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Hello! Greetings from Florida! I’ve been enjoying a wonderful weekend with my parents in the sunshine so far, complete with attending a fun engagement party on Saturday night and doing a lot of relaxing. I’ll check back in soon with some photos from all the goings on. But for now, as we do every Monday morning, let’s talk fitness and workouts. Oh and you don’t want to miss tomorrow’s post, because I’m going to have a big giveaway for you!

Essential fitness travel item

There is one item that makes it into my suitcase whenever I travel — a resistance tube. This little red tube is incredibly versatile when it comes to the moves that you can do with it, and it also wraps up nicely into a little ball and barely weighs anything. It’s the perfect item to bring along on a trip to make sure you have at least something useful for your workouts. Even though I like to take it easy with exercising when I travel, I always find time to make use of my tube for at least a little bit of movement, and this trip has included that. 

Resistance tubeMy trusty medium-resistance tube. 

I not only use this tube for doing Les Mills CXWORX, but I also use it nearly every single day for stretching my legs, chest and shoulders before and after workouts. So really, this tube is not only essential for travel, but for all of the time. And now let’s get back to the regularly scheduled programming. 

My Weekly Workouts recap

Here on A Lady Goes West, I like to share my weekly workouts with you to show the good and the bad. As someone who works in the fitness industry, sometimes my weeks are too heavy, and sometimes they are just right. While I definitely get a little bit more movement than the Average Joe, I also spend a lot of time stretching and foam rolling to help my body recover between the classes that I teach and take. 

Weekly Workouts from A Lady Goes West

Weekly Workouts

What was good about my week of workouts?

This week was a little bit lighter for me in terms of workouts due to my trip home to Florida. I took two full rest days, which is definitely a good thing for my body every once in a while, because most of my weeks consist of six days of working out. I got in two sessions of cardio with BODYATTACK, four sessions of resistance training with my own weight-room routine, TRX and BODYPUMP, and I also did yoga, a core workout and even some extra stretching. I really enjoyed switching up my workout with the TRX class on Tuesday, which I was able to attend thanks to the ClassPass party. And yoga came at a perfect time for me on Thursday, after teaching a tough double-header on Wednesday night. Overall, all of my workouts varied in time, intensity and format, which makes this a great week.

What could have been better in my week of workouts?

I didn’t really spend a lot of time lifting heavy weights this week. While I do load up my barbell in BODYPUMP, that particular class is still more focused on muscle endurance with higher rep ranges and lighter weights, and my only weight-room workout was short with medium dumbbells. For men, women and basically everyone, it’s so beneficial to lift heavy things every week, and I missed out on that a bit, but I’ll get back on it soon.

That’s that. Five days of training and a little bit of time doing nothing. I’m heading back to San Francisco tomorrow, so will be fitting in a short sweat session this morning and then hanging out with my Momma the rest of the day. I hope your week starts off great! 

Questions of the day

Do you lift heavy weights? Do you like to workout when you travel? What’s your go-to home workout?

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    1. I’m not really that into running, but I actually enjoy it when on a trip so I can see some new places. Totally agree. Have a great Monday!:)

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your time in Florida! Resistance bands are such a versatile and awesome piece of equipment. Great thing to pack with you when you’re wanting to get in a good workout with little to no equipment!

    Although BodyPump is considered more of a muscle endurance workout, it’s still lifting plenty of weight to aid in bone health, muscle gain, strength, cardiovascular health, and all the other benefits of strength training. I personally don’t add in a super heavy lifting day just because it doesn’t coincide with my goals right now. Ideally, it’d be nice to teach BodyPump 2x/week and do a strength workout on my own one other day, but my schedule and phase of life doesn’t allow for that right now. Maybe someday! 😉

    Have a great Monday!!

    1. Hi Ashley! I know, we can never fit in exactly what we want each week with everything else going on in our lives. And of course, BODYPUMP is sooo incredibly beneficial, so I agree with you on all of that. I’ve just found that I’ve gotten stronger when spending time doing my own workouts, so that’s why I’d like to do more of it. I did NOTHING but BODYPUMP for many years with weights and it served me well, but then sometimes you can plateau a bit. Nonetheless, all working out is good working out. I do love to break a sweat! 🙂

  2. When I had a gym membership I used to lift heavy weights. But now that I strictly workout at home the heaviest dumbbells I lift are 10 lbs. But, 10 lbs. is plenty of weight for the types of workouts I do now and sometimes I find that 10 lbs. can be a little too much.

    I like to workout when I travel but am not as worried about fitting in a planned workout each day since I usually do so much walking. For home workouts I like the Nike or Skimble apps, I have a Fitnessglo membership which is where I get the majority of my workouts or I’ll create my own strength, HIIT or tabata workouts.

    1. Hi Catherine! I’ve never tried Fitnessglo, Nike or Skimble apps believe it or not. That’s great you have so many resources to pull from for home workouts. Hope you’re doing well and have a great Monday!:)

  3. A resistance band — I’ve never thought to bring one traveling. Great idea! =)

    It’s interesting that you that about lifting heavy. Body Pump 2x a week is my major source of strength training … otherwise, I’ll do body weight training or dumbbell stuff. Every once in a while I’ll lift heavy in the weight room, but I am still looking for a workout routine I really like.

    Have a great Monday!!

  4. I’d say after teaching Body Attack and Pump in the same day, you deserve a little break. 😉

    I’ve been so bad about lifting weights recently and I really need to get back into the swing of it. I can feel the changes in my body (less strength, poor posture) and it’s driving me nuts. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. You’ve had such a busy week! I am in awe that you taught both a BodyPump and BodyAttack workout in one day; that must have been so tiring.
    I used to lift heavy weights but now I am doing more of a bodyweight circuit style of workouts. I love using heavier weights for my abs and arms though as I have quite a pathetic amount of muscle in them.

    Glad you had a great time in Florida, have a lovely week 🙂

    1. Hi Alice! Any kind of weightlifting is great! So good for you! And you’d be surprised how the group setting and energy can get you through a double-header of ATTACK and PUMP. In fact, Wednesdays are my favorite times to teach because of those back-to-back classes. It’s so fun! Although I do start BODYPUMP with sweat already dripping hehehe.

  6. I love your blog! Years ago I used to always travel with a resistance band — back in the days of traveling a lot for work and not knowing if/when there would be time for a workout. You reminded me and made me realize that I should get cozy with my band again 🙂 and start using it, especially on the days that I never make it to the gym or yoga. Thank you! I also posted your Weekly Workouts on my company’s Pinterest page. -Ali

    1. Hi Alison!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love of my weekly workouts. Do you have to travel for work a lot? That can be tough with scheduling, so a short/sweet indoor workout in your hotel room may be the best choice. Hope you had a great Monday!

  7. I definitely do not consider myself a heavy lifter. I certainly incorporate resistance training but not much of it is super heavy. I MUST workout when traveling. If we are staying at a hotel the hotel we stay at is picked based largely on their gym and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS take workout clothes and shoes with me if it’s for two days or two weeks. My go-to at home workout is my tride and true HIIT. Explosive bodyweight exercises always get the job done. 🙂

    1. Hi Rosi! Thanks for stopping by. That’s great you stay active on vacation. And of course, short and sweet is the way to do it when you have sight-seeing and other fun on the agenda. Good stuff!

  8. I am really bad about working out while on vacation, but I feel like I always walk enough to make up for it. Your resistance tube looks great. What kind of reps do you do with them, and have you ever done them in public? 🙂


    1. Hi Audrey! I use my tube to stretch my hamstrings, by placing it on my feet and laying back. I also use it for leg work. I stand on top of it and do kickbacks with legs. I learned all about using resistance tubes when going through Les Mills CXWORX group fitness instructor training, because we use the tube in 3-4 tracks in that class, which I’ve taught a ton. Tubes are great! You can also do bicep curls and reverse flys, basically targeting all parts of the body.

      1. That sounds really cool! When I do do strength training, I love being able to really hone in on targeted muscle groups. It sounds like the band can let you do exactly that! Thanks for replying 🙂

  9. Such a genius idea to bring resistance bands with you when you travel — I would love a post on some of your favorite moves! I’m going to Portugal in a few weeks and will definitely bring bands with me now 🙂

    1. Hi Lauryn! Yes … most of the moves I do with the resistance band start with standing on the band with both feet. From that stance you can do bicep curls, reverse chest flys, and if you cross the handles and put your hands at your hips, also do kickbacks with each leg. I’ll think about putting some together. That’s awesome you have an upcoming trip!

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