Search terms that have led people to my blog

There are many ways in which readers come across blogs. While sometimes you find a blog through social media or through knowing the person in real life, other times you find a blog because that particular blogger just happened to write about what you were searching for and needed to find out.

I have a handy Google Analytics tool on my site, which allows me to see the Google search terms and links that are popular and drive people to click through to my posts. While this data is good for helping me to figure out what posts are performing well, it’s also good for providing entertainment. Not a day goes by that I am not interested in some of the terms that people are typing into Google and ending up right here. That’s why, today, I’d like to share some of the more bizarre or rare ways in which readers from all over the world have stumbled upon A Lady Goes West.

Search terms that have led people to my blog via A Lady Goes West

Here’s just a taste of the good ones …

  • “Running the Golden Gate Bridge”I’ve done that before, and it was crowded. 
  • “Living social lady” I guess you could call me that. Why not.
  • “Make money with your clothes”I’m thrifty, but this isn’t something I regularly do. Anyone want to buy my old workout wear?
  • “Yoga sculpt calories”Yes, I like calories, and I also like yoga sculpt at CorePower. I think it burns a lot of them, but I don’t know how much.
  • “Cleaokai therese shift dress”I have no idea who this designer is.
  • “Les Mills RPM choreography tips”I do not teach or take this class, but I do know how to learn Les Mills choreography. Thanks for asking.
  • “Happy Friday massage”I don’t think that is appropriate.
  • “Nudity at 2014 SF Pride”I saw plenty of that during the parade. Sure did.
  • “Banana Republic little black sweatshirt” — Yes, I have one of those.
  • “White pantyhouse”I think they meant to ask about pantyhose, but embarrassingly enough, I own some of these and wore them to Bay to Breakers one year.
  • “Coach purse with fish and seaweed on front of it”Zero clue, but it sounds cute.
  • “If all your meals were turned into chewing gum meals – would you enjoy it or not?”Ahh, yes, one of my chewing gum posts. But really, why would you want to only have chewing gum as food? No thanks.
  • “Aladdin Cafe to-go water bottle”Nope. Love the songs from the movie though.
  • “What to bring camping that starts with an O”Why would someone care to ask this? Ha, but yes, I do have a camping list.
  • “How long to cook veggetti noodles”Not long. I constantly overdid mine.
  • “Greek yogurt bark”That was a fun experiment.
  • “Orangetheory Fitness good if you have bad knees”Yes you can. Power walk it out, or hop on the strider or bike. Not a problem.
  • “Bachelorette party in Key West”A great time was had by all.
  • “Susan Renata BODYPUMP”I love her and am happy to call her a friend, whom I had the pleasure of spending time with when she lived in San Francisco. I also took over her BODYPUMP class after she moved back to New Zealand. She’s good people, and she used to be a major driver of traffic to my blog when I first started out.

So there you have it … some interesting phrases that have led people right here.

The funny thing is, I’ve found myself typing in really specific and strange questions into Google as well, so I totally get it that people would have a need for some obscure information. But I’m guessing I had a lot of unhappy customers when they ended up at this blog for many of these. I mean, pantyhouse?

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Questions of the day

What was your last Google search?

How did you find my blog?

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  1. I was searching for Body Pump info when I went to my first class as I was scared – your reviews and hints totally reassured me!

  2. Haha!! I like the living social lady one, that should be your new caption (jk) I haven’t looked at my search terms in awhile…I’m sure there are some good ones in there lol!

  3. Love that you wrote a post about this. I often see weird search terms and tweet them out. My favourite term that lead someone to my blog was “old man eating spaghetti painting”. ????

  4. Haha!! Such good entertainment! This just inspired me to check mine:

    “wearing tight yoga pants to work pics 2015” – inspired by my post on Beta Brand Yoga Pant Dress pants…not sure that’s what I was going for?
    “Toluene is a very toxic make your hands pruny” – not sure on this one, but I do use nail polish that is toulene free!
    “i too deserve a break” – yes, you do!!

    Haha, thanks for the inspo!

  5. Talk about entertaining! Haha – some of those – wow! I have been a long time lover of you blog! I think I originally found it by searching for something about BODYPUMP. I got to take the 7:15am BODYPUMP class with Susan in Chicago! She was great! Of course I’ve seen her on the dvd’s too, but it was much cooler in person. I think I watched one release where she was pregnant?? She was also the emcee at The One performance Friday night.

    1. Hi Melissa! Yes, Susan was on a BODYPUMP release while pregnant. And she is even cooler in person than on the videos for sure! πŸ™‚ So jealous you were in Chicago for the big event!

      1. Well, you were in Hawaii…with your husband…so I’m a little jealous of that πŸ˜‰ My husband is currently gone and I won’t see him until mid-October πŸ™

  6. Haha white pantyhouse… that is incredible. I haven’t seen what search terms lead people to my blog… maybe I don’t want to know ! And I found your blog through a comment you posted on someone elses and I’m so happy I did!! Hope you’re having an amazing time on vacation!!

  7. Wow, now that you mention it, I have no idea how I found your blog. I think it might have been what I call a ‘blog bunny trail.’ I probably saw you comment on one blog, and I thought your blog looked interesting, so I followed the trail! I’m glad I did, because your blog is one of my favorites.

  8. Loving all your Instagrams from Hawaii! Looks like you are both having a great time :). I found your blog via another blog (Gina on Fitnessista). So glad you’re a part of my day!

    1. If you go to WordPress JETPACK – you can look at the search terms under STATS. You can also check under your Google Analytics! Go for it! πŸ™‚

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