The best Father’s Day gifts 2024 (that a dad will really want)

The best Father’s Day gifts 2024 coming at you today!

Hi, friend! How are you?

Father’s Day is coming up in the U.S. on Sunday, June 16th.

If you’re shopping for a dad in your life, I’ve got some gift ideas for you today. I’ve bought Dave many of these gifts, and they’ve all been a hit. Let’s get to it …

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The best Father’s Day gifts 2024 (that a dad will really want)

The best Father's Day gifts 2024 (that a dad will really want) by A Lady Goes West

Comfortable performance wear from Vuori

I’ve put Vuori clothing on a couple of gift guides for guys, and those pieces are always the most popular with readers. I’ve bought Dave so much Vuori over the last year, and he wears it all the time. Sometimes for exercise, but mostly for work and leisure. Vuori has some performance pants that are great for golf or work for guys and plenty of tops too. Here are some of the best Vuori pieces for a dad in your life …

Vuori polo by A Lady Goes West

Strato tech polo — perfect for a casual workday or weekend wear

Meta shorts — the wear-everyday-summer shorts a guy needs in his closet

Strato tech tee — a basic top to go with everything

Meta pant — perfect for golf, work or fun

Meta pant by A Lady Goes West

Portable YETI cooler

A YETI cooler is sort’ve like a status cooler, you know? They’re pricey, they’re really well made, and they look so good. I’ve had a YETI cooler on the running list of things I want to get Dave one day. And there are two versions that I think would make an excellent gift. Both the hard-side roadie version and the soft-side backpack version. YETI is known to make products that keep your food/drinks super cold. We have a few YETI cups, and they’re the best of the best when it comes to insulation.

Yeti backpack cooler by A Lady Goes West

YETI Hopper backpack cooler

YETI Roadie cooler

Yeti hardside cooler by A Lady Goes West

Stainless steel Apple watch strap

If you know a dad who wears an Apple watch, my guess is that he still has the standard rubbery watch strap that he first started with when he first got his Apple watch, right? The beauty of having an Apple watch is that you can get all sorts of straps. And you can even get straps that look a bit more fancy. I think any dad would love one of these stainless steel Apple watch straps that looks like a regular watch. This one is affordable, and this one is a bit more pricey.

Bullstrap watch strap by A Lady Goes West

Bullstrap stainless steel Apple watch strap

Suplink stainless steel Apple watch strap

Watch strap by A Lady Goes West

Nike dunk low retro sneakers

Sneakers! I get Dave various special Nike casual sneakers for nearly every occasion. He collects them, and he loves to have all sorts of styles. Sometimes, the Nike website doesn’t have what he wants, so I have to get his sneakers on auction sites. The good news is, most men aren’t quite so particular with their sneakers, even if they still like fashionable footwear. Here’s a great simple pair. Dave has a couple of these simple Nike dunk low retro sneakers. They come in multiple colors and can be dressed up or down. Love them.

Nike dunk sneakers by A Lady Goes West

Nike dunk low retro sneakers

Corkcicle insulated wood-looking cups

My mom bought Dave one of these walnut wood-looking stainless steel Corkcicle water cups to keep at his office, and he loves it. These are super manly, super high-quality, and I always support gifting nice water cups to people, because it encourages hydration. There’s a ton of wood-looking Corkcicle styles to choose from. This travel canteen with a closed top or this big tumbler are awesome. Corkcicle products keep beverages cold and hot for a long time too — we already have a couple and love them.

Wood corkcicle by A Lady Goes West

Corkcicle insulated travel mug

Corckcicle insulated tumbler

Corkcicle insulated travel canteen

Wood corkcicle canteen by A Lady Goes West

SNOOZ smart white noise machine

I know we usually associate noise/sound machines with babies, but adults need white noise too. I’ll tell you first hand that neither Dave nor I can sleep without white noise. We have a sound machine in our room, and we use it every single night. This particular brand is highly rated, it’s small and portable and apparently has a real tiny fan inside to mimic a real fan sound. Also, it connects to an app on your phone, so you can customize what you need. This would make a great gift for a dad who needs a little help with his sleep. Also, you can travel with this one.

Snooze sound machine by A Lady Goes West

SNOOZ smart white noise machine

Stance cotton socks

There is only one brand of socks that Dave likes to wear, and Stance is it. They are the best quality, they are comfortable, and they have really awesome styles too. If you’re looking for an easy and cost effective gift for a dad in your life, these work great. I love the 3-pack of designed crew dress socks the most, but there are plenty of styles, like these throwback striped crew socks and these colorful performance tab socks.

Colorful Stance socks by A Lady Goes West

Stance cotton crew socks

Stance colorful tab socks

Colorful striped Stance tab socks by A Lady Goes West

Williams Sonoma sphere ice molds

Dave already has a set of these sphere ice molds, and for some reason, special ice makes him happy. I never even use ice in my drink, but I guess the gist behind these fancy ice cubes is that they melt much slower than regular ice, so you don’t dilute your drink. These ones make a perfect circle/sphere, and they are super cool. And I think this is a fun gift for a dad who likes a cold beverage. 

Sphere cubes by A Lady Goes West

Williams Sonoma sphere ice molds

A few other Father’s Day gifts 2024 …

Concert tickets. I always scroll the upcoming shows before buying a gift for Dave. Concerts are super expensive these days, so a couple of tickets makes a great gift. I just got Dave tickets to a concert for our anniversary, by the way.

Massage. Why is it that we usually save spa gift certificates for women? I think men deserve a day of pampering and a massage too. Maybe choose a slightly less girly spa for the dad in your life though, if he’s nervous.

Round of golf. Not all dads like golf, but a lot of them do. Dave doesn’t get to golf nearly as much as he wishes he did. He’d love a round of golf as a present — and then the time to go golf that round.

Family photo book. While it takes some work to put together a photo book, it’s a very thoughtful gift for a dad. There are tons of sites where you can get this done. I really should do one for Dave one day.

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