Review of the Peloton app after my first 100 workouts

Let’s do a review of the Peloton app. And quick point of reference: You don’t need the Peloton equipment in order to use the app.

We’ve had the Peloton bike for three months, and I’ve had the Peloton app for a little longer than that. At the time of writing this post, I’ve done 101 workouts from various programs on the Peloton app, including rides on the bike. (Edited to add: Several months after writing this initial post about Peloton, I wrote this follow-up post about the best Peloton instructors, so check that out next.)

Before we get going, I need to start this entire post out by saying that my heart is absolutely with Les Mills group fitness programs and with the Les Mills On Demand app and platform for streaming workouts. I highly recommend Les Mills On Demand, and you can read more about it here and get a free trial. But I also see the benefits of the Peloton app, certainly during times like these when many of our studios and gyms are closed, and you want to get your workout in on your own.

And here’s an ever bigger point: I never expected to like a fitness app as much as I’ve liked the Peloton app, nor did I expect to like the workouts as much as I have. We’ll get into all of that, but first …

My current workout breakdown on the Peloton app 

Total workouts completed: 101

  • Cycling: 39
  • Strength: 26
  • Stretching: 26
  • Yoga: 8
  • Meditation: 2

I haven’t done the running, walking, cardio or bootcamp workouts, so I’m not going to review those.

Peloton app workout count by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

I usually do two-to-three cycling workouts a week, one yoga workout and one strength workout using the Peloton app, so that’s what we’ll talk about today.

My other workouts during the week are via the Les Mills On Demand app or on my own or when I teach virtual classes, which are usually barre-style classes.

Review of the Peloton app after my first 100 workouts

Review of the Peloton app after my first 100 workouts by A Lady Goes West

I’ve truly enjoyed having the Peloton bike and the app to freshen up my workout routine during quarantine, because I was all “group fitness” all the time before this stay-at-home-order went down. And Peloton workouts are much more about you as an individual, than about about doing what the group is doing. There’s one instructor on the screen, and you are at home (or wherever you work out), on your own too.

As a reminder, you do NOT need to have any Peloton equipment, like the bike or treadmill, in order to use the app. You can do all of the workouts from your phone, laptop or television.

However, we do have the Peloton bike, and it’s totally awesome. I may review that in a separate post, but it’s an incredible piece of equipment to have in a small space at home and get in a great workout, because there’s a big flatscreen attached to the bike for you to watch the class, and there are a lot of metrics to use to see how you’re doing during the ride. I actually didn’t love cycling before we got the bike, and now I truly look forward to my rides as a great way to get in cardio without any impact or jumping. 

Also, by the way, when I signed up for the app there was a 90-day free trial, but now it’s a 30-day free trial. Then, it’s about $13 a month moving forward to use the app if you don’t have any of the equipment, called a digital membership.

Overview of the Peloton company and app

The Peloton company has been around since 2012. They are headquartered in New York City, and they have physical studios in New York City and London, where you can normally drop in for a live class, and where they film all the on-demand-style classes for the platform.

Peloton has become incredibly popular quite quickly, especially since people have been working out at home for the last for months during the COVID-19 quarantine. One of the things that really drives the popularity of Peloton is the instructors, who have basically become fitness celebrities, with huge followings on social media. And right now, there’s a waiting list of several weeks if you want to get your hands on the Peloton bike or treadmill. It took about a month for us to get our bike, and it’s longer now.

Now, back to the app …

The Peloton app offers workouts ranging from about five minutes to more than an hour in length. I would say the most popular workouts are 30-minutes long, and that’s my favorite workout duration as well.

And these workouts are for all levels of fitness. You can find running, cycling, strength, yoga, meditation, cardio and bootcamp workouts.

Peloton app menu by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

When you hit play on a workout, you watch the instructor demonstrate the moves and coach you through with words, as you follow along at home doing the moves on your own. They play great (and popular) music in the background. On the screen, you can see the countdown of how much time you have left in your workout, as well.

The app itself has a calendar, schedule and tracking system so you can keep track of your performance in metrics-based workouts (like cycling), and you can keep track of how many workouts you do throughout the month. I happen to love the tracking system, which is superior to any that I’ve seen in other workout apps.

Peloton app workout tracker by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

The app has so much diversity that you could definitely get all of your workouts in one place. There are workouts from beginner to advanced, and they even offer training programs you can follow.

You can also review the music that will be played in each class before you choose it too, which I’ve never seen offered on a fitness app before.

And, there’s a big community feel, and instructors call out “milestones” for birthdays, first workouts, and 50, 100 or even 1,000 or more workouts for participants using someone’s “leaderboard” name. This is where the cult following comes in, and people are VERY much on the Peloton bandwagon. Pretty cool.

Features of the Peloton app

There is a huge variety of workout classes to choose from, including the following formats:

  • Strength (with bodyweight or with dumbbells, split into upper-body, lower-body, core or full-body)
  • Cycling (power rides, low-impact rides, music-based rides, HIIT, intervals with arms and more)
  • Yoga (slow flow, power flow, restorative and more)
  • Running 
  • Meditation
  • Stretching
  • Walking
  • Bootcamp
  • Cardio

There is also a variety of workout programs to follow over the course of two to four weeks, including the following:

  • Total strength
  • Crush your core
  • The power of sleep 
  • Outdoor running
  • Power zone cycling
  • Bootcamp explorer
  • Yoga for beginners
  • Road to 5K
  • Road to 26.2
  • Tabata rides
  • Master the basics of cycling

I haven’t tried any of the programs, but I love that they are offered as a way for you to know how to progress.

Benefits of the Peloton app

There are a lot of benefits. I love how searchable it is, I love the workouts, and I love the variety of workouts to choose from. Almost everything I’ve tried has been excellent.

Here are a few stand-out benefits:

  • STREAM QUALITY: You can stream the classes on your smart internet-connected TV for a big viewing device. You can also watch on your phone or computer.
  • INSTRUCTORS: The instructors are all different, and they all have big personalities.
  • STRENGTH CLASSES: The strength classes can be searched by lower-body, upper-body, core or full-body, and you can do bodyweight only or with dumbbells. I like that you don’t need much equipment, and all strength workouts are under 30 minutes, so they are very efficient. Other than cycling, the strength workouts are my favorite to do.
  • TRACKING: The app keeps track of your workouts, so you can always see what you’ve done. I love the tracking functionality.
  • SHARING: You can share your activity easily with others to get others to join in your workouts.
  • MUSIC: You can see the playlist of the class before beginning it. And all the classes have popular music that you’d hear on the radio.
  • QUANTITY: There are thousands of workouts to choose from. (I don’t know the exact amount, but it’s a lot.)
  • LIVE/ON DEMAND: You can join in live workouts or catch the workouts later on demand. I’ve only done one live cycling workout with a friend, and it was so cool to know we were all doing it together. I plan to do more live classes in the future.
  • PROGRAMS: There are workout programs you can follow telling you which class to choose to build on your fitness and skills.
  • COMMUNITY: You can follow friends and see their activities.
  • SYNCING: Your workouts sync with the Activity app and the Apple watch automatically.
  • MILESTONES: The community and milestone process is awesome. If you jump into a live class, there’s a chance your personal milestone may be called out by the instructor.
  • EQUIPMENT: There are plenty of workouts that require absolutely no equipment, like yoga and the bodyweight workouts.
  • PRICE: For only $13 a month for the digital membership, you have access to an amazing amount of content.

The Peloton app by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

Cons of the Peloton app

I actually had a tough time coming up with cons, and that says a lot. But here are some downsides of the Peloton app:

  • It can be overwhelming to know where to start, because there is so much content. I’d recommend trying out the beginner workouts for each format, or of course, following a program.
  • The workouts only have very brief warm-ups and cool-downs, and you are encouraged to do a separate stretch or cool-down program (many of which are easily offered up). While this isn’t really a con, it does put the responsibility on the user to get that extra stretching or cooling down done. I usually do the extra stretches after rides, but not always. The instructors do a good job of suggesting that you do an extra stretch, but I’d like to see longer cool-downs or stretches in the rides and classes anyhow.
  • I asked Dave to come up with cons, and here are his:
    • You can’t search classes by the actual artist of music. Although you can search by genre, it would be nice to find artists. However, I will say that at times classes are designed with songs from one artist, but that doesn’t happen all the time.
    • You can’t see your PR “personal record” for each different type of ride in an easy way. Better tracking of cumulative stats would be nice.

As you can see, there aren’t a ton of cons. Basically, it’s very user friendly, diverse and there’s something for everyone. So if you don’t like one program, find another.

Review of Peloton app by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

My favorite Peloton instructors

One of the biggest benefits of the app is the instructors. They are all very different, and they all have something to offer. I’m so impressed with them!

You can search by instructor on the Peloton app, and I find myself searching by instructor quite often, especially for cycling.

Even though I’ve done 100 workouts, there are still more instructors I need to try out.

Here are my current faves, and I know this will change as I use the app for longer.

  • Cycling: Cody Rigsby, Leanne Hainsby, Ally Love, Alex Toussaint and Robin Arzon
  • Strength: Jess Sims, Matty Maggiacomo and Andy Speer
  • Yoga: Dennis Morton, Kristin McGee and Anna Greenberg

Edited to add: A few months after this initial review post, I also wrote this one “The best instructors on the Peloton app.”

Overall review of the Peloton app

I have to admit, I’m very critical of workout programs and fitness apps and I try out a lot, but I rarely like any, other than my beloved Les Mills.

Yet, the Peloton app is the first one that has kept me interested, engaged and excited about my workouts. There’s really something for everyone, and I highly recommend it! They are adding brand new classes every single day, so you’ll never run out of new ones to try.

Using the Peloton app by A Lady Goes West - July 2020

Thanks for reading my review of the Peloton app. I’d love to see you over on Instagram, where I often share the workouts I’m doing, friends! xoxo

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Have you ever tried the Peloton app?

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What’s your favorite workout right now?

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  1. I just finished my 30 day free trial of the peloton app. I’ve likewise been super surprised by how much. I enjoy it! We don’t have the peloton equipment, but we just snagged a treadmill on Facebook marketplace. The first 3 weeks I Fed only had a mat and dumbbells, but still loved the app. I tried my first boot camp class over the weekend (since they require a treadmill). It was fun, but creating my own circuits with the cardio, strength and stretching workouts has been more fun than I expected.

    I thought it might be too much work and unmotivating to piece together a cardio and strength workout. But it turns out I love being able to choose which part of my body to workout and the corresponding playlist! We got a rower during quarantine so now my main hope is the rumors of a future peloton rower are true.

    1. Hi Brittany! I LOVE to hear this. Way to get it done. And that’s so cool you have a treadmill now. I’d definitely be interested in doing the bootcamp workouts if I had a treadmill as well. And a Peloton rower? Now THAT would be a full-body workout. Thanks for sharing your experience and saying hi, friend! 🙂

  2. Hi! I was always a gym person and I never could have imagined jumping on the Peloton bandwagon but when COVID broke out and I saw they were doing a free 90 day trial I thought why not?! Turns out it was the best decision ever!!!! I LOVE THE PELOTON APP!!!! I bought a bike on QVC and have been using that and using (get this!) seltzer bottles for weights and my yoga mat and I have seen better results now then when I was working out in the gym. I feel more confident and stronger and happier! I look forward every day to my workouts with my Peloton friends! When my trial was up, it wasn’t even a doubt in my mind to NOT sign up for the digital membership. There are so many great things about Peloton and I’m proud to be a part of the Peloton crew! The workouts are great; the instructors are wonderful and I can’t help but smile ear to ear after my workouts are done. I love that there is a great variety of workouts and I actually find that with the app, I have been actually doing core workouts or stretching because it’s right there and I can quickly get in a ten minute core workout (Emma Lovewell has a fabulous selection) or a quick five to ten minute stretch. Keep up the great work!! 🙂 Maybe I’ll catch you in a class!!

    1. Hi Devon! Wow! I LOVE to hear this from you. How amazing that you’ve not only found a good routine, but perhaps a better one for you than what you had at the gym. I would say this is money well spent, to stay moving, stay engaged. Thanks SO much for sharing and saying hi! 🙂

  3. I found your blog during quarantine when I was picking up Les Mills workouts and thank you for the free trial code on that! I love those, but Peloton offers a TON of benefits that go well with the Les Mills workouts! I also think that LM could learn a thing or two from Peloton- for instance it drives me nuts you can’t see what LM workouts you’ve done previously, or when!

    I’m not sure if you’re much of a runner but the outdoor running Peloton workouts are incredible. I have had a hot and cold relationship with running but they are so fun, you have the instructor in your ear, and I always end up pushing myself way harder than I would have normally out for a run by myself. I’ve done the interval ones and the power walks as well. And some of the cycling instructors also do the runs! Highly recommend!

    1. Hi Kaitlin! Thanks for saying hello and for reading. I’m so glad you’re a Les Mills fan — the two apps are very different — and both clearly have their benefits (and I’d love to see Les Mills On Demand add more tracking — hopefully they are working on that!). I’m not much of a runner, but I’d love to check out one of those outdoor run sessions and may have to do that soon — so thanks for the tip!! 🙂

  4. Excellent review, Ashley! I LOVE the app as well and actually canceled my gym membership in favor of the app. I’m not a runner but bought a treadmill right for my home setup before COVID-19 to do powerwalk and hiking classes, which I love, and have actually gotten into running. The walk+run classes are fab. Chase Tucker, Matt Wilpers, Adrian Williams, and Selena Samuela are my faves for tread classes.

    1. I think doing a walk/run class sounds AWESOME, that’s basically what you do in Orangetheory heehe. And how cool that you’ve got the treadmill. Thanks for saying hi, Diane! 🙂 xoxo

    1. Jessica! I haven’t done any of the cardio classes, but I really should branch out and try them! 🙂 I love that you’re a fan of Peloton and Les Mills now!

  5. If you love the interval & arms classes, try out Emma Lovewell’s! Hers have the best ratio (in my opinion) of interval sections to arm sections – I like a lot of arm sections, and she has great music.

    1. Hi Rachel, Dave really enjoys Emma Lovewell’s rides. I’ve done one, and wasn’t in love with her as much as my other faves hehehe, but I should give her another try — I’m always down for smart ratios. Thank you!! 🙂

  6. I am in the process of setting up home gym. I love doing Les Mills BodyPump. But I only want to subscribe to one app. Does Peloton have a class that is similar to BodyPump.

    1. Hi Lewis! I’m actually planning a whole post comparing Les Mills On Demand and Peloton. Unfortunately, nothing comes close to BODYPUMP on the Peloton app — they don’t have barbell workouts. The strength workouts can be good, but they are not as good as PUMP.

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