The 20 most popular posts of 2015

What’s something I’ve learned from blogging over the last couple of years? You can never quite tell what is going to resonate with readers and the greater Internet. When it comes to posts published here on A Lady Goes West, fitness topics are a clear winner. And some of my early posts about Les Mills group fitness classes continue to get the most traction around the World Wide Web and drive people to this little spot.

The most popular blog posts of 2015 on A Lady Goes West

In fact, half of my most clicked-on posts in 2015 were actually written in 2014 (the first year that A Lady Goes West began featuring regular weekday content about fitness). It’s always fun to see what’s hot, so I wanted to share this list. See if you agree and would say that any of these are your favorites, because there are definitely a few surprises to me.

Most popular ALGW blog posts in 2015

  1. CXWORX 101 overview and tips for first-timers (2014)
  2. Everything you need to know about the Orangetheory workout (2015)
  3. Class Review: CorePower Yoga is hot, hot, hot (2015)
  4. BODYPUMP 101 overview and tips for first-timers (2014)
  5. How to make zucchini noodles (2014)
  6. A super-fun Key West bachelorette party (2015)
  7. Top five confessions of a fitness professional (2015)
  8. BODYATTACK 101 overview and tips for first-timers (2014)
  9. Class Review: Pure Barre offers some burn (2014)
  10. Les Mills BODYATTACK 85 release review (2014)
  11. Les Mills BODYPUMP 93 release review (2015)
  12. Must-try zucchini smoothie recipe (2014)
  13. ClassPass launches in San Francisco (2014)
  14. How to stay healthy while you travel (2015)
  15. The benefits of thyme and how to use it (2015)
  16. Fun fashion services: StitchFix and Rocksbox (2015)
  17. Les Mills BODYPUMP 91 release review (2014)
  18. How to make a 5-minute protein pancake (2014)
  19. How to learn Les Mills group fitness releases (2015)
  20. Signs you’re taking a class from a bad group fitness instructor (2015)

The people have spoken! Group fitness is hot! And so are zucchini, thyme and parties in Key West. Who would’ve thought?

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    1. Hi Megan! I started my blog three years ago when I moved to CA as more of a journal for friends and family — I became self-hosted and blogged regularly starting in March 2014. So it’s been 1 year and 3/4 I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Agreed! Sometimes the open, personal information posts are the most commented, but not shared. And bland and generic advice posts go viral. Who knows hahah! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for being my blogging buddy, Susie!

  1. I love reading about people’s trips or fun things they do! You can just tell that they are so happy and I always get tips for my upcoming trips or events! Happy 2016 lady – glad I met you this year!!

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