The best gifts for women for 2022 (gifts for her)

Hi, friend! ‘Tis the season! My list of the best gifts for women for 2022 is here! (And my best gifts for men for 2022 is here.)

I absolutely love making gift guides, and I hope you find them helpful. Maybe you’re shopping for an awesome lady today, or maybe you plan to send this post to someone who is shopping for you with some hints on what you want to receive this year under the tree. Either way, let’s get into it. And this time, I’m giving an affordable and more splurge-worthy option for each of my main suggestions …

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and while the price of the item is not altered, I do receive a small commission from your purchases, when you shop through my links. Thank you for the support of A Lady Goes West and of me. Happy shopping!

The best gifts for women for 2022 (gifts for her)

The best gifts for women for 2022 (gifts for her) by A Lady Goes West

Classic white leather sneakers

I recently bought these Vans sneakers for myself, and I knew they needed a spot on the gift guide. These days, you can wear white sneakers with absolutely anything, and I love that about how style has changed. I always try to get leather white sneakers too, so they are a little more durable and marks don’t show as easily. These shoes run just a tiny bit big, and I like them that way, and I’ve actually just been sliding my feet in and out to keep the loose look. And while I know some people are spending $400+ on shoes that purposely look old and beat up, I’d rather spend less than $75 on shoes that look brand new. You feel me?

Vans for women for 2022 by A Lady Goes West

Affordable option: Here are my affordable classic leather Vans white sneakers.

Splurge-worthy option: And here are some more splurge-worthy Veja white sneakers on my list for the future. A fashionable lady would like either.

Cute and functional crossbody bag

Gone are the days of carrying huge and heavy shoulder bags full of stuff when you don’t need to. This year, not only did I switch to a slim card-case wallet, but I’ve also tried to downsize my bags (I’m lucky I don’t need to bring a diaper bag with me any longer, because that was the worst). I think crossbody bags are the way to go, because you can have your hands free. And when you wear a bag on your shoulders across the body, you want it to be light, so it doesn’t mess up your shoulder alignment or posture. I have four bags from this MZ Wallace brand, and I love them all. I want nearly everything on the site, because it’s fashionable, different and super functional. I’m partial to the lacquer or shiny materials.

MZ Wallace bag best gifts for women for 2022 by A Lady Goes West

Affordable option: Here’s an awesome more affordable MZ Wallace crossbody bag. I also really like this micro-mini crossbody bag for those times you only need a few things with you.

Splurge-worthy option: And here’s a more splurge-worthy sling crossbody bag. I also love this crossbody bucket bag.

Initial pendant necklace

Back in the day, I had so many name-plate necklaces, and I miss them. Almost every single day, I have on this special asymmetrical necklace with a B, R and D on it (which I bought for myself as my “push present” after Brady was born more than five years ago). But I’d also love to have my own initial on a necklace to switch it up. I saw these chunky initial necklaces in person the other day while shopping and almost bought one for a friend, but I ended up getting her something else. Nonetheless, these types of necklaces make excellent gifts.

Initial necklace for women for 2022 by A Lady Goes West

Affordable option: Here’s a super cute initial necklace, which also supports a good cause.

Splurge-worthy option: And here’s another beautiful 18K gold option you can personalize/engrave that’s a little more pricey.

Cozy sherpa jacket or sweatshirt

I’ve never lived in a truly cold climate, but it definitely gets cold in the winters in Charlotte, and my number-one cold-weather item is my chunky sherpa jacket/sweatshirt with a removable hood. I splurged on it, and I have truly gotten my money’s worth for the last few winters, even before moving to Charlotte. I have a small in it, and it’s one of my favorite pieces of clothing and definitely my favorite piece of outerwear. If you know someone who lives where it’s even a little cold, these sherpas are a welcome gift for sure.

Alo Sherpa by A Lady Goes West

Affordable option: Here’s a really cute and affordable Zella sherpa/cloud fleece jacket option.

Splurge-worthy option: And for a splurge, here’s the Alo Yoga sherpa that I have and totally love.

Facial ice roller and massager

I’ve seen so many people using this Skinny Confidential brand Hot Mess Ice Roller on social media, and it sounds absolutely pleasant. It’s also pink and comes in a cute box, and it’s a way to de-puff the face and give yourself a little self-care through facial massage and cold therapy. What a cool gift, right? This type of facial care is becoming really popular and mainstream, and this device is a great way to get started with it.

Ice roller by A Lady Goes West

Affordable option: Here’s the Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller, which is quite reasonably priced.

Splurge-worthy option: And if you’ve got the budget, there’s actually a super awesome tool from recovery company, Theragun, and it’s the TheraFace Pro, which does all sorts of stuff like red-light therapy to reduce wrinkles, percussive massage for the face to tighten skin and so much more. And these facial tools are the total wave of the future.

Other ideas for the best gifts for women for 2022

Any of the following would be awesome gifts for a lady in your life:

  • Comfort: Barefoot Dreams makes the MOST amazing blankets and sweaters, and this throw CozyChic blanket is a really solid gift for any lady, and I’ve given it as a gift before. I also have a Barefoot Dreams cardigan that I love. (Also, a reader tip: You can get a super-discounted version of the CozyChic blanket here.)
  • Home goods: I’ve never tried this particular Hotel Lobby candle, but someone with amazing taste told me it’s the best of the best as far as candles are concerned, and it smells like a hotel lobby, so this would be a good gift for a lady who has everything.
  • Self-care: A clean and non-toxic luxurious body scrub and body butter set is always a great gift.
  • Wearable device: I know most people are rocking Apple watches, but there’s a new kid on the block — the Whoop — and it has way more data than the Apple watch and is all about optimizing your recovery. I don’t know if I want to switch over right now, personally, but this could make a great gift for a fitness buff.
  • Yoga/Pilates gear: I used to teach a class called Pop Pilates, and the creator of that program makes some really cute and functional yoga/Pilates equipment, and this colorful set of fitness gear would be the perfect gift for a fit lady who works out at home or goes to yoga/Pilates classes.
  • Pampering: Every lady loves a gift certificate for a massage or pampering day at a nice hotel spa.
  • Subscription: Want something super thoughtful? How about a flower delivery subscription, like you can get from UrbanStems here.
  • Entertainment: Tickets to a concert or show is an excellent gift, and I often do this for Dave, because I love experience gifts.
  • Travel: Traveling is good for the soul. A weekend (or overnight) trip to a fun destination would make a great gift.
  • Wear-everywhere faux-leather leggings: I’ve put these faux-leather Spanx leggings on every gift guide for years. They are back. I wore mine this past weekend.
  • Health/hydration: If you’ve opened up Instagram or gone to my gym, you know that many ladies carry around these huge pastel water cups with straws, called Stanley cups. I actually don’t have one and want one, and I think this particular quencher would make a great gift. I like the white color best. 
  • Fitness gear: I’d put the Les Mills Smart Tech Smartbar on any gift list I make, so it had to be on this one. Give a lady in your life the ability to lift real weights at home. She’ll thank you.

And that’ll do it!

Thanks for reading my post about the best gifts for women for 2022. I hope you have a great day and week! Later this week, we’re heading off with my Mom to Atlanta for Thanksgiving to see my brother and sister-in-law, and we’re looking forward to some uninterrupted family time for a few days.

Be well, friend! 🙂 

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  1. I was just on the BAUBLEBAR website this weekend looking to upgrade my asymmetrical initial necklace because we’ve add another letter to our crew! BUT they are only allowing two letters which is a bummer because I love that simple “everyday” necklace.

    1. Oh bummer, Katie! I wonder if you could go to the Maya Brenner site to add the letter? Well, you’ll just need to get an additional necklace then! 🙂 Happy Monday, lady!

  2. What a great gift list!!! You’re good at covering all of your bases. 🙂

    I wish someone would get me a Smart Bar. Honestly, it would make my at-home workouts (yay Strength Development series) and learning BODYPUMP chorey to teach at my gym so much easier…transitioning between the different weights on my inexpensive barbell from amazon a few years ago takes time.

    One of the best gifts I ever got is actually a Coravin. I love to have a glass of wine from time to time, but I hate that when I open a bottle outright, I need to be committed to drinking it every single day. So a few years ago, my husband got me one. At first I thought “I’m getting home goods…am I really reaching middle age?!?!?” but that has become one of my favorite gifts. It makes it so much easier for me to treat myself to an AMAZING (and higher price-point) bottle since I have a Coravin to extract one glass and put the bottle back on the shelf.

    I also love that you included Barefoot Dreams. Did you know that Nordstrom Rack has some of their products (including a few different designs of the blankets!!!) at an even better price? This one was SO inexpensive that I was able to get it for a dear friend as a more special gift since her birthday is just 2 days before CHristmas (so she gets gypped a lot with gifts…)…and it’s her 40th birthday! The least expensive of the Barefoot Dreams at Nordy Rack is here:

    1. Hey Stephanie! Thanks for your thorough comment! YOU TOTALLY need a Smartbar, and on Black Friday, they will have an ever better deals, so think about it. Also, the Coravin is a really great gift — but because I do white wine, I’m good with popping it in the fridge after a glass haha! My birthday is two days before Christmas too — so like your friend — I usually miss out on some birthday fun hehe, but Dave and my mom are good about it with me. Anywho, YES, I saw the Barefoot Dreams at Nordstrom Rack — they only have a few of the neutral throws, but the price is certainly right on those. Thanks for that insight, lady! I added it to the post! 🙂 xoxo Happy Monday!

  3. I just broke down and bought a Stanley cup today because I had a discount code lol! Just love having a cup with a handle, and it looks like it will fit in my car’s cup holder 😉

    1. I think I may buy one too — I am so over the metal straw I have with my current cup. What’s your discount code? 🙂 heheeh Thanks for saying hi, Terri. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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