Review of Les Mills Smart Tech equipment and Les Mills Smartbar (and a promo code)

Sharing my review of Les Mills Smart Tech equipment and Les Mills Smartbar. And I’m also sharing a promo code for Les Mills Smart Tech equipment — ASHLEY10.

I’m so excited to share a review of this fitness equipment with you, and I’ve been ready to write this post for a long time. I’ve been using this equipment at home for years. In fact, I have a first-generation Les Mills Smartbar, and it’s one of those items that whenever I post a picture of it on Instagram, I immediately get several DMs from people wanting to know where I got it and how they can get one too. It’s different. Better. Sleek. Functional. And it’s worth investing in. (And here’s a video about how I use it.)

(And by the way, Les Mills was kind enough to provide my first Smartbar to me, and they recently sent me the entire latest and greatest Smart Tech equipment bundle, including the Smartstep and Smartband, and I’ve fallen in love with these items. Thanks, Les Mills! While this post isn’t sponsored, there are affiliate links below, and I’m happy to be a proud Les Mills partner. Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that Les Mills is my first fitness love, and I’ve been a Les Mills instructor for 12 years.)

Quick note before we begin: The Les Mills Smartbar saved my life during 2020. There were maybe a hundred times when I said to Dave, over the course of the lockdown, “thank heavens I have my Les Mills Smartbar, or I don’t know what I would do” for my workouts without access to the gym for almost a year. I used it religiously, and Dave used it too. It was my savior for workouts at home, without any other equipment, really. And I still use it to this day, whenever I work out at home. It’s the best. And it’s so different from other fitness equipment, which we’ll get into in a bit. I think everyone who works out at home should have one.

Review of Les Mills Smart Tech equipment and Les Mills Smartbar (and a promo code)

Review of Les Mills Smart Tech equipment and Les Mills Smartbar (and a promo code) by A Lady Goes West

What is Les Mills?

I’m assuming you know what Les Mills is. But if not, Les Mills is an international group fitness company. They create pre-choreographed fitness programs for instructors around the globe, they provide instructor trainings, and they also have Les Mills+ (formerly Les Mills On Demand), which is an incredible on-demand fitness platform for some of the best workouts in the world, set to great music.

I’ve reviewed Les Mills On Demand and am due for a post about all the upgrades now that the program has become Les Mills+. You can try out Les Mills+ for free for 30-days using my special trial link here. But, you can also get six months of Les Mills+ for free included in some of the equipment bundles, so look out for that here. Les Mills workouts are amazing, and once you try them, you will be hooked. And you will compare everything else to them.

Review of Smart Tech equipment by A Lady Goes West

What is Les Mills Smart Tech equipment?

Les Mills Smart Tech equipment is a range of fitness gear made specifically for convenience and ease of use for the user. This equipment can be used at home or at the gym, and it’s designed for quick transitions and the best user experience possible during sweaty workouts. Les Mills created this equipment after years and years of using other branded products in their programs that didn’t work as well as they wanted them to. I can attest to this exact fact. 

As you will see in my review of Les Mills Smart Tech equipment below, Les Mills has solved all of our common fitness equipment problems with each piece. You don’t have to struggle through using this stuff. It’s designed for you and your workouts. And you can’t beat that. Also, the equipment is created to be durable enough to hold up in a group fitness studio with repeated use, so you know it’s good.

Les Mills Smart Tech equipment by A Lady Goes West

What types of pieces does Les Mills Smart Tech offer?

  • A Smartbar with weight plates, which also double as hand weights
  • A Smartstep
  • A Smartband (two different resistance levels available)
  • An MBX mat (I haven’t tried the mat, so I’m not reviewing it)
  • A Stages bike (I haven’t tried this one either)

The equipment is discounted when sold in bundles, and I highly recommend going that route.

Do you have to do Les Mills workouts to use the Les Mills Smart Tech equipment?


This equipment can be used for any type of workout. I’ve used it for my own freestyle workouts. I’ve used it for Les Mills BODYPUMP and Les Mills CORE and Les Mills GRIT via Les Mills On Demand (once again, now called Les Mills+), and I’ve also used this equipment for workouts on the Peloton app. It’s totally up to you how you use it all.

What is special about the Les Mills Smartbar?

The Smartbar is the stand-out piece, and it is so well designed.

First of all, there are no separate clips for the weight plates needed. The weight plates slide into the “gator” claw at the end of the bar, so you don’t have to fumble with taking clips on and off. You won’t lose the clips. You won’t waste time with transitions. It’s just a huge benefit.

Next up, the actual weight plates have handles, and the plates are square. You can use these weight plates like dumbbells, because they have a hand-grip portion in the middle (and regular round weight plates do not have this). This is an amazing feature and helps keep your wrists healthy. Also, you can put more than one weight plate together and lift it with one hand, so you get a better and more intense workout. I love these weight plates and wish I had them at my gym. Because the plates are square, the bar won’t roll away when you place it down either, which is awesome.

Les Mills Smartbar and plates by A Lady Goes West

The bar is made out of aluminum and has a sleek design. Not only does it look cool, but it also has some gripping/grating on the hand portion of the bar, so that you won’t ever drop it when you get sweaty. Love that. Also, the bar is slightly weighted, so you can even use it on its own, which I sometimes do to warm up.

The bar is about 7 pounds by itself. The weight plates come in various sizes, including 1kg (2.2 pounds), 2.5kg (5.51 pounds) and 5kg (11.1 pounds) with the set (two of each). You can also get the 3.7kg and 7.5kg plates separately, but I haven’t used either of those sizes. The plates are covered in a plastic material that doesn’t smell, too. And finally, the bar is about 52 inches long.

Les Mills Smartbar by A Lady Goes West

You could use this bar or the plates for Les Mills BODYPUMP, Les Mills GRIT Strength, Les Mills CORE, Les Mills Barre and even Les Mills TONE — all from Les Mills+.

CON: (I have to give a fair review, so there will be some cons.) If you have soft hands, you may need some lifting gloves at first. The grated/gripping portion on the barbell can be a little harsh on your hands when you’re new to it. But you get used to it after a while. Another con would be that the bar is big, and it doesn’t fold up, so you’ll need somewhere to store it — without weight plates it’s not bad, but still, if you live in a small space, plan for a place for the bar to reside. The size of the bar is also a benefit though, because a big weighted bar is totally effective.

Les Mills weight plates by A Lady Goes West

What is special about the Les Mills Smartstep?

The worst part about most fitness steps is that the risers underneath are not really attached. This can be totally dangerous during a workout, if you don’t get those steps in the right place. Also, you have to handle risers and a step when moving and storing.

Les Mills has fixed that with the Smartstep, because the risers actually attach to the bench. They have a really cool pop-in feature that is easy to get on and off. You can use the bench on its own, or you can use it with one or two risers underneath. The bench has a slightly oval shape, which gives you space for your feet on each side. It works so great.

There is one bench and two risers for each side, so four risers total, and this is all sold as one bench system. Also, the bench has a non-slip rubber upper surface that absorbs impact, which is kind on your joints during tough workouts on and off of it.

Les Mills Smartstep by A Lady Goes West

You could use this step for Les Mills BODYSTEP, Les Mills BODYPUMP and even Les Mills GRIT Cardio and Les Mills GRIT Athletic from Les Mills+.

Side note: I was dying to get my hands on a Les Mills Smartstep last year during the lockdown, and unfortunately, as many of you remember, gym equipment was out of stock and manufacturing was delayed, even though I tried. I am so happy to have this step now, because I plan to add Les Mills BODYSTEP into my life.

If I had stayed in California and continued working where I worked (in case you don’t know, I relocated with my family from the San Francisco Bay Area to Charlotte, North Carolina at the beginning of 2021), I think I would have taken on BODYSTEP as another program as an instructor. Even though “step aerobics” isn’t as cool as it used to be, it’s still just as fun and even more effective than you may even know. Les Mills does it right with Les Mills BODYSTEP too. I’m a huge fan. I see step coming back in a big way one day. And I want to be part of that trend!

CON: Once again, you’ll need a place to store the step. It’s pretty heavy with the risers connected, so it’s a sturdy piece of equipment. This could either be a pro or a con, depending on your thoughts.

What is special about the Les Mills Smartband?

The problem with most resistance bands is that they roll up or roll away from where you want them, because they are rounded or thin and cheap. Les Mills has fixed that by designing a thick, flat band that also has grip handles. It’s the best. You can make the resistance more or less, depending on how much slack you give it, if you place it under your feet or in your hands, etc..

If you do Les Mills CORE, you really should get this band, because it works especially well for putting it under your feet and doing rotation movements.

Smartband by A Lady Goes West

You can get a regular Smartband or the Smartband Extreme. I haven’t tried the Extreme one, but it’s just a bit more tough and has extra resistance. The regular Smartband has low-t0-medium resistance for beginners to intermediate exercisers.

Also, you can do so many workouts using a resistance band like this. I used to take my band when traveling if I thought I wanted to fit in a good workout. Highly recommend it for that.

You can use the band for Les Mills CORE, Les Mills Tone and Les Mills Stretch workouts on Les Mills+.

Les Mills Smartband by A Lady Goes West

CON: It’s hard to find a con with the Smartband. It’s a little long, but you can always wrap it around a couple times your grip to make the length work for you. And if the resistance isn’t right for you in one of the versions, you can try the other.

How much does the the Les Mills Smart Tech equipment cost?

Let’s be honest, this equipment isn’t cheap. But you’re paying for quality. You can also choose a payment play, which is super cool, so you don’t have to pay for it all at once and can do four payments through Klarna. And I have a discount code below too, so look out for that. Who doesn’t want to save a little on your equipment purchases?

Current pricing

Here are the current prices at the time of writing this post:

  • The Smartband: $39
  • The Smartbar itself: $239
  • The Smartbar with weight plates: $429
  • The Smartstep: $179
  • The BODYPUMP bundle with the bar/step/plates and a 6-month Les Mills+ subscription: $569

If you divide the price by the months of the year and think of how much you’ll save from a gym membership or studio classes, I think you’ll see it’s totally a worthy investment. Everyone I know that has a Smartbar system is so happy they have it.

I’m not someone who likes to overspend, but I’m also someone who is willing to spend when the item is beneficial for me — especially my health and wellness. I’m lucky that I’ve had my Les Mills Smart Tech equipment provided to me, that’s for sure. But I’d buy it for myself in a second.

Review of Les Mills Smart Tech equipment by A Lady Goes West

What are some benefits of buying the Les Mills Smart Tech equipment?

  • Multi-purpose. It’s pretty much everything you need for your home gym setup, outside of maybe a foam roller. This will be all you need, because you can use the equipment for cardio, strength training and even flexibility (all of which you can find on the Les Mills+ streaming service).
  • Durable and high-quality. It lasts and lasts. I ordered some dumbbells off Amazon once, and they stunk, and they immediately started to degrade. You will NOT have those problems with this equipment. It’s the good stuff. I’ve had my first generation Smartbar for years, and it looks great and works perfectly.
  • Warranty protected. Also, the Smartbar has a 3-year warranty, which is super generous. But I’ve had my first generation bar for about six years, and it has never had an issue, so you likely won’t even need the warranty. And, if you change your mind quickly, you can return the unopened packages within 14 days.
  • Payment plan. You don’t have to pay for it all at once! You can use Klarna to pay for your equipment in installments, which is awesome. Because yes, this equipment is an investment. I totally get that, but it always pays to invest in yourself.
  • Creating an effective home gym at home. The biggest reason I think Les Mills Smart Tech equipment is a good investment is because this stuff lasts, and it will outfit your home gym for many years to come. You can do so many various workouts with all of the equipment. And if you’re someone who isn’t going back to the gym (or never has gone to the gym), this bundle of equipment is certainly less than the monthly fee for a gym membership.
  • Resistance training makes the greatest change. I think everyone should lift weights. And the Les Mills Smartbar system sure makes it easy to do that at home, especially when paired with Les Mills+.

Les Mills band by A Lady Goes West

Quick tips on using your Les Mills Smart Tech equipment and Les Mills Smartbar

While this post is not about how to use the Les Mills Smart Tech equipment, I would recommend making a dedicated workout space in your home, if at all possible, for the best user experience. You will need to clear the floor of furniture and tripping hazards for safety, and it’s best to do your workouts in spaces that have ceilings nine feet or higher (especially if you plan to jump and raise the bar overhead). Try to use the largest viewing device you have available, if you’re watching follow-along workouts (like Les Mills+) as well. Be safe, and have fun!

Special discount on Les Mills Smart Tech equipment

If you’d like to save a little on your Les Mills Smart Tech equipment and Les Mills Smartbar, use THIS LINK to and enter the code ASHLEY10 for 10 percent off anything on the site.

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Thank you for reading my review of Les Mills Smart Tech equipment and Les Mills Smartbar.

While I know that there are a lot of ways you can choose to move, I always stand behind Les Mills workouts, and I also stand behind Les Mills equipment. If you’re interested, I would truly appreciate you using my links and taking the jump to enjoy this stuff, just as much as I do.

Have a wonderful day. Stay moving, friends!

Questions of the day …

What’s your favorite way to work out at home?

What’s the one piece of fitness equipment you can’t live without?

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  1. Awesome review Ashley! I love Les Mills and wish we had more by us! The smart equipment is fantastic to use and so user friendly. I’m so glad you were able to upgrade your equipment, enjoy!

    1. Hi Jenna! I know, there doesn’t seem to be as much Les Mills gyms around the Charlotte area, as I had in the San Francisco Bay Area, dang! But yes, I can get my Les Mills fix at home with the equipment and Les Mills+. Such a great home-workout combination. Thanks for stopping by to read and say hello, lady! Have a great day!

  2. Hi, I just purchased my barbell and had a question for you! Does your barbell clips spin independently of the bar itself? I don’t know if mine is defective and wanted a second informed opinion! TIA

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