The best gifts for men for 2022 (gifts for him)

Hi, friend! My list of the best gifts for men for 2022 is here! (And in case you missed it, here’s my list for the best gifts for women for 2022.)

First of all, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, if you celebrated last week. We had a lovely time in Atlanta with my family, and we’re officially back home in Charlotte, organized and ready to take on the last month of the year, which is going to be the busiest month of the year for us.

Today, I’m sharing my gift guide for the dudes, with the best gifts for men for 2022. Not only do I have some new suggestions, but I’m also pulling some ideas I’ve shared before that came to me from some of my guy friends, which I originally shared for Father’s Day earlier this year. Those ideas, combined with some new ones, are all guy approved. Please enjoy … 🙂 

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and while the price of the item is not altered, I do receive a small commission from your purchases, when you shop through my links. Thank you for the support of A Lady Goes West and of me. Happy shopping!

The best gifts for men for 2022 (gifts for him)

The best gifts for men for 2022 (gifts for him) by A Lady Goes West

Cozy slippers

Dave reminded me that I haven’t bought him new slippers in almost 10 years, and he put slippers on his list for this year. I feel like all guys need slippers, especially if the guy works from home and wants to keep his feet warm all day, right? While I’ve always bought Dave these slippers from L.L. Bean, I also think these fancy Ugg ones look awesome. Three cheers for comfy and cozy footwear as a gift.

LL Bean gift guide 2022 by A Lady Goes West

Everyday white sneakers

Every guy needs some solid everyday white sneakers. They need to be pretty low-profile, neutral and of course, comfortable. If the guy you’re shopping for already has white sneakers, I bet they are dirty, and it’s time for new ones. There are so many to choose from. I like these classic Converse ones, these classic Vans, and these classic Nike ones.

Vans sneakers

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

This is something Dave suggested I put on this gift guide, and this is also something that we have personal experience with. My brother has one of these, and we made s’mores on it when we went to visit him in Atlanta in March of this year. It’s really cool. And it’s sleek, it makes a great fire and requires no gas or propane. It’s not cheap, but it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy. Find the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit here.

Solo stove gift guide 2022 by A Lady Goes West

Leather bracelet with kids’ names

I bought Dave a leather bracelet with our birthdays several years ago, and he liked it a lot, because it was sentimental. One of my thought-partner guys for this post (in its original form) also received a bracelet with his kids’ names and suggested it as a gift idea for the list, so this idea is a winner. There are plenty of places to get this kind of thing, and I’m always a fan of supporting small businesses like you find on Etsy. Find some great leather bracelets you can personalize here.

Personalized bracelet

Monogrammed leather money clip

Can we all just say goodbye to thick wallets? I ditched my big continental wallet earlier this year for a thin card case for my essentials, and I’m never going back to a big wallet. Then, I bought Dave a slim wallet last year, but I think soon he’ll be ready to head all the way to a money clip. I love the look of a leather one that you can even monogram for a guy in your life. Find the Monogrammed Leather Money Clip here.

Money clip

Performance golf polo shirts

This idea is from Dave, and I finally bought him one of these shirts, and he loves it. G/Fore is a very trendy golf apparel brand, and they make some fashionable golf polos. The price on these is outrageous, but it looks like you can get 20 percent off your first purchase if you sign up for their emails (which is a trick I often like to use). I like the striped ones the best. The hope is that the guy you buy this polo for wears it for more than just golf. Find the G/Fore Performance Golf Polo Shirts here.

Polo shirt

Monogrammed/personalized ice cubes

Okay, is this even a thing? It is, and I didn’t know about it until now! And a cool guy suggested this gift to me, and I love the thoughtfulness of it. Basically, a guy can make big-block ice cubes with his initials or monogram on them for cocktails or other drinks. Very cool idea! Find the personalized ice cubes here.

Personalized ice cube

GPS golf speaker

Here’s another thing I didn’t even know existed, but it’s a speaker that plays music, attaches to a golf cart and also has some other golf-friendly features. It’s a bit pricey, but it seems like a really cool gift idea for a guy who golfs. Find the Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker here.

Golf speaker

Smart meat thermometer

File this one under the category of gifts I sure never hope to receive, but that doesn’t mean a man in your life wouldn’t want it. Another suggestion from a cool dude, and this one is a smart meat thermometer, which is a wire-free thermometer that links with an app on your phone. Pretty useful invention, especially for a guy who grills or does a lot of cooking. Find the Original MEATER Smart Meat Thermometer here.

Meat thermometer

Cooler backpack

We actually have a cooler backpack, and you wouldn’t believe how often we use it (we used it this past weekend, actually). It’s so useful for picnics, roadtrips, pool outings, you name it. You definitely want to get one that’s neutral and masculine so the guy doesn’t mind carrying it all over town. Find the Below Zero Cooler Backpack here. (And find a more cost-effective option there’s this Columbia one.)

Cooler backpack

Smoker for cocktails

My brother and sister-in-law bought Dave a small handheld cocktail smoker with a torch and wood chips for Christmas last year, and he’s totally into it. It gives off such a great smell too, so I appreciate it. I haven’t tested a smokey cocktail (not my thing), but Dave enjoys making one on the weekend sometimes. It’s not too difficult, and it makes your drink seem like a fancy experience at home. Find the Busy Bee Pro Cocktail Smoker (similar to what we have) here.

Cocktail smoker

Other ideas for the best gifts for men for 2022

Any of the following would be awesome gifts for a guy in your life:

  • Light tiles. My brother has these tiles under his TV in his family room, and he changes the color patterns depending on the season or show or event he is watching, which is so cool. But you can do so many more things with these light tiles. I think they’d be cool for kids too. Find the light tiles here, and there are all sorts of shapes and versions.
  • Work bag. This is another Dave idea. A while back I bought him a “work backpack,” which is a more-sleek-style backpack that a guy can wear to work or for travel, because nobody wants to carry a briefcase in 2022, you feel me? This is the backpack I got for Dave, and he uses it several days a week when he goes to his office or takes a work trip.
  • Wearable device: Good for guys or girls. I know most people who want to track things wear Apple watches, but there’s a new device on the block — the Whoop — and it has way more data than the Apple watch and is all about optimizing your recovery. I don’t know if I want to switch over right now, personally, but this could make a great gift for a fitness buff. It’s also a little more understated than an Apple watch, and the supporting app and software is supposed to be far superior.
  • Car care: Car detailing. Dave loves his car, and so he loves to take good care of it. I’ve bought Dave a car-detailing package twice, and he’s always welcomed the gift. I think it’s a strong idea for a guy who’s into his car.
  • Entertainment: Tickets to a concert or show is an excellent gift, and I often do this for Dave, because I love experience gifts. The good news is that it ends up being a gift for me too, because I always get to go with him.
  • Travel: Traveling is good for the soul. A weekend (or overnight) trip to a fun destination would make a great gift for a guy in your life, if you can swing it.
  • Fitness gear: I’d put the Les Mills Smart Tech Smartbar on any gift list I make, so it had to be on this one. Give a guy in your life the ability to lift real weights at home, and he’ll thank you. I’m forever grateful that I have this type of equipment at home.
  • Self-care. I’m always over here suggesting that you get a massage gift certificate for a guy, because I feel like men don’t treat themselves to that type of self-care as they should. Maybe not a fancy spa, but perhaps an actual massage place — I’ve heard Hand & Stone is a decent chain and so is Massage Envy, but a local spot may be more ideal, depending on the personality of the guy you’re buying a gift for.
  • Fashion. I used to put these joggers on every gift guide I made for guys. And literally, as I write this post, I can see both Dave and my brother wearing these joggers in the same room with me (that I bought for them both). They are stylish, comfy and can be worn out and about or at home for lounging. Love ’em so much.

And that’ll do it for my gift guide!

Thanks for reading my post about the best gifts for men for 2022. Have a fabulous week, and I’ll see you back here soon. Be well, friend! 🙂 

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