Rooftop yoga, a breakdance show in the City and my weekly workouts

How about that headline? This weekend was a good one, with a strange mix of activities, that’s for sure. Let’s talk about the happenings, and then I’ll share my latest workout recap.

Sky Deck Yoga overlooking the City

Friday night was uneventful and included a grilled meal at home and an episode of House of Cards with Dave and Rudy, so we’ll move right to the next.

Saturday morning, I headed into the City on a cold and foggy day for a media preview of Sky Deck Yoga held at the Loews Regency San Francisco in the Financial District. Starting June 4, Sky Deck Yoga is open to the public for $30 a class, and it’s quite the experience for visitors and locals alike. Wheel House (a local San Francisco studio) puts on the 75-minute flow class, and it’s done out on a terrace of the hotel, giving you views of the San Francisco Bay, Coit Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge and more. I was there with a small group of media and we were taken up four at a time to the 40th floor to see just a few mats ready and waiting for our intimate yoga session. (Yes, your ears pop on the way up. It’s high!)

Sky Deck Yoga in San Francisco at the Loews Hotel by A Lady Goes West

Sky Deck Yoga at the Loews Regency in San Francisco

And let me tell you, it was a beautiful scene for a class. Although it was pretty chilly, our instructor talked us through some core activations and special breathing patterns to warm our bodies from the inside out, so it was still quite pleasant in spite of the wind and temperatures. The class moved at a moderate pace and had a gentle flow, which was totally complementary to the awesome and serene setting. I really enjoyed it. After it was over, we had some tasty green juice and went on our way. Talk about a great way to start the day!

Juice after Sky Deck Yoga in San Francisco

Sky Deck Yoga media preview

In the afternoon on Saturday, after I got back home, I listened to a podcast and cleaned out my closet and drawers — which was much needed. Things were busting at the seams, and I’ve got it all in much better order now. Sometimes you just need to organize, right? Now, I’m sending a big bag to ThredUp (referral link), to get some cash for things that are still in great condition. And I also set aside two bags to drop off at a local homeless shelter soon. Boy, it feels good to purge!

Flying Bach Dance Show in Nob Hill

On Saturday evening, I made my second trip into the City for the day. We made a last-minute decision to head in for a show that Dave got tickets to from his work — the “Flying Bach” performance by Redbull. We took the BART and stopped for a quick dinner at the bar at E+O Asian Kitchen in the Union Square, before walking up the hill to The Masonic, a big concert hall that I had never been to before. It was cool to pass by our old apartment on the walk up the hill, and it made me miss those City-living days! But I digress, because the show we saw was UNBELIEVABLE — (all caps on purpose).

Ashley in San Francisco Nob Hill

Apps at E+O Asian Kitchen in San Francisco

We didn’t really know what to expect other than we’d be seeing a breakdancing performance set to classical music by Johann Sebastian Bach. And yes, it was that, but it was also beyond cool. There was one woman in the show who was the most incredible ballerina. There was a live pianist and harpsichordist (with some extra electronic beats), and then there was a group of half-a-dozen guys who did the breakdancing. They were absolutely amazingly awesome, times ten. It was mesmerizing. They could spin on their heads for like more than a minute, then jump up into some other crazy pose.

Flying Bach in SF

The coolest part was how the moves fit with the tunes. The music was classical with some hip-hop beats, and the dancers bodies acted like instruments. They did a ton of acrobatics and partner stunts and seemed to stay moving the entire hour of the production. People in the audience were so enthralled, I don’t think I saw a soul get up until it was over. So good! So good! Apparently this show tours the world, and the dancing group involved is called the “Flying Steps,” and they are four-time world champions of breakdancing. True talent! While the show was only a little over an hour, I could have watched it all night. It was the most unique production of music and moves and came together in one fabulous package. I loved it, and so did Dave.

After the show, we may or may not have ended up at The Cheesecake Factory, and we may or may not have had a slice of Reese’s cheesecake before hopping back on the BART to return to Walnut Creek. What can I say, old habits die hard. I guess I’ll never grow out of my cheesecake phase. Good times!

On Sunday, I went to the gym, Dave played in a soccer game, we did some chores around the house and finished off the weekend by going over to a friends’ place for dinner to watch the Warriors game with our usual big group. Go Dubs! Now, let’s move on to fitness …

My weekly workout recap

And now for a look at all of the workouts I fit in last week …

Weekly workouts via A Lady Goes West(Photo credit to Leah Bentley Photography, 2015.)

Weekly Workouts 

  • Monday: Took a one-hour flow yoga class
  • Tuesday: Taught a one-hour BODYPUMP class
  • Wednesday: Taught a one-hour BODYATTACK class
  • Thursday: Did 30 minutes of weights
  • Friday: Took a 45-minute FlyBarre class
  • Saturday: Took a one-hour flow yoga class
  • Sunday: Did 1 hour of weights with a personal trainer

How did this past week of workouts go?

This past week was full of movement. While I didn’t take an actual “rest” day like I always do, some of the days were super light, with some flow yoga or a short barre session (want to know more about what the barre class I take is like? Check out this review on FlyBarre). I lifted weights three times and did some cardio, so overall it was a balanced one. I’ll definitely have one (or even two) full rest days this upcoming week to make up for it.

Have an awesome start to your week, my friends!

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P.S. Thanks to Meghan for today’s “Week in Review” link-up.

Questions of the day

How was your weekend?

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever done a workout? 

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  1. Rooftop yoga sounds awesome! I have always wanted to just even take a yoga session outside. It rained ALL weekend here so it was a pretty lazy one, but much needed. Hopefully the sun will be shining on all of us very soon. I am so ready for summer weather!

    1. Oh man, rain all weekend? That’s too bad, Patricia. But lay doesn’t sound awful. πŸ™‚ Here’s to a great week for you!

  2. What a fun place to workout! I feel like the wind could be a bit much that high up. Our weekend was great over here. It rained the entire time, sadly, but we got out and did errands and just caught up with family and friends!

    1. Loving your pics of the little one, Heather!! Hope all is well as a Momma!! πŸ™‚ And that’s great you were able to catch up with family and friends.

  3. Sounds like a crazy fun weekend! And now I’m looking up tickets to that Red Bull show – that sounds like such a fun evening. πŸ™‚

    Rooftop yoga sounds so serene – perfect for the Summer. While we’re still having our hour-long Springtime rains in the afternoon, the Summer sun is definitely coming around here in Denver, making it super toasty with light breezes. We went on an awesome hike and it felt great to be back in the season – so much so that I already planned my Summer giveaway for the blog today. Hey, Memorial Day weekend counts as the unofficial start of Summer, right?

    So glad you had such a fun weekend!
    XO, Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica! I believe it IS the kick-off to summer this weekend, so you’re basically on time with it hehehe. Woohoo! How nice you went on a hike this weekend. I need a hike in my life soon. Happy Monday, gal!

  4. I did a rooftop yoga class last summer and it was perfection (also because the weather cooperated, haha). That is a rarity here! I have heard the most incredible things about Flying Bach–I would love to get the chance to see it! Have a great week, Ashley!

  5. Rooftop yoga definitely sounds cool. My boot camp works out on the boardwalk at the beach, which is my coolest workout place.
    I’ll have to keep my eye out for that show too. It sounds so cool!

    1. Bootcamp on the boardwalk at the beach? Now THAT’s an awesome spot for working out too! Love it! Thanks for saying hi, TriGirl. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  6. This sounds like such an awesome weekend!

    I loved reading you write about the dance show, I can tell how much you really loved it! Breakdancing is so hard, I can’t even do a six-step (Youtube it and try!)

    This past weekend I actually spent some time in NYC and saw the musical Finding Neverland, so I had a great weekend filled with entertainment too!

    Afloat On A Full Sea

    1. Hi Danielle! So you got to see a performance this weekend too. Nice! I will have to YouTube the move hahahha … I’m not sure I could do a SINLGE move that the breakdancers did. But would be fun to try. Have a great day!

  7. You know I love the outdoor yoga, especially being on a sky deck. Once the weather picks up here, they’ll start yoga in the park again, which overlooks the lake. I’m looking forward to taking one of those classes soon.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  8. I really love SF for everything it has to offer! I saw the break dance ads but didn’t think much of it so we didn’t go, now I wish we had gone!
    Have you tried yoga in Grace Cathedral? That’s pretty awesome too πŸ™‚

  9. The walking in San Fran is a workout, in and of itself! πŸ™‚ And that rooftop yoga looks beautiful! :))) I think my favorite unique workouts I’ve done have been runs in other cities, like the one time we were in Austria.

  10. That yoga view is fantastic. What a cool experience to do in SF. Have you sent clothes to Thread Up before? I sent a bag in and only got $7 credit. I was quite shocked. I heard similar stories afterward too.

    1. Hi Kate! I’ve had success with ThredUp before– but no, they definitely don’t give you very much per piece– but it’s better than nothing. Right?

  11. Wow, rooftop yoga would be awesome! I was at the beach on Saturday with my dog, it was a nice and relaxing weekend πŸ™‚

      1. She was scared of the water when she was a puppy, but now that she is a little older she swims πŸ™‚ Baths are still a struggle haha, though still not as bad as when she was a baby!

  12. Oooh you got to do two of my favorite things: outdoor yoga and eating cheesecake! πŸ™‚ It sounds like you had a great weekend!

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