A restful weekend back in Walnut Creek with my Mom and weekly workouts

Seriously, my friends, there’s been some good times happening over here, but I’ve missed you. Dave and I got back from our super fun Las Vegas adventure on Thursday afternoon, and we’ve been catching up on sleep and hanging out with my Mom (and Rudy) since then.

My Mom was nice enough to fly out from Florida to stay with our little Rudy while we were gone, and she bookended the trip with time to hang out with us before and after we got back. Love it! This past weekend we had a lot of good food, went to a movie and even went on a hike together, but mostly, we rested and chilled. Here’s us the night before we left …

Pitt family in the Creek by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s the dress I’m wearing, which is perhaps my favorite thing I’ve bought in months!)

Today, I’m sharing just a few snapshots from the last few days, and I’ll be back later this week for all the details from Las Vegas, and you don’t want to miss it — because it was awesome.

Hanging out with my Mom back in the Creek

Friday’s lunch was at Vitality Bowls in Walnut Creek. While we usually stop in there for acai bowls, this time we tried the non-bowl items, and they were great. I had a salad with grass-fed sirloin, quinoa, cucumbers, cheese and some mild delicious dressing. It was a light meal, which was just what I needed post vacation. It’s good to know that VB has items other than smoothies or bowls though, because when you’re with someone who is not in the mood for something fruity, they now have a new option with salads and sammies on the menu.

Vitality Bowls lunch by A Lady Goes West

In the evening, we walked along the Iron Horse Trail to downtown Walnut Creek for dinner at Maria Maria, which was a lovely 20-minute stroll with cool beautiful weather. My Mom loved the walk, so we stopped for pictures a few times. We arrived at Maria Maria a little before 8 p.m. with no reservation and immediately got a table inside.

Dave and I have been to this Mexican spot multiple times, and this time we were happy to find a live musician playing guitar and taking requests right by our table. My Mom and I both ordered a spicy salmon dish, we also shared a cheesecake (and a lot of guacamole) and enjoyed our requested hits from Garth Brooks, Van Morrison and Taylor Swift. (Variety is the spice of life!)

Ashley and Mom on the trail by A Lady Goes West

On the trail Ashley and Dave by A Lady Goes West

(Jeans are here and top is via LE TOTE.)

On Saturday, we were all up early so that I could teach BODYPUMP. After having taken nearly two weeks off, it was super tough to be back into the workout world, but I was actually glad to do it. I struggled during class a little and didn’t use my normal weight, but the full-house of members and music helped me to get through. Both Dave and my Mom were part of class, which made it extra fun. I was sweating so much, I nearly had to get a second towel. I mean, look at this … 

Ashley and Mom after BODYPUMP by A Lady Goes West

(Wearing Fabletics, of course!)

Later on Saturday, we went to lunch at the brand new Boudin Bakery in downtown Walnut Creek, which just opened in Broadway Plaza. Dave and I had eaten at the original Boudin in San Francisco near Fisherman’s Wharf before, which is where amazing sourdough bread is made and we were excited to try the restaurant in our new ‘hood. Even though the line was long, it moved quickly, and we were all happy campers with our meals. I must say, I think this new Boudin has a more extensive menu than the other, because there are plenty of tasty salads available. I really want to go back for a grilled cheese with fig for sure. But on this day, I went with a chicken and rice salad.

Boudin salad lunch by A Lady Goes West

Downtown lunch with Ashley and Dave by A Lady Goes West

After that, we walked over to the theatre and saw “Bad Moms.” This was the first time I had seen a movie in almost a year, and before that it was another year between going to the cinema. It’s not that I don’t like the movies, but I don’t have time to go during the week, and I don’t really like to waste weekend time inside in the dark. But “Bad Moms” was lighthearted and funny, and it was a nice way to spend the day. Maybe I’ll be back at the movies again soon?

In the evening, we enjoyed a couple of oven pizzas and watched YouTube videos. True story. I loved showing my Mom some of the funny things we watch like “Carpool Karaoke” and “Wheel of Musical Impressions.”

Sunday was a beautiful day, which included a trip to Muir Woods for a hike among the redwoods — and this was a long overdue adventure. Since my Mom’s first visit to see us in San Francisco after we first moved nearly four years ago, she has requested a trip to the redwoods, and we’ve never fit it in until now. She was in love with the big trees and majestic forest. However, because it was National Parks Weekend and a free-admission day, we weren’t the only ones in the quiet serene setting. The crowds were unreal!

Muir Woods beauty by A Lady Goes West

Group in Muir Woods beauty by A Lady Goes West

That night we made burgers on the grill at home and hung out. My Mom is staying until mid-week, so we have a little bit of fun left with her before she heads back to Florida. That’s about it for the last few days. I’ll fill you in on Vegas soon!

My weekly workout recap

This past week was super light on fitness due to my vacation, but because I’m a creature of habit, let’s do this …

Weekly Workouts by A Lady Goes West

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: Went on a two-hour rocky hike 
  • Wednesday: Took a one-hour gentle yoga class
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: Taught a one-hour BODYPUMP class
  • Sunday: Leisure hike

Overview of the week

I really only did one official workout this past week (which was BODYPUMP), and that’s totally fine with me. While I got in plenty of steps each day, I didn’t want to take up any of my vacation time in the gym. Believe me, it’s alright to take a little break every once in a while. Just not too long! I’ll be back to business this week with three sessions of weights for sure.

Have a great start to your week! Come back soon for Vegas pictures and stories!

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Questions of the day

What did you do this weekend?

What was the last movie you saw?

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  1. Aw yay for getting to spend time with your Mom! I love finding scenic places to hike, hiking is definitely a great workout. And we recently went to go see the Jason Bourne movie, but I’m the same way, I think the last movie I saw before that was Magic Mike 2 last Summer. I’m definitely not a movie theatre person, but enjoy the experience (and popcorn) every so often. Can’t wait to hear about Vegas! Have a great week.

    1. Hi Patricia! I think Dave wants to see the Bourne movie. Maybe I’ll humor him and go along? hahhaa Hope your weekend was great, friend!

  2. So often I read your posts and discover yet another thing we have in common. Those are my two most frequently viewed YouTube videos. Love them both and laugh out loud every single time.

    So glad you had fun in Vegas and are soaking up some good quality mother-daughter time right now. I’m sure she is in absolute Heaven!


  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Love a good mom time. My mom will be coming out here on Wednesday to help us decorate our new home and I can’t wait!

    I taught a workout class on Saturday and I hadn’t taught one in a looooooooong time. I was out of breadth. Teaching is hard work, especially when you’re out of practice, ha!

    Can’t wait to read about Vegas!
    XO, Jessica

  4. On of these days, I would love to see the redwoods. I’m sure that majestic doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of describing them! Weekends with Mom are the best–I’m excited for one of my own coming up in a few weeks! Have an amazing week, Ashley!

  5. Those redwood pictures are so beautiful, I would love to see them some day. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend with your mom! I haven’t really been inclined to see any movies in the theater lately, but I am looking forward to seeing Sully with Tom Hanks! It looks really good.

  6. Looks like a great week! Love the pink dress :). We only go to the movies a few times a year, but I did see Bad Moms, so good, I think I laughed more than half of the movie.

    The hike looks gorgeous! We are going to Washington state next month for some hiking and to visit Seattle. I’m getting excited!

    1. Oh cool! I’ve never been to Washington and would love to one day. Awesome! Yes– lots of LOLing in Bad Moms. Hope you had a nice weekend, Jessie!

  7. I love the Redwoods so much; had your mom been to the Redwoods? They are so beautiful; it looks like you had a really varied, enjoyable time with your mom. I hope to have just as good of a relationship with my mama when I get older.

    1. This was my Mom’s first time in the redwoods, so she was in awe! And yes, it’s a wonderful thing to be close to your Mom! I think everyone needs that kind of relationship in their life if they can. 🙂

  8. Glad you got in some mom time! That’s so nice of her to come watch Rudy–she probably got extra spoiled while you were gone 😀 Cant wait to hear about your vegas trip! I try to see a couple of movies per year because i love it! The last movie I saw was Finding Dory!

    1. Hi Heather! That’s great that you enjoy going to movies and actually go and see them! 🙂 Finding Dory looked cute. Happy Monday, lady!

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