Reflections on City life

Many people have asked for my reflections on life in San Francisco.  Ask, and you shall receive.

Taking on the City by foot.

That’s absolutely my favorite thing about living here in San Francisco so far.

Although I’ve been in the car quite a bit on the weekends and used public transportation when needed, as of now, my daily adventures to the gym, work*, shopping, dining and home are all in one big walking bubble.  I love it.  There is something so incredibly refreshing about walking out of your building in the morning and feeling the cold breeze on your face as you start your day with a walk.

Lack of people I know.

That’s my least favorite thing about living here in San Francisco so far.

My friends and family aren’t here.  They may visit, but they won’t ever be here.  Dave and I have slowly started a campaign to get a couple of our friends to consider relocating.   We may go as far as to submit one of our friend’s resumes to a recruiting firm.  It’s worth a shot.

We’re certainly meeting people.  Dave has a good group of people, who he works with at the Warriors, and through my gym and part-time gig at Les Mills, I’m meeting some good people as well.  It’s only a matter of time before the feeling of not knowing anyone fades away.

Now that I am nearing six weeks into residency here, many of the unknowns of “what it will be like” are becoming known.

There are endless activities.  There are thousands of great restaurants.  There are famous landmarks and popular tourist destinations surrounding us, just waiting to be explored.  There is a new festival or community event every single weekend.  There are cute neighborhoods and bustling urban centers around the corner.  The weather is beautiful.  The City itself is beautiful.  Our apartment is cozy, and although much smaller than what we were used to – truly suits our City lifestyle and is set up just how we want it.  The local economy is thriving.   The opportunities for Dave’s career and for mine are certainly more robust than they were in Central Florida.

These are all great things.

On a daily basis, I feel so glad to be here right now.  After a tough start with the delayed moving process, I think we have settled in quite well and have found we really are cut out to be City people.

So there you go … we’re here, and we’re settled.

We continue to get excited about the new, but are also appreciative of the routine we have found in our everyday.

* While I am still in search of a full-time job, my interim situation has been a great unexpected addition. Thus far in my part-time role at Les Mills West Coast, I’ve started using Yammer, upped my advanced Excel skills, learned an incredible amount about the business side of selling group fitness programs, worked out quite a bit and spent quality time with some of the most famous Les Mills faces in the world.  Not too shabby.

Visitors to SF
Just the two of us, on our exploratory weekend to SF before we moved.
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