Super Bowl Sunday

When you live in the Pacific time zone, you watch the Super Bowl in the mid-afternoon rather than at night.  This works well for me, since I like to go to bed quite early — especially on Sunday nights.

The Super Bowl of 2013 was one that will go down in memory for this Lady.

Not only was this our first Super Bowl Sunday in San Francisco, but it was also our first time getting out into the City to experience a big sporting event (other than attending Warriors games in Oakland).  And, to top it off, the San Francisco 49ers were part of the big match-up.

Dave and I made plans to watch the first part of the game with another couple (who we met through a mutual friend from Florida!) at a popular bar and restaurant in the Marina neighborhood.  We weren’t sure what to expect, and although it was busy, it was just delightful.

I’ve been to crazy bars during sporting events and experienced a lot of pushing, shoving, sloppy drunks and an overall bad atmosphere that you have to endure just to be part of the action (i.e. any place during a college football or basketball game in Gainesville).  That was not the case at Perry’s on Super Bowl Sunday.

We arrived a couple hours before game time and the tables were already full and reserved, but there was a happy air in the place.  Once our friends arrived, we found out that they knew some of the people at a set of tables, so eventually we were all able to sit in prime real estate near the TVs before game time.

To top it off, this friendly group of people had made bright red and gold Perry’s shirts with “GO NINERS” on the back and gave them to us.  It was pretty loud and the bar continued to get busy as the afternoon went on, but it never got out of control.  Everyone was extremely nice, certainly happy to be spending a Sunday enjoying beverages and supporting the hometown team.

Before half-time Dave and I hopped in a cab and headed to our first adventure in the Castro neighborhood to attend a Super Bowl party hosted by my coworker from Les Mills West Coast.  She lived in an adorable little townhouse on an incline street, which is much more picturesque and typical of San Francisco neighborhoods than the high-rise we live in downtown.  The party was great, and for the first time in a long time, I heard my name screamed out as we walked in.  It was so comforting to walk into a room of people that I actually know.  Over the past three months of working at Les Mills West Coast, I’ve come to love the people and personalities.  The Super Bowl party gave them the opportunity to meet Dave, and see that the reason for my West Coast move was in fact a living, breathing, handsome husband, who was happy to spend more time getting to know my coworkers than actually watching the game once we arrived. Whoops!

Beyoncé performed amazingly during half-time, we hung out with two sets of great people, we experienced a house party and the bar atmosphere for a sporting event, and even though the 49ers didn’t win – it ended up being a great day for this twosome in “Everybody’s Favorite City”.

A loss for the team, but a win for the new kids in town.

Sporting free t-shirts with a smile.
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