Socializing, weather and the Warriors

These new kids in the City have been incredibly social lately:  I mean, out to dinner on a school night and up early for a Sunday brunch, kind of busy.

Last week, we met up with two different visitors from Dave’s hometown in Maine, who were both vacationing separately in San Francisco.  We’ve come to notice that when you move to a place like San Francisco, you get to enjoy the company of those visiting, even if you aren’t the primary reason for their visit.

We also got together for drinks with another couple, who moved to San Francisco from Orlando just two months before we did.  This meeting took place over artisanal cocktails at a bar in the Financial District called Rickhouse, which is a place that aims to share the storied past of good cocktails in San Francisco while offering guests a superior beverage with every visit.  The company was quite enjoyable, as this twosome is currently navigating life in the City, just like us.  And the cocktails were excellent, as they took the dapper bartenders nearly five minutes a piece to be crafted.

The socializing didn’t end there.

We also attended Dave’s department’s first social gathering on the weekend where spouses were invited.

What does all this have to do with the weather and the Warriors? 

The two Ws were big topics of conversation during all of our social encounters this week.

  • Weather: I was told before moving here that San Francisco is one of those rare cities where there are micro-climates within the City.  In one neighborhood it could be foggy and cold, while in another neighborhood just a mile away, it could be clear and moderate.  This is true.  The difference in temperature and weather is even more pronounced when you drive across the Bay.  On Saturday, Dave and I suited up in Golden State Warriors gear, including long pants and long-sleeves as was appropriate in the City, and ventured to the town of Orinda for a BBQ at Dave’s boss’s gorgeous home.  We stopped at a grocery store just before arriving and saw other people dressed entirely different than us in short-sleeves and spring-time clothes.  That’s because it was nearly 15 degrees warmer in Orinda than in the City, even though we were only 30 minutes away from our apartment.  How about that?  We’ve been told to layer our clothing no matter the season, and this was a prime example of why.  We are just finishing up a few days where the temperatures were pretty nice, but it looks to be back to cold and windy in the City just in time for my Mom’s visit tomorrow.
  • Warriors:  The Golden State Warriors have been known as an under-performing team in the NBA for quite some time.  Although I can attest to the fact that the fans are incredibly loyal and the games typically sell-out, the team itself has not had very many winning-record seasons of late.  Other than one appearance in the play-offs during the 2006-2007 season, the Golden State Warriors had only one other run in the play-offs in the past two decades.  That all changed this year, as the underdogs entered the Western Conference play-offs over the weekend against the Denver Nuggets.  As of today, the team is 1-1 in the series.  As a spouse of a proud Golden State Warrior corporate employee, I’m certainly a big fan of the team whether they win or lose.  This is our first season here out in the Golden State, so could we be considered a good luck charm for the team?  I guess we’ll see.

Armed with a layered outfit and an optimistic outlook, I look forward to more socializing and more winning games.

Go Warriors!

Cocktails at Rickhouse
Superior beverages served up right at Rickhouse.
Many options abound at Rickhouse.
A few of Dave’s friendly Warriors coworkers.
Brunch in North Beach
Dave’s old friend and prom date Meg, joins us for brunch in North Beach.
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