Surprise visit and dinner at Kokkari

I never keep secrets from Dave, but for the past six weeks, I’ve kept a big one.

Last night, when Dave walked in the door from work, our best friends from Florida were hiding in the kitchen and jumped out to surprise him.

Grant, Bre and Dave met playing on a traveling soccer team several years ago, and Grant was Dave’s best man in our wedding. Grant and Bre live in Jacksonville, Florida and recently had twins. As young parents, they are incredibly busy. Sadly, we haven’t seen them in forever, and our last hangout wasn’t since May, when we visited Florida.

It was so fun seeing the look on Dave’s face. Complete and utter astonishment. Most of all, he couldn’t believe I kept something as big as this from him. (I’m so sneaky, I even had to change the date of the ballet we were supposed to be attending this Saturday, which had been one of the gifts he got me for Valentine’s Day.)

Once he got over the initial shock, we popped a bottle of champagne and went up to the rooftop of our building to show them a view of the City before sunset.

Grant, Bre and Dave

Pitts and Moois

I do love an occasion to bring out our Stolzle champagne flutes.

Stolzle champagne flutes

Dinner at Kokkari

After a photo-shoot, we went back to the apartment, got ready and went to dinner at Kokkari Estiatorio, a very popular Greek restaurant that I had made reservations at weeks ago.

Dave and I had wanted to go to Kokkari for quite some time, but were never able to snag a decent reservation on a weekend. Even though it’s not new, Kokkari is always slammed, which is a testament to the excellent food.

Our Kokkari experience got off to a good start when we were checking in and the hostess recognized me. She said she used to come to my Monday BODYPUMP classes (which I no longer teach as I switched to Tuesdays.) Grant and Bre were amused when I asked the girl for her name and I thought she said “Glauren” instead of “Lauren.”

As soon as we arrived, we went to the bar and waited just a bit for our table to be ready.

The restaurant is named after a small fishing village on an island in the Aegean Sea, and boy, it did live up to the hype. It is much larger than we expected, has white table-clothes and a great, yet small, bar area in the front.

Everything we ordered was mouth-wateringly delicious. The four of us had ouzo, two bottles of delicious Justin red wine, five small plates, a basket of bread and three desserts.

Group at Kokkari

Our meal included:

  • Dolmathes
  • Grilled calamari stuffed with feta
  • Horiatiki Greek salad
  • Pita with tzaziki
  • Soutzoukakia lamb meatballs
  • Baklava
  • Sokolatina flourless chocolate cake
  • Kokkari sundae

We decided to share a bunch of everything so we could try as much as possible. Here’s a look at some of the dishes …

Greek saladFeta-stuffed calamari

The signature Kokkari sundae was definitely the main event for me.


I’m a big Greek food fan and everything at Kokkari was authentic and fresh. The small plate portions were generally just a few bites per person, so if it hadn’t been for the salty white bread basket, we wouldn’t have gorged. But … when in Rome …

Our server was a little annoying, but overall, sitting across the table from Grant and Bre in our City and catching up on life was one of the best evenings I’ve had in forever. I think Dave would agree.

It’s cool to show people around our new home. In fact, we even introduced Grant and Bre to the Uber service as our means of transport, and they were very impressed that we could summons a black car by an iPhone.

They are staying with us in our tiny little apartment, and naturally, we have some serious adventures in store for the weekend.


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  1. That is so cool that the hostess recognized you! We just moved from Jacksonville, FL! I miss it. I love your blog, love reading about all your Les Mills writings!

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