One month in the City

Yesterday marked exactly one month since I landed at SFO and became a San Francisco resident.

Outside of a quick weekend trip back to Florida, that means I’ve had about 27 nights and days to explore the place I now call home.

Just as expected, this time has been exciting, scary — at times, difficult — and full of discovery.  I promised to write about a combination of work and play on this blog, and that’s certainly what has occurred over the past month.  Let’s recap …

  • We lived for nearly two weeks with no furniture, nor stuff, while repeating the same clothing every few days, sleeping on an air mattress and eating every meal out.
  • I auditioned to teach group fitness at a gym and will soon have my own class.
  • We took a cross-country red-eye flight, and it really wasn’t so bad.
  • I unpacked dozens of boxes and am still finding creative ways to store our stuff.
  • We celebrated Dave’s birthday.
  • I met with two professional recruiters and have been applying for jobs online.
  • We went to some great restaurants in the City and still have just under 3,500 left to experience.
  • We explored the shopping centers of local suburbs in search of housewares.
  • We explored several neighborhoods and tourist spots by foot.
  • I visited the Les Mills West Coast office, met the Queen of BODYPUMP and even took her class.
  • We hosted a set of Florida friends and Dave’s sister as day visitors to our apartment.
  • I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, the close proximity to some awesome retail, including many “flagship” stores.
  • We selected and ordered new furniture and finally welcomed the last piece this week.
  • I tried several new group fitness classes at some cool city gyms.
  • I paid a visit to the Golden State Warriors office to see Dave’s office.
  • I passed a weekend of challenging training and am working toward certification to teach another group fitness program.
  • We jumped on the bandwagon for a popular grocery store and tried some new products.
  • We said over and over again to each other … “I can’t believe we live in San Francisco”.

As we begin the second month of living together in the City (Dave was here two weeks before me, and his time went completely undocumented on this here blog!), I know we have a lot more learning to do.  Let’s hope I find a job, we each make a friend, and we enjoy a momentous Thanksgiving holiday when my Mom, Dad and Brother pay a visit out west at the end of the month.

* To write this blog entry I completed an exercise that I highly recommend.  Outside of reporting projects at work, you don’t always have the need to write down things that you have completed.  It’s a good way to appreciate how far you can come in such a short amount of time.

Say hello to a new table and chairs.
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