My wellness bucket list

Hi, friends! Do you have a wellness bucket list? I do! 

Normally, I like to write about my experiences and learnings from everyday life, but today, it’s going to be about things that I haven’t done, but want to do in the future and want to know more about.

Why write this list? Because not only do I believe in the power of positive thinking and manifestation, but I also hope that you may be interested in making a list like this too, and I could spark some inspiration for you. So here we go …

My wellness bucket list

My wellness bucket list by A Lady Goes West

Go on a wellness retreat on the beach.

Who doesn’t love to travel to beautiful beach destinations? I think we all do, and I haven’t had a beach vacation since Dave and I went to Hawaii in 2015. The truth! But what I’d love even more is to go to a wellness-focused beach resort one day, complete with sunrise yoga sessions, workouts, massages, acupuncture, hikes, super healthy food and even daily meditations for some “inner work.”

The reason this is on my bucket list is because it seems pretty out of reach to me. If I ever want to get away, it’s likely going to be with Dave or Brady. I already know I’ll have my solo travel to the annual IDEA World Fitness Convention trip with my fitness blogging besties in Southern California. So it seems like too much to ask to make a separate trip happen too. But then again, maybe I’ll make this one a reality.

I haven’t even started researching all of the options, but may do that this year just to get a better idea of what a wellness retreat looks like and costs. I’d imagine it’s best to go with a friend, but I’d be willing to go alone too. Want to join me?

Attend a live Tony Robbins conference.

In the entrepreneur world, going to a Tony Robbins event is a huge deal! Tony Robbins, with his raspy deep voice and no-nonsense attitude, is a real-life hero in the motivational speakers world. From what I understand, his multi-day conferences are absolutely life changing. You meet people at these conferences who have spent their very last penny just to attend, and based on what they learn and discover about themself during the event, they’re able to create an amazing business or land a dream job. It’s that kind of thing.

This could go into a whole other post, but part of me has always felt that I should be working on or thinking of my next big idea — and I guess I just think that taking the step to invest my time and money into a Tony Robbins event could help me reveal that big idea. No matter what, I love the power of live events and would be absolutely ecstatic to do one with Mr. Robbins before he hangs up his hat with these conferences.

(Side note: If you’ve never listened to Tony Robbins on a podcast to hear his story of rags to riches, do yourself a favor and have a listen. Here’s one. He’s one amazing guy. And another side note: When I was writing this post, I did a little research on upcoming Tony Robbins events, and apparently his team hosts a wellness retreat too. Cool.)

My wellness bucket list by A Lady Goes West - 2020

Find and attend a contemporary dance class.

I’ve been talking about going to a dance class for sooooooo long and haven’t done it yet. I’ve done a little Googling and found out that we do in fact have contemporary dance classes near me in the evenings, but I’ve just never made the effort to go. And I want to change that! Why? Because life is short, and I love to dance so much and yet don’t ever do it. It’s always something I bring up as a “want to in the future.” By why wait?

When I see people dancing on TV, it literally makes me smile and feel so happy. I want to be doing it in person with others too! I’m by no means a professional, but I did do a few years of dance when I was younger, and I did a year on the dance team in high school. My dancing chops need major work, and I’d be a total fish out of water when starting up, but it’s something I’m dying to do. I’d like to do modern dance most of all, but hip hop could be fun too. Who else is craving some dance?

Complete a month of Whole30-style eating.

I know what you’re thinking … Ashley, do you know you can’t drink wine or have protein powder on the Whole30? I do know that. But, I also know that I’d love to see what it’s like to eliminate almost everything even slightly processed and just eat whole foods for a full 30 days. Would it change my eating habits for the better? Like help me to stop using stevia? 🙂 

I have to mention that a lot of my meals and snacks are actually already Whole30 compliant — so it’s not a huge deal for me. But every single day, I have tea lattes, stevia, protein shakes or other little things that aren’t compliant, and I know it would be cool to put my mind to completing a challenge like this and say goodbye to those things. 

I don’t want to do it to lose weight, I want to do it to see how it feels to back off a few of my usual things, like veggie burgers, etc. that I rely on so heavily. But this is something I’d have to go all in for, and I just don’t have the motivation currently, so it sits here on my list for the future. 

That completes my wellness bucket list. And do you want to know a few things that are NOT on my list?

I do not want to track my macros, run a full marathon (I ran a half marathon about 10 years ago and was not a fan of the whole process), get a “bikini body” (I already have one, we all do), do Crossfit (I just don’t care to try it), do a juice cleanse, do a water fast and that’s about it.

Here are a few ideas for your list …

A few simple things for your own wellness bucket list for the future

  • Eat at least one plant-based meal per week, with no meat or animal products in it.
  • Try a live Les Mills group fitness class.
  • Run a 5K race in less than 30 minutes.
  • Try meditating every single day for one full month.
  • Spend an entire weekend without a cell phone or computer and see how it feels.
  • Work out with a personal trainer at least once for a private session to check your form.

It’s fun to put some thoughts and wants out into the universe. I hope you enjoyed this bucket list. And have a wonderful start to your week!

Questions of the day

Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it?

What’s one wellness activity you’re dying to do?

How was your weekend?

Have you ever done a Whole30? What was it like for you?

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  1. Following Whole 30 and attending a fitness retreat are both goals of mine! I really struggle with the idea of the Whole 30 and giving up my bars though. Those are my biggest weakness and I can’t imagine a whole 30 days without my snack crutch.

    I literally wrote down as a NY goal: “research and follow for 30 days either Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling or Whole 30.” But I don’t wannnnnna…..hehe


    1. Hi Courtney! My friend! I’d probably steer clear of intermittent fasting if I were you — it’s not kind to us ladies with sensitive hormones hahahah! I’ve never done it and don’t intend to. But I think we could all get something out of a Whole 30. Agree totally I’m just not ALL in on one, so will wait to do it when I am. Maybe we can do it together one day? 🙂 Happy Monday, my friend!! I want to see a new post on your blog soon!!! xoxoxoox

      1. I appreciate the feedback on IF. I’ve heard the same about it messing with our hormones and as you know, that’s the last thing I need. I’ve also heard it can help with digestion, which is why I’ve remained somewhat interested because your girl needs all the help she can get with that!

        I’d love to do Whole 30 together one day!

        And thanks for your interest in my blog. I don’t see a post happening anytime soon, but I’ve decided not to delete the website totally, so maybe one day!

        Happy Monday. Xoxo

        1. Whole 30, IF, Keto, Paleo are just names for fad diets. I don’t know why Whole 30 gets a free pass, but it is one of the most restrictive, most unfounded in any research of almost all the “diets.” Please follow @amandahowellhealth for research backed health and nutrition information.

          1. Hi Mo! Thanks for weighing in. I appreciate your thoughts. But just to be clear, I think you know that I’m not into, nor do I ever promote anything restrictive at all, nor hardly ever even talk about “diets.” But for this particular post, I mention something I’d be interested in trying — not as a way of life — but as an experiment. What I like about the idea of trying Whole 30 is merely that it’s a 30-day thing, not a lifestyle — a challenge. I agree that it’s quite strict in some unnecessary ways (and would NOT be good for someone with history of any disorder, of course), but that’s not really what this post is about anyhow. I’d never suggest starting a strict diet, unless it was medically necessary. Also, I’m studying nutrition right now and can tell you that based on a lot of research, there is definitely not a single BEST diet out there at all, and sometimes Paleo works for people, and sometimes IF works for others — so those people are free to do what works for them, even if those diets are not for the rest of us, and we don’t have to ever do them. Thank you, as always, for reading and adding to the discussion. 🙂

  2. I want to go to a fitness conference/convention sooo bad! I’d love to do IDEA but coming from Connecticut I’d have to take at least an extra day off from work to accommodate the flights. But maybe something in NY or FL.

    I’m doing my first teaching vacation in Jamaica in late April which I’m super excited about!

    1. Hi lady! I know it’s so hard for east coasters to make it to IDEA — but if you can swing it one day, you will be so happy that you did. It’s amazing! Tell me more about this teaching vacation???? So coooool!!!

      1. I’m doing it through! You pay a nominal fee (compared to what the normal price of the trip is) to teach for a week at an all inclusive resort! You can typically bring a partner and/or child with you at no cost and I’m so excited! Different resorts take different formats and there’s a ton of really nice options! Lots of kid-friendly ones too – you may want to look into it!

    1. Hi Jessie!! Ohhh can’t wait to check out your blog. YAY for you blogging! And I have done a few Fitness Marshall dances — very fun — but I’m dying for the in-person element. Perhaps I should practice up with FM before heading to a class ahahah!

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