostly, but because it was our first time to Hawaii, we felt the need to get out and about! It was wonderful! And that whole outfit is Fabletics!

  5. I REALLY want to go to Hawaii. It looks amazing. Definitely need to start begging for a trip. I cannot stand when anyone touches my food, I will stab them with a fork, lol

    1. Hi Jen! Nice! I love to visit my parents in Florida too! I usually do some short at-home workouts when I am staying there. Maui was almost as hot as Florida! Thanks for saying hi! πŸ™‚

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