Progress and so much more to come

Tomorrow, Dave and I fly back across the country to visit our friends and family for the Christmas holiday.  While we didn’t want to fly out on Christmas Eve, the fact that it was several hundred dollars cheaper helped make the decision for us.

We’ll be in Florida for more than a week, spending time in a few cities and soaking up as many friendly Florida faces that we can.

Being away from San Francisco for a while, should give me (us) a good opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come in just under three months in a totally new city.

While we love the City and are enjoying all of our new experiences, the truth is, it’s still very hard to establish your footing in a completely new place across three time zones.  Perhaps the timing of our move is a bit of a factor, as we’re now in the rainy season, and as a City gal on foot, I’ve been feeling it.  I frequently end up drenched on the bottom half just making my way to a destination, and not a day goes by that I don’t long for a truly familiar face to be there when I arrive.

Aside from those items, let’s take a look at our progress to date:

  • We’ve set up a finely decorated, yet downsized City apartment, which serves as the perfect home base for our busy days.
  • I’ve secured and am now teaching three regular BODYPUMP classes per week at three different gyms in the City.
  • I passed my CXWORX group fitness assessment video and am now fully certified to teach a second Les Mills program – a goal I’ve held for some time now.
  • I’ve been working every day at the Les Mills West Coast office on several projects with great people (see below) and have hopes of securing a full-time communications role there in the new year – fingers crossed!
  • Dave has made great professional relationships through his work and has signed a few small-ish deals, with his eye on several good clients in the coming months.
  • We’ve done our best to be social and have hung out little by little with new people and new groups.
  • We’ve checked off 25 new restaurants and several outdoor adventures on our list of to-dos in the Bay Area and seen some of the most beautiful vistas of our lives.

Even though the cold, windy rain can put a damper on a walking commute, I know there is nothing but greatness waiting for us here after we return.

But right now, we’re ready for a humid Florida Christmas, with all of those gorgeous familiar faces we haven’t seen in weeks.

Golden State to Sunshine State.  Let’s go!

Posing with the best of the best in San Francisco - the one and only Susan Renata at the Les Mills West Coast Christmas party.
Posing with the best-of-the-best in San Francisco – the one and only Susan Renata at the Les Mills West Coast Christmas party.
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