My weekly workouts and a city run

Because of the holiday, two of the regularly scheduled group fitness classes I teach were cancelled this weekend. I’ve used these days off to enjoy a bit of a breather from my usual class-load, as well as get outside for a different kind of sweat session.

As I like to do at the end of every week, it’s time to review what I completed in the way of workouts over the past seven days.

Weekly workouts

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday – attended one-hour Iyengar yoga class, 30-minute CXWORX at home
  • Tuesday – taught one-hour BODYPUMP and one-hour BODYATTACK classes
  • Wednesday – taught one-hour BODYPUMP class
  • Thursday – 10 minutes of foam rolling, 40 minutes of leg/shoulder weight training
  • Friday – 30-minute CXWORX at home
  • Saturday – 5.76 mile outdoor city run with Dave
  • Sunday – rest

Yes, you saw that right, a RUN! And with DAVE!

This week, I also did a lot of stretching. I’ve been learning some new partner-assisted stretching practices, which I’ve been trying out with my fellow trainers. (Let me tell you, stretching practice makes for a great day of work.)

What was good about my routine?

Diversity is key, and this week, I finally changed up my weight-lifting routine and added a steady-state cardio session in the form of a run. On Thursday, I worked with a personal trainer to get a better idea of the typical session at Equinox, and it was incredibly beneficial. He had me do short sets of single-left deadlifts with a heavy kettlebell, and lunge work with a TRX (which is a suspension-training system) that had my legs screaming. It was a beautiful feeling.

Another high point was my reprieve from teaching for two days. As much as I love my classes, every once in a while, my body (and as a group fitness instructor, my voice) needs a break. A short core workout on Friday and a nice leisure outdoor run on Saturday has left me feeling good.

What could I have done better?

I probably should have done a little bit more foam rolling before my training sessions. Now that I know how important it is for preparing the muscles for movement, foam rolling needs to be a regular fixture for me. But overall, this was a good week.

Side note: While my workout routine works for me, it may not be right for everyone. I provide my weekly workouts as a recap, certainly not a standard that needs to be followed. As long as you’re moving, sweating and feeling good, then you’re on the right track, friends!

And with that, I’m off to enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. Monday is a special day in our house, so check back for more soon.

Questions of the day

Do you normally work out on the weekends or take a break?

What’s one way you got active this week?

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  1. I workout most weekends but I took this weekend off. I hurt my quad earlier in the week so I’ve been taking it a bit easy as far as activity. Luckily I clock in at least 5 miles a day walking at work.

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