Thankful for the small things

If you ever find yourself going through the motions of life each day, simply waiting for a big achievement or breakthrough event, you could be waiting for a while.

Sometimes you have to stop and take a moment to be thankful for the stuff that’s small.

Here’s a snapshot of the little things that make my day:

  • Seeing someone I know on the streets of San Francisco.  This has only happened to me a handful of times, and it is an amazing thing.  There are hundreds-of-thousands of people walking around every day.  On a busy street corner, you could be standing in the same crowd of walkers as a friend and not even realize it.  Last night I ran into one of my early morning BODYPUMP students nowhere near our gym, and she was in her regular work clothes.  She looked so nice.  We caught up for about five minutes and then went on our merry ways.  It was nothing, but it made me quite happy.
  • Getting free, unexpected healthy treats.  There are times when Dave gets samples of products at work.  Once he brought me home a KIND bar, and once he brought me home a set of four delicious Evolve protein shakes.  I can buy these items myself, and often do, but there’s an extra little boost I get when something unexpectedly appears in the kitchen.  A few weeks ago I got to try a new kind of protein rice krispy treat offered free to employees of my gym.  I wasn’t even hungry, and it wasn’t very tasty, but it sure was free.
  • Giving someone directions.  One day I woke up and realized I know my way around a few neighborhoods in the City.  Maybe once a week or so, someone stops me to ask for directions.  I must look knowledgeable (perhaps the backpack I’m always wearing makes me look like I mean business).  It could be as easy as saying “it’s just the next block up that way.”  But once complete, it always gives me a little pep-in-my-step.
  • Hearing a “thanks” for the workout.  I teach group fitness because I love group fitness, but some people don’t love working out as much as I do and need support.  I love the moments when my students come up to me after class to thank me for helping them get through it.  I’m there working hard with them because I want to, not because I’m trying to make a living doing it. The people I see in my classes every week start to get to know me, and I love it when they share their experiences with me openly.  I always leave the gym with a smile, and it’s not because I’m paid to be there.

These moments happen in an instant and could easily be forgotten in a day full of activity.  But in the grand scheme of living, every once in a while you should give a shout out to the stuff that seems so small.

Maybe it’s not free food or interactions on the streets of a big city, but what makes your day?

Evolve protein shakes
These four little shakes brought protein and happiness to my day.
Smiling with a lovely blog reader from Croatia who came to my class.

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