The best health and wellness products you can buy at Target

This post is all about the health and wellness products you can buy at Target.

Hi, my friends! How are you? This is a random one!

I was with Brady at Target last week in the afternoon roaming the aisles (with our masks on), when the idea for this post came to my mind.

Because boy, we’ve come a long way with what you can find at Target. And while, yes, it’s great to order specialty wellness items online or support local retailers, you can pick up some awesome products during your everyday Target run too. And you can also pick up a million other things not related to health and wellness that you probably don’t need, so put them back. 🙂

The best health and wellness products you can buy at Target

Here are some of the health and wellness products that I love that you can buy from Target …

The best health and wellness products you can buy at Target by A Lady Goes West

Good Chemistry perfumes and body sprays

Good Chemistry makes fragrances from totally natural essential oils. And from a reformed perfume-obsessed girl, I can say that these smell just as good as the regular stuff.

Why switch from regular perfume? Because the term “fragrance” is a pretty big no-no in the clean personal-care product world, as it can often cover up harmful allergens and toxins that don’t have to be disclosed and can remain under the heading of the single word “fragrance.” That’s why it’s super important to choose a clean fragrance made of good stuff.

I’ve been buying Good Chemistry from Target for several years, and I love all the scents. Honorable mention: You can also get Pacifica body sprays at Target, and those are also clean, and they smell great too.

Find the Good Chemistry perfumes and body sprays here. And find the Pacifica body sprays here.

Vital Proteins collagen creamer and peptides

I’ve been a Vital Proteins fan for several years. When I first incorporated collagen regularly into my routine, I was amazed at how I saw an improvement in my nails and hair. Not only does collagen provide you with valuable protein, but it can also support your joint health and gut health.

These days, you can pick up both Vital Proteins collagen peptides and Vital Proteins collagen creamer from the health and beauty aisles at Target. Pretty cool! The creamers are my top choice for adding to my morning tea lattes, but the peptides are pretty versatile and have more collagen protein per serving.

Find the Vital Proteins collagen creamer here. And find the Vital Proteins collagen peptides here.

Collagen creamer at Target by A Lady Goes West

Rainbow Light vitamins

My acupuncturist suggested this type of vitamin to me several years ago when I was trying to get pregnant, because she said this brand was made from real-food sources, instead of synthetic, and it was one of the best. I took her word for it and have been taking Rainbow Light prenatals ever since. Rainbow Light also has men’s, women’s and kids’ vitamins, and many of them are at Target. 

Find the Rainbow Light vitamins here.


Did you know that some flavors of Larabars only have two ingredients and the rest have usually five ingredients or less? Now that is a clean-eating bar. I buy boxes and boxes of Larabars from Target every time I go, because they are often on sale, and you can get each bar for about a $1 or less.

Dave, Brady and I all eat several Larabars a week, so we need a big stock. Larabars don’t have any junk, they are cheap, and they are tasty. You can’t go wrong. Larabars are kept in the granola bar aisle, and I always have one in my purse. Anyone else?

Find the Larabar selection here.

Nutiva organic virgin coconut oil

The question is not “What can you use coconut oil for?” it’s “What can’t you use coconut oil for?”

You can use coconut oil in your hair as an overnight mask or to tame flyaways. And you can cook with coconut oil or bake with it. You can even use it to push back your cuticles, or you can use it for oil pulling as you swish it around in your mouth. Target usually has at least a couple of options of virgin organic coconut oil, and it’s always worth having a jar on hand. I happen to like the Nutiva brand for quality.

Find the Nutiva organic coconut oil here.

Liquid I.V. hydration packets

Hydrate much? I’ve talked about Liquid I.V. on the blog many times, and that’s because this stuff works. It’s a powder supplement that you dissolve into water and drink for a quick dose of super hydration. The flavors are good, there’s no aftertaste, and you instantly feel nourished.

Dave and I go through Liquid I.V. like crazy, because we both often drink it after a tough workout. You can find several flavors of Liquid I.V. in the supplements aisle at Target. And everyone I’ve introduced to this product has loved it. Yay for hydration!

Find the Liquid I.V. hydration packets here.

Liquid IV at Target by A Lady Goes West

Seventh Generation feminine hygiene supplies

It’s no secret that you have to be careful and pay attention to the ingredients included in the products you use, and feminine hygiene is a great place to clean up your act.

Target actually has several organic brands to choose from including Cora and L. Organic, but I always buy the Seventh Generation brand. Seventh Generation tampons are organic, made without fragrances or BPA and are much safer and better for you than some of the conventional ones. Not much else to say on these other than they matter. Grab ’em up, if you need them.

Find the Seventh Generation supplies here.

Califia Farms oat milk

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Once you switch to creamy oat milk, you won’t want to drink any other type of alternative milk.

I’ve tried so many versions of almond, coconut and oat milk, and this original Califia Farms oat milk is by far the best. It froths well, it’s thick, it tastes great, and I use it in smoothies, in overnight oats and in my morning tea latte. Another selling point of this particular brand of oat milk is that it doesn’t have any stabilizers or fillers, just the good stuff.

Find the Califia Farms oat milk here.

Vega sport protein

Okay, first of all: This is not my favorite or go-to protein powder, because I’ve been an Organifi complete protein powder fan for a couple years and use it religiously (and you can get 15 percent off your Organifi order using my code, ALADYGOESWEST, on the Organifi site).

However, Vega sport protein is actually a really good option that I used before I switched to Organifi. It’s a plant-based protein, and it has 30 grams of protein per serving. It tastes good mixed with water or can be mixed in with a smoothie. It gets high marks all around, so is definitely a good one and was worthy of a spot on my list of the best health and wellness products at Target.

Find the Vega sport protein here.

Amazing Grass green superfoods

Do you know how beneficial it is to drink a daily greens supplement? It is. I have to be honest, I don’t. I did for a while, but then I stopped. I really should get back into it. While my top choice for a greens supplement is Organifi, you can’t get that at Target. But you can get Amazing Grass greens, and that’s a good brand.

I’m not actually a user of this product currently, but I highly recommend adding a scoop of greens to your daily smoothie or protein shake, if you can. A scoop of concentrated greens is full of powerful nutrients and is even said to give you a boost of all-natural energy. And it never hurts to get more greens in your day.

Find the Amazing Grass green superfoods here.

Aura Cacia essential oils

Let me preface this by saying that I am not an essential oil expert. Some people say that essential oils are amazing, and then some people say that even though essential oils are natural, certain types can cause irritation to your system. You have to be careful about using them near babies and pets, and you don’t want to overdo it with them.

That being said, I can’t speak to the very best brands in the essential oil world, but I do know that Aura Cacia isn’t too bad, and there’s a variety of this line at Target. Target has oil diffusers too.

Find the Aura Cacia essential oils here.

Tone It Up fitness equipment

If your Target is anything like mine, there’s not much fitness equipment to be found right now. But normally, you can grab bands, resistance straps, dumbbells, mats and more. I love the look of the Tone It Up stuff. They don’t make heavy weights, but they do make light weights that are good for short home workouts. And the booty bands are in the best colors. Booty bands are a great thing to keep at home or in your gym bag, because they are so versatile.

Find the Tone it Up equipment here.

That concludes my list of the best health and wellness products at Target for now. Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

P.S. If you download and join the Target Circle app, you can earn credit for shopping and get extra deals, so I highly recommend it. I joined it earlier this year.

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    Why is Target just a fun place to be?! We love Larabars and that’s definitely one item we’ve stocked up on at Target before. I haven’t ever tried that oat milk, we typically drink soy milk around here, but I think I may have to give that at try! My dad just got us into the Amazing Grass Original Superfood about a week ago and we’re already loving it 🙂 . We are always running out of coconut oil, so I’ll have to give Nutiva a try. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hi lady! Target IS a fun place to be! I didn’t go for several months during quarantine and relied on drive-up, but now I’m back to browsing the aisles again. Hope you have a great week!!

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