My weekly workouts and a tough day

Word to the wise: Never, never, never sign yourself up for an intensive all-day advanced group fitness instructor training two days after returning from an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico.

Although Sundays are supposed to be the day of rest, yesterday I attended a Les Mills BODYATTACK Advanced Instructor Module 1 in the City, and it was pretty darn challenging. I’m pretty sure I was still sweating out the many pina coladas I consumed pool-side last week.

That being said, because I normally take a minute each week to detail my fitness, I’m not going to skip it just because I took a fabulous vacation to Cabo. My workouts for last week were less than regular, and I definitely veered off my schedule.

Weekly workouts

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday – one-hour pool-side gentle Pilates-esque class in Mexico
  • Tuesday – 15-minutes of light full-body resistance moves in the resort’s gym
  • Wednesday – rest
  • Thursday – rest
  • Friday – taught one-hour BODYPUMP class
  • Saturday – taught one-hour BODYATTACK class
  • Sunday – several hours of BODYATTACK and various cardio and strength drills

What was good?

I went on vacation and had fun. And I learned a lot at the BODYATTACK instructor training, which I will detail fully in a post this week.

What could have been better?

It’s always wonderful to get away and rest your body, but sometimes that means your re-entry into rigorous workouts can be tough. Soreness ensues.

Perhaps easing back into the workout scene would have been smarter. Because I teach group fitness classes, I had no choice but to get back into the gym and do a one-hour BODYPUMP class the day after I got back. I didn’t do enough stretching or foam rolling to prepare myself before any of it. Shame on me. Shame on me.

However, it’s Monday. It’s a new week, and there are many exciting things happening for me right now as my training job ramps up. So I’ll take my sore body around the streets of San Francisco and be grateful for vacations, grateful for group fitness and grateful for my new job.

Questions of the day

Do you ever work out on vacations? How was your weekend?

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    1. Hi Chrissy! Thanks for stopping by,
      That’s why vacations are so fun, because they allow you the chance for some wiggle room from your routine. Hotel gyms aren’t always the best, but you gotta do what you can. I sometimes bring a resistance tube with me to use in the hotel room, but I didn’t do that for my Cabo trip. 🙂

  1. 🙂 Great workouts! And I look forward for the future posts that detail Les Milles training! I also work out during holidays, but I usually work out more than at home, because I hit the gym by myself, while the kiddo is with her dad. Precious moment.. 🙂

  2. Oh man, I have a hard enough time just getting back to life in general after a vacation, let alone a smorgasbord of fitness crazy. Then again, I have that trouble on Mondays after just a weekend, too. At least you saw the inside of the resort gym, right? That’s more than I usually end up doing on vacation 🙂

    1. Yes, however I went to the resort gym in my bathing suit and jean shorts (oh yes, I have jean shorts) so my range of motion was limited and time was short. It was hardly worth it hehehe. Mondays are tough!

  3. I typically try to do something on vacations, but I find it’s usually not as intense as my normal routine. The first workout back from vacay is always a killer!

    I spent my 3 day weekend at a beach house with 11 of my mates. It was a beautiful setting and so much fun.

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