My Pump will go on

It looks like I can answer one question on my list of unknowns.

Will I continue to teach group fitness on the West Coast?  Yes, I will.

Yesterday, I auditioned for a group fitness instructor role at 24 Hour Fitness.  24 Hour Fitness has several locations throughout the city, three of which are less than a mile from my home, so I can get there with an easy walk.

The audition came about quite quickly.  The day before I had paid a visit the Les Mills West Coast office to introduce myself as a new tribe member in town.  Not only was I hoping to get a recommendation for a district fitness manager to speak to about finding a teaching job, but I was also looking forward to seeing the environment of a place I had only imagined.  It must have been my lucky day, because in addition to being completely impressed by the welcoming personalities of the team, I met THE personality: Susan Renata.  For those who teach BODYPUMP, or those who have ordered the at-home Les Mills PUMP, Susan Renata is the face of the program.  I knew she lived in San Francisco and taught here, but I definitely didn’t expect her to be hanging out in the office.  I held it together in conversation, secretly wishing I had run up to hug her.  She was delightful in person, as were the other members of the team.  They gave me the information I needed and also gave me my first taste of finding a community here in the big new city.

Back to the audition … it was rather intimidating, because it just so happens that the gym where I auditioned is the premier spot for Les Mills programs in the city.  In fact, the Pump queen herself, Susan Renata, also teaches there.

My audition went great.  I worried that having been out of the gym for nearly two weeks during the move I would be a bit rusty, but three years of sweat and practice came together for my performance.

It goes without saying that I am very excited to continue my Les Mills teaching career here, and even grow it by learning to teach additional programs.  After I become an official employee of 24 Hour Fitness, I am likely going to start out with my own BODYPUMP class on Thursday evenings — that one hour a week will be all mine.

My list of unknowns in this new city life is rather long … but as of today, I’ve found a gym and my Pump will go on.

24 Hour Fitnesss in San Francisco
Entrance to the city gym on California Street where I auditioned.
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  1. Ashley,
    Im so glad you’ve already found a niche in a large city of unknown people and places to call your own and to make yours. Thank you for sharing your experience. You will be amazing. Love and support for a fellow tribe woman!

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