My take on what the first half of the third trimester of pregnancy feels like (weeks 27 through 33)

Hi, friends! I have some third trimester of pregnancy talk coming at you today! And I knew this would happen, but the weeks are absolutely flying by. I’m almost 35 weeks right now, which means the baby could arrive in as little as three weeks or as many as six. But we just don’t know when! (Seriously, the planner in me literally cannot grasp the fact that you don’t know when the baby is coming. Can’t he just give us a hint? Maybe even a three-day window?)

What’s funny is that I wanted to get pregnant for so, so, so long, and it’s just totally amazing to me that I’m now about to experience the final weeks of this whole thing and then have a baby to take care of, which will be an entirely new adventure. I know I’ve said it before, but you really never know what a difference a year can make in your life. Amen to that!

Ashley at 32 weeks pregnant in WC eating Pressed Juicery freeze by A Lady Goes West

(This is the usual scene these days: Always holding onto some sort of ice cream. This pic, at 32 weeks, shows my favorite matcha Pressed Juicery freeze with almond butter drizzle, granola and sea salt. Here are my dress and a similar purse.)

My overall thoughts on pregnancy so far

I guess, overall, I’ve had a very easy pregnancy compared to what I’ve seen and heard from some people. I’ve never thrown up, I’m still working out, I’ve had no complications, and I basically maintain normalcy in my life. However, don’t get me wrong — I don’t feel NOT pregnant by any means. My stomach is large enough that it makes getting up and down a challenge, rolling over a major feat, and I’m constantly out of breath and slightly uncomfortable. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not been terrible so far for me. People continue to tell me that I’m making it look easy, particularly the fitness side, and I guess that’s awesome, because I’ve got you all fooled. You should see a video of me trying to get off the couch after laying down at night after dinner. It’s not pretty, and there are sound effects …

Right off the bat, there are two things I have yet to experience in this pregnancy that I expected so far — contractions and an outie belly button. I keep waiting for my belly button to pop out, but it hasn’t happened yet, so maybe it won’t. And I haven’t had any contractions or the faux Braxton Hicks contractions either, but I know that is to come before the big day, if not sooner.

At this point, Dave and I are totally ready for the baby, outside of packing our hospital bags and installing the car seat, everything else is done, done, done! The little clothes and blankets have been washed and folded and stored, and the nursery is just about as ready as it will be (pics coming soon!). We have one more child-birth prep class this weekend and one more meeting with our doula too. 

And before we get started with the week-by-week breakdown for weeks 27 through 33, here’s what’s happened so far in this whole pregnancy thing for me, if you want a little refresher …

My first half of the third trimester of pregnancy (weeks 27 through 33)

Week 27

Dave and I were on our babymoon in Santa Barbara this week. I drank a ton of water on this trip, which gave me a lot of energy (because drinking water has NOT been my strong suit during pregnancy thus far until this trip). I also got some sun, sported a bikini at the resort and did a lot of walking. My sleep was great too.

Overall, I think the change of scenery was fantastic for me and my little baby (and Dave too!). Yay for vacations! No weird symptoms and no new developments this week at all — it was one of my best weeks yet of pregnancy, and I think that’s all because of the VACAY and the setting. (Baby is as big as a head of lettuce.)

Ashley working out at 27 weeks pregnant by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s a shot of me at 27 weeks, after a short workout at the resort gym on our babymoon. Oh how tiny that bump looks compared to what I’m working with right now. Here are my top, amazing non-maternity leggings and shoes.)

Week 28

So many baby kicks! And some super-weird indigestion things. And a growing bump. I also had a doctor’s appointment, a blood-glucose screen and got a tetanus or TDAP shot, which is recommended for women in their final trimester of pregnancy. (Dave got a tetanus shot too.)

Let me just tell you that I had heard the blood-glucose test would be rough, and it was. The sugary stuff that I had to drink at the lab was disgusting. But what was worse was the way it made me feel. I was instructed to sit quietly in the lab’s lobby for one full hour while the potion worked in my body, and after about 30 minutes, I started feeling hot, shakey and light-headed. Then, after a full hour, I had my blood drawn into two vials. I went home immediately to eat breakfast (I had been fasting for 12 hours) and lay on the couch, and I finally felt better about two hours later. Not cool, people! I got the results back a few days later and luckily, I did not have gestational diabetes. Thank goodness, but my iron is slightly slow, which is apparently very common for an active pregnant person and probably part of the reason why I crave burgers so much. Feed me! (Baby is as big as an eggplant.)

Ashley in Livermore Valley Wine Country by A Lady Goes West

(Smiling through the jealousy, as I visited wine country at 28 weeks for a dinner event with Dave and didn’t drink any wine. Here are my sunglasses, purse, my favorite watch, earrings and dress.)

Week 29

I traveled to Florida this week for my baby shower and a week-long visit with my family. I was okay on the plane and didn’t really notice it being any harder to fly because I was pregnant. While in Florida, I was fairly comfortable and had no major ailments, although the heat and humidity was rough on my large and pregnant frame. Wearing shorts = thighs rub together = barf.

However, earlier on in the 29th week before my trip, I had a 24-hour episode of an upset stomach. And while I never asked my doctor about it, I think perhaps I ate something that didn’t agree with me. No matter what it was, it was no fun. I felt low energy the day after the stomach ache, which was likely dehydration. Who knows, but I survived.

Overall, I felt pretty good in Florida, outside of the heat of course and kept my workouts to a major minimum. And my shower was WONDERFUL! So much FUN! Oh and you can see all of my workouts from this time in my pregnancy here — my weekly workout recaps from 26 to 29 weeks pregnant(Baby is as big as an acorn squash.)

Ashley at the baby shower by A Lady Goes West

(So happy to be celebrating Baby Boy Pitt at 30 weeks pregnant in Florida. I’m wearing a dress from Pink Blush maternity, which was well-priced and quite comfy. And the flower in my hair was hand-made by my future sister-in-law, and I am in LOVE with it!)

Week 30

I swear that the second I hit 30 weeks, I all of a sudden felt way bigger. And at this point, I didn’t just have a little baby bump, I’m pretty certain every other part of my body had increased in size as well. Arms, legs, hips, cheeks. Real fun. No longer just “all bump.”

I traveled back from Florida this week, and once again, didn’t have a problem on the plane at all. And although I cried when leaving my Mom at the airport (as I always do), it was nice to get back to the slightly cooler temperatures in the Bay Area without humidity, because being outside was not fun in the heat in Florida.

I went to the doctor this week, and I saw a new person in my OB practice (there are four doctors who may deliver your baby, so you meet them all during your pregnancy check-ups), and he said that while my current weight gain was fine, because I gained more than eight pounds in the previous month, I had to be sure not to gain another eight pounds each in the next two months. He schooled me on calories. I listened and thanked him for the advice, while secretly wanting to tell him that I likely know way more about nutrition than he does heheh! I ate ice cream that night anyway, because I’m pregnant, and that’s what I wanted. (Baby is as big as a zucchini.)

Week 31

I started off the 31st week with my second baby shower, and this time it was here in the Bay Area and hosted by my girlfriends. The good news is that at this time, I was feeling totally fine. Other than the big tummy and slightly lower energy than normal, all was good.

I returned to mostly normal workouts this week (after taking some time off during vacations, etc.), and also started adding some more walking. A friend of mine gave me a maternity support belt to wear, and I tried it out on a walk — LOVED IT. I have felt the weight of my tummy pulling on my ligaments a little more again lately, and this belt helped rectify that. It meant I could pick up a slightly quicker pace on my walks than I had been. Good stuff.

No other major changes or news, other than I spent a TON of time this week getting our nursery and things in order after both baby showers. I also went to BuyBuyBaby one day and spent more than two hours picking out the final things we needed to finish off our registry. Playing with little baby boy things is fun. I couldn’t stop giggling when I touched his little shoes and hats. (Baby is as big as an asparagus.)

Ashley at my baby shower by A Lady Goes West

(Here I am on the day of my baby shower in California at 31 weeks. And I’m in LOVE with this dress, and I totally recommend it to any pregnant gal out there for a special occasion! Here are my sunglasses, watch and bracelet.)

Week 32

This week, the baby kicks turned to full-on movement. It’s not quite painful, but there is so much going on in my tummy, it’s crazy. You can even see it outside my skin sometimes — like an alien is pushing from the inside — and it’s totally bizarre. If Dave and I are laying on the couch and my stomach is anywhere near him, he gets kicked.

We went to an infant CPR and safety class this week, as well as met with our doula to talk about our birth plan and other questions we have about labor and delivery. I also started doing my prenatal yoga DVD regularly to make sure my body is ready for childbirth, and it’s nice and gentle and has been a great way to relax and stretch each day, especially because Rudy gets on the floor and joins me. So cute! Oh and my doula told me to get this ball to sit on sometimes during the day, which I started doing too.

For the sake of nesting, I washed all of the baby clothes, blankets and towels, and we even got our nursery set up, which was an amazing feeling. I made a checklist of like two other things we need to do before the baby comes to prepare (or to feel as prepared as we possibly can), and that’s awesome.

Everything continued to be fine with the pregnancy, workouts remained okay and the stomach continued to grow. By this point, I had gained a total of 27 pounds, which is hopefully going to keep me in the healthy range of 25 to 35 pounds gained overall throughout the entire course of pregnancy, but you never know … because ice cream.

I taught my last Bootybarre class this week, which gave me some mixed emotions. Also, I went to back to MNT Studio in San Francisco for a very brief prenatal Pilates demo with the lovely owner, Elaine, and it felt SO good on the bod — I really should have been doing it all along in this pregnancy! We also took some cute pictures, which I’ve been putting on Instagram — woohoo! (Baby is as big as a squash.)

Ashley doing prenatal Pilates at 32 weeks pregnant at MNT Studio by A Lady Goes West

(At 32 weeks, loving Pilates and wearing this watchthese leggings and a Fabletics top and some awesome Pilates/barre ToeSox.)

Week 33

I’m very pregnant at this point. People smile at me in the grocery store, and people cringe slightly when they see me lifting weights at the gym. At this point, the baby inside of me is likely at around five pounds, and I can feel every ounce of that on the weight of my frame. Sometimes my stomach just hurts — because of the weight of it all.

Before I ever became pregnant and would see extremely pregnant women, it always looked like it hurt. Well now I know that is kinda does. It’s a lot of extra weight on your frame, and it’s just hanging on to your body by some skin. Gross and weird. Like totally. I can’t imagine going back to a normal stomach one day. I hope I do.

I feel like my shortness of breath became increasingly worse right around this time, so that even going up one flight of stairs in our townhouse takes it out of me. I’m still “me” in this body, but things are definitely strange.

At this point, I’ve also been consumed with figuring out if the baby is in the right position in my body or not. I can’t really tell myself and even asked my doctor this week in my visit, and she said she wasn’t sure yet either based on what she could feel. Apparently they will do a full work-up on the baby’s position at 36 weeks, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good news on that day! (Baby is as big as a celery.)

Ashley before SoulCycle at 33 weeks pregnant at MNT Studio by A Lady Goes West

(Still trying to keep up at 33 weeks right before a SoulCycle class. Wearing a Fabletics top, these maternity leggingsshoes and sunglasses. And holding my favorite water bottle, of course.)

My current weight gain during the third trimester …

And because I know you want to know — I’ve gained 29 pounds so far. That’s a lot. And I feel every single extra pound of it as I walk around! πŸ™‚ 

My first half of the third trimester likes …

  • Baby kicks and movement
  • My new ball, where I sit some of the day while on the computer
  • Good nights of sleep in our new bedding
  • This prenatal yoga DVD
  • These maternity workout leggings
  • Long, hot showers
  • Coconut oil as lotion
  • Pedicures
  • Setting up the nursery and playing with baby clothes
  • Checking things off of the “before baby comes” to-do list
  • Reading fiction books to escape all the baby nerves
  • Sliced-up cold mango is a dream
  • Kombucha in a glass with crushed ice
  • Our babymoon!
  • Ice cream and Pressed Juicery freezes

Ashley at Bacara Resort by A Lady Goes West

(All smiles at 27 weeks on our babymoon, enjoying the fresh ocean breeze and a little R&R.)

My first half of the third trimester aversions …

  • Getting off the couch
  • Summer heat, especially when I start to feel my thighs rub together
  • Getting out of the bed
  • Leaning down to pick things up
  • Having trouble tying up my sneakers because of the bump
  • The weight of my stomach on my body
  • Tight sports bras 
  • Not eating sushi and not drinking wine
  • Not being able to go hard in workouts

My first half of the third trimester workouts …

I documented a good portion of my workouts in this post from 26 to 29 weeks pregnant. And I had a major reduction in time and intensity and quantity with all of my travel and events. I also started adding walks to my routine and considering them exercise (and most of the time, I’m doing them with girlfriends, which makes them social too, YAY!). During this portion of my pregnancy, I taught my last BODYPUMP class (week 26) and my last Bootybarre class (week 32), but still kept as active as I could. (And it is SO weird to be taking time off from teaching for the first time in like eight years.)

It’s a struggle. Like a real struggle. The motivation to work out is low, and I have to FORCE myself to get to the gym, which is a feeling I’ve never experienced in my life, always being a lover of fitness and all things exercise. I definitely feel short of breath very fast, and I start to sweat pretty quickly too.

But, on average, I’m doing at least five workouts a week, and now have added very short and gentle yoga sessions to most days as well. It’s the best I can do, so I’m not frustrated with myself at all, just trying to accept my current and totally temporary condition as just that — temporary. 

Ashley doing prenatal Pilates stretches at 32 weeks pregnant at MNT Studio by A Lady Goes West

(Oh how good prenatal Pilates stretching feels on the bod during the third trimester. I am definitely going to get into more Pilates after the babe arrives too.)

My first half of the third trimester sleep …

I guess I can’t complain in the sleep department, because MOST nights, I get a solid eight or nine hours of quality sleep with zero issues. But there have been a handful of times when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and struggled to get back to sleep. During those times, I’m consumed by baby anxiety mostly, as well as slightly uncomfortable with my big belly, and my dreams have remained very vivid, which I know is due to hormone changes.

I decided not to get a pregnancy pillow, so have just been making it work as I normally would in the bed, and it’s not so bad. From what I hear, some people have terrible sleep at this point in their pregnancy, so I’m basically grateful that mine isn’t so bad. I love sleep! Oh, and Dave and I got a new mattress and new bedding recently too, (and I wrote all about how to create a great sleep environment), which makes things even better!

Overall thoughts on the first half of the third trimester of pregnancy …

I feel like it’s getting real around here. Nerves are setting in for the childbirth process, and nesting is full on like you wouldn’t believe. Overall, we feel ready. And this baby could be here in less than a month! 

I look forward to meeting the little guy, eventually having sushi, drinking a cold glass of wine and laying on my stomach or back. For reals. 

Thank you for being here for me through all of this, my friends! πŸ™‚ 

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Questions of the day 

My due date is October 15, but do you think I’ll be early, on time or late?

What’s something on your current aversion list, pregnancy-related or not?



    1. Hi Heather! Thank you! I had no idea working out while pregnant would be SO DARN difficult. It’s a struggle — which you must know now that you’ve done this twice. But I know it’s worth my effort. Hope your week is going well, lady! πŸ™‚

  1. It’s great you’re still working out! I think you’ll be early, no reason why I just do πŸ™‚ My current aversion is the random 90 degree day we had in New Jersey yesterday. After about 2 weeks of temperatures in the 70s, yesterday felt so hot and I realized that I’m over those hot temperatures.

    1. Hi Maureen — so strange how so many of us are having random hot weather later in the season than we should. Not fun! And I hope I have the baby early too! No reason! hehhee! πŸ™‚ Have a great day, lady!

    1. Hi Susie! They trick you with this “it’s only 9 months” deal — it’s 10 months, let’s be real hehehe. And you said it, the due date is far away, but so close. Crossing my fingers to be early!! Hope you are feeling GOOD!! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much! I mean, talk about waiting for a life-changing event to happen at any time, right? Geez! hhehehe! I can’t wait! Hope you’re having a good week so far, lady!

  2. Good for you for still keeping up with your workouts! You look wonderful πŸ™‚ I think you’ll go a little early – my sister in law is due on October 9 with her first, maybe you’ll both go on the same day!

    1. Hi Ashley! Thanks so much! I’m really hoping to be a little early hehehe — once the baby is ready, let’s just get to it hehehe. Hope all is going well with your sister-in-law’s pregnancy too! πŸ™‚ Have a great day, friend!

  3. You look amazing! I am 28 weeks so this is a perfect post for me to read πŸ™‚ I am feeling pretty good over all, but feeling more Pregnant these days for sure. It’s hard to eat a normal sized meal because I feel full soo fast, and like my stomach is gonna burst! Pre-natal Pilates is what I have been doing all along, glad you discovered it. It has saved me a lot of aches and pains I think. Work-outs have slowed down for me as well, I do 30-40 min sessions of light weight lifting (5lbs dumb bells mostly) about 3 times a week, some light walking and my Pilates on the other days. Definitely missing a good sweat session but now is just not the time of course. I have an aversion to being too hot for sure. I hate it, I seem to burn up easily. I live in Canada luckily hehe but I still blast the AC at night.. my poor husband is freezing lol.

    1. Hi Rose!! Thanks so much for saying hi, lady! I am SO glad to hear that you’re feeling good at 28 weeks. I think I went through a period right around then when I couldn’t eat much at a time either, but then it went away hahaha! I LOVE the sound of diversity of your workouts — you are SO right, I miss the big sweat sessions too, but now is NOT the time. Keep up the awesome work. And sorry to your cold hubs, but we get hot carrying a human around haahha! πŸ™‚

  4. Ashley, you’re doing to be the best momma to your baby boy!! I can not wait to see him make his appearance! You look amazing, and have been such an inspiration through out your whole pregnancy!!! Xxooxxooxxo

    1. Hi Jacquelyn, You are the sweetest! I really appreciate your kind words. I feel like I have so much more respect for anyone who has been pregnant now, because it’s not easy! I can’t wait for baby boy to make an appearance too! Cheeeers to you, my friend!! πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Ashley, I recently came across your blog and I love it! When I was pregnant I got out of breath easily too, like once I came downstairs in the morning I didn’t go back up for anything till bedtime! I started seeing a physical therapist for prenatal aches and pains, and they even helped stretch my diaphragm 2x a week and it made such a difference on my breathing. I had to work a bit to find a pt who knew about prenatal care. It was so worth it, mostly in the form of massage during appointments, and stretching at home.

    1. Hi Marykate, Thank you SO much for reading and for saying hello! πŸ™‚ I am totally struggling with our stairs and getting out of breath. Stretching my diaphragm sounds like a DREAM!!! I would LOVE to get some help with that. I might look into it for the last few weeks. Thanks for the idea. Do you have just one little right now?? How old??

  6. I’m due on Oct 22! I TOTALLY understand the difficulty standing up from the couch and rolling over situation. I find myself grunting exasperatedly in the middle of the night while trying to flip my pregnancy pillow around so that I can lay on the other side. haha

    1. Hi Bridget! No way! I have a girlfriend also due October 22. SO CLOSE! And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one struggling with mobility and the laying to standing situation ahhah! Good for you for having a pregnancy pillow. I hope you are feeling okay other than the already-mentioned struggles hahah! πŸ™‚ Thanks for saying hi, lady!

  7. Sounds like you’re doing great! You’re going to be a great mom!
    I can relate to a lot of your symptoms when I was pregnant. That round ligament pain is awful! I had to cut several walks short because it was just unbearable. Should’ve tried a support belt!
    I can relate to the wanting to plan and know the actual birth date too! I had everything ready several weeks early juuust in case, then ended up being two days overdue, which felt like an eternity.

    1. Hi Delia! The support belt is super helpful for longer walks. And as far as you going two weeks late — oh no! I definitely hope I don’t have to wait that long hehehe — pregnancy is long enough already! But a healthy baby is the only important thing, I guess.

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