My first full year in the City

If you look at your timeline on Facebook this week you’ll see it offers you a tailored 2013 year-in-review.

Instead of relying on the ‘Book, here’s my take on what was significant during our first full year living in San Francisco, (in no particular order):

  • After weeks of interviewing, waiting with heavy anticipation and going through quite the drawn-out process, I didn’t get my “dream job.”  I was devastated, and I still feel a little bitter at times.  But, I’ve moved on.
  • I spent a good six months doing freelance work from home while looking for a new full-time job (after leaving the place mentioned above), going through endless interviews and applications and disappointment.  Just two months ago, I finally found a good job, and I’m back in a PR agency, which is how I spent the bulk of my career in Orlando.  Best part of the job?  It’s only a 9-minute walk away down the hill.
  • My best Florida girlfriends visited.
  • We moved less than a mile from our first San Francisco abode into an adorable apartment in the Nob Hill neighborhood, in which Dave and I are in close quarters in 550 square feet.  It’s a tight fit, but we love it.  We can even hear the cable car bells outside our windows.
  • I attended my first Les Mills Advanced Instructor module for BODYPUMP, as well as my second and am working toward becoming an Advanced Instructor.
  • I flew back to Florida in September for a last-minute trip and attended BODYATTACK certification training.  Once I returned to the City, I immediately took on two weekly BODYATTACK classes of my own, including a Saturday morning class.  No matter what happens in my week, these two one-hour classes are consistently a high point.
  • My hair just kept getting blonder … brown is coming back in 2014.
  • My Mom visited not once, but TWICE!
  • Dave and I went snowboarding in Tahoe.  I was awful.  I hit my head.  I cried.
  • We spent an incredible weekend at a VIP Live in the Vineyard event in Napa taking in music, food and wine.
  • We went to several great outdoor concerts and festivals.
  • We ate delicious food at new restaurants, surpassing the 115 mark as of late.
  • We picnicked on mountains and even ran across the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • We went to Mendocino to visit my long-lost cousin, who I have truly enjoyed reconnecting with.
  • We road-tripped to Santa Cruz and Monterrey.
  • I received a few products to review and invitations to events because of this here little blog.
  • We had our one-year wedding anniversary, which we spent in Florida at a wedding for another wonderful couple.
  • We spent time getting to know new friends and enjoyed little visits from old friends, who were passing through the City.

To sum up our first full year living in San Francisco, which included change, unknowns, a little bit of failure and a whole lot of success and adventure, I’ll leave it to a song lyric from our favorite New England band Guster: “I hope tomorrow is like today.”

Ashley and Dave
This morning we hop on a flight to Florida.  I’m looking forward to the sunshine, time with friends and family and sitting at the kitchen counter drinking chardonnay while my Mom cooks.  Oh the little things …

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