The best instructors on the Peloton app

This post is all about the best instructors on the Peloton app.

We’ve had our Peloton bike for almost six months, but I’ve been using the Peloton app for longer than that.

At the time of writing this post, I’ve done 217 workouts from the Peloton app, ranging from meditation, to cycling, yoga, strength, barre and even an outdoor run.

Because there’s so much to choose from when you use the app, today, I wanted to share my favorite instructors and why I like each of them. Of course, who you like is going to be totally based on your personal needs and style, so this is subjective. There’s something and someone for everyone on Peloton. (Side note: You don’t need the Peloton equipment in order to use the app, and there’s a 30-day free trial, if you want to give it a go.)

By the way, if you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over and read my review of the Peloton app, I wrote after completing my first 100 workouts.

The best instructors on the Peloton app

The best instructors on the Peloton app by A Lady Goes West

I’m only giving you my top choices for the programs I take the most. I haven’t done enough of the bootcamps, runs or cardio workouts in order to choose a favorite there, so we’ll stick with cycling, strength and yoga for now.

For cycling …

I’ve tried the majority of the cycling instructors. I think they all have something to offer, but the following folks are my top choice depending on what mood I’m in …

Cody Rigsby on Peloton by A Lady Goes West

Cody Rigsby

Cody Rigsby is my favorite Peloton instructor, hands down. He’s not for everyone, but I absolutely love his style, stage presence, over-the-top humor and entire engaging persona that he puts on when he teaches a class. Cody is a former professional dancer, and he does a lot of dancing on the bike, and he knows the words to almost every pop song. It’s a real show watching him on screen.

Let’s be clear: He is silly, he keeps it real, and he will most definitely tell jokes and ask you if “the wig is on tight” to make sure you’re keeping it together during a ride. Sometimes he makes mistakes, and he owns it, and I’m so okay with that, because you can literally never get mad at Cody. And I will say that most of the time, when I go to do a ride, I choose a Cody “30-minute Pop” ride or “30-minute Intervals and Arms” ride, because those are my preferred formats.

My favorite rides with Cody have been his “Britney Spears” ride and his first “Cody XOXO” ride. I always laugh and dance during the ride and leave the bike in a great mood, with a funny new “Cody-ism” to share with Dave once I’m done.

Ride with Cody if you want to have fun, feel good about yourself and laugh, while working out.

Robin Arzón

Robin Arzón is a vice president at Peloton, and she is one of the originals. She’s a hardcore athlete, and she is super motivational. She talks a ton during the ride, but I don’t mind it, because what she says is always about finding your strength within, working really hard through uncomfortable moments in order to grow and choosing to be present and positive in everything you do.

Dave thinks Robin is a little too much for him, but I know when I show up to a Robin ride, I’m going to feel empowered and totally driven to succeed on the bike and off. Her classes are pretty hard and she usually chooses great music ranging from pop to hip hop to latin. My favorite ride with Robin is her amazing “Hamilton” ride.

Ride with Robin if you want to feel truly inspired to improve your life off the bike, as well as on it.

Alex Toussaint

Alex Toussaint is a precise and solid instructor. His workouts are usually on the harder side, and he often teaches to a lot of hip hop music. I know when I am going to take an Alex ride that I will be working hard, because he’s demanding.

He doesn’t sugar-coat anything, and he expects a lot from riders. I like that he is so consistent, and he always delivers a great class from beginning to end. I won’t say that I am giggling and dancing during an Alex ride, but I am going to get in a great workout, and I’m going to feel very accomplished at the end.

Ride with Alex if you want to train hard and feel like a real athlete, while breaking a major sweat.

Leanne Hainsby

Leanne Hainsby is a Peloton instructor out of the U.K., and here’s why I like her: She is so incredibly informative about everything going on in the ride. She will tell you how many efforts you have throughout class, she will tell you exactly what’s coming up, and she will give you all the right numbers and metrics so you feel truly informed. She’s also witty.

She always chooses house music that I’m maybe not familiar with, but I enjoy riding to. I also think Leanne does the best “arms” portions in the “30-minute Intervals and Arms” rides out of everyone, so I like to take that type of class with her. Her classes are moderate to hard. If you’re new to Peloton, I think she’d be a great place to start, because she tells you so much and gets you set up for success.

Ride with Leanne if you want to be encouraged and challenged in a “cheeky” way, while getting in an awesome workout.

Honorable mentions

  • Jess King has so much pizazz and style, and I really enjoy her cute high-pitched voice. But to be honest, she doesn’t always have the best music for my tastes, so I don’t ride with her as often.
  • I also like Kendall Toole when I want to work really hard, because her classes are always very difficult, but once again, she doesn’t always have the music that I like.

Side note: Dave has done way more rides than me (he’s at more than 200 rides alone), and he really likes Emma Lovewell, because she has the best music for his taste, and she’s pretty chill. I prefer more of a performance from my cycling instructor, but not Dave. If you’re on the laid-back side and want to listen to the music and focus on yourself more, I’d maybe go with Emma Lovewell too.

For strength …

I’ve tried all the strength instructors, and there are a couple that I actually dislike. I won’t mention them, but I will definitely (strongly) recommend the following folks …

Best strength instructors on Peloton by A Lady Goes West

Jess Sims

I think that Jess Sims is definitely the best and most popular strength instructor on the Peloton app. She’s a former collegiate athlete and teacher, and she gives great instruction and comes up with challenging workouts. Her workouts are not complicated, but they are not easy either. Her workouts go by so quickly, and I really enjoy them. She also has a lot of good catch-phrases that are memorable. My favorite Jess Sims workout is any “30-minute Full-Body Strength” with dumbbells.

Andy Speer

Andy Speer is a solid strength instructor. He’s a little bit goofy, and he somehow manages to show that side, while also delivering a killer workout. He uses simple moves in great sequences so you always feel the burn. I’m a big fan of his strength classes. And he just makes you feel welcome.

Honorable mentions

  • Robin Arzón also has great strength workouts, and so do Matty Maggiacomo and Selena Samuela.
  • If you’re brand new, I’d start with Robin or Matty, because they give excellent beginner instructions for your first bodyweight or weightlifting sessions.

For yoga …

There aren’t a ton of yoga instructors on the platform. Based on the classes I’ve taken, they are all good. Here are my top choices …

Best yoga instructors on Peloton by A Lady Goes West

Denis Morton

Denis Morton is probably my favorite yoga instructor, because his voice is so soothing, and he’s so laid-back. He also has a 10-minute twisting yoga flow that I’ve repeated over and over again, more than any other workout on Peloton, because it feels so good on the body. Denis has a calming presence, and he gives great coaching and instruction. He’s not boring, but he’s subtle, which is exactly what you want when you do yoga. He’s my top choice, for sure.

Aditi Shah

Aditi Shah is a solid yoga instructor. She talks a little fast, but she has some clever combinations and keeps it interesting. She isn’t as soothing or calming as the others, so I would choose her for more of a power yoga situation.

Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee is a true yoga expert, and you can expect expert instruction in her yoga classes. She’s super fit, mobile and makes you feel good when you flow with her. She also has a calming presence, a peaceful voice and she comes up with great sequences. Namaste!

Honorable mention

  • Chelsea Jackson-Roberts is also pretty enjoyable, and I’ve liked all the yoga and meditation classes I’ve done with her.

Best instructors on Peloton by A Lady Goes West

And that concludes my post about the best instructors on the Peloton app. As I said, there is something for everyone, and who I like the best may not be who you like the best. But this post is hopefully a resource to help you get started. Keep moving my friends!

Thanks for reading this one. Come say hi to me on Instagram, if you want to see some of the Peloton workouts that I’m doing each week too.

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Questions of the day

Have you tried the Peloton app?

What qualities do you look for in a good instructor?

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  1. I don’t use Peloton but I do know that Robin has type 1 diabetes (like me!) and is a badass and therefore she is my favorite 🙂

    1. Hi Julie! Yes, Robin does have type-1 diabetes, and I believe she wasn’t diagnosed until her mid-twenties. She always has some apple juice with her when she teaches classes, and she’s said she has to be very careful with what she puts into her body and when. It makes it all that more impressive that she’s such an athlete, and now she’s pregnant! She does a lot of interviews, so hopefully you’ve listened to her on some podcasts — so inspiring!

    1. Hi Brittany! So glad you are a Peloton fan! Thank you for reading, and keep up the great work with your workouts. It’s such a fun platform! 🙂

  2. I ride quite a bit I have done over 600 rides since I got my bike in March but I would have to disagree with some of your recommendations. I personally can’t stand Cody. I think he is a bit too much for a spin class. When I get on the bike I don’t want to hear about politics or other things. I don’t mind a few mentions but lately that is ALL he has been talking about which is a tad disappointing. I also find Robin to be a bit too blase with her teaching style so I generally have to push harder than she is recommending. I would say that Leanne Hainsby, Ben Alldis, Hannah Frankson, and Ally Love are all pretty incredible and I take their classes regularly. As an influencer I think you might want to give feedback on ALL instructors instead of just a few … but that’s just my two cents! 🙂

    1. Hi Lindsay! Congrats on completing 600 rides! And thanks for sharing your thoughts. Like I said to start the post, there’s something for everyone on Peloton — so it’s only natural that we wouldn’t all agree on favorites. As far as what I covered: This is a positive post sharing what I like from my rides, so that’s why I only highlighted my personal faves — I didn’t feel like writing negative things about instructors that I haven’t enjoyed and potentially turning anyone off from trying their classes, because as we know — all the instructors have something good to offer. And every workout is a good workout. 🙂

  3. Love this post! It’s so funny bc your cycling instructor recs are verbatim what I would say (and what my husband would say too!)
    Thank you for keeping this so positive!

    1. Hi Ava! Thank YOU for reading and for saying hi. I’m so glad we share the same faves. And I think Peloton is all about being inclusive and positive, so it made sense to keep that tone for the post. 🙂

  4. My bike comes in December (!!!) and I’m so excited to try out all these instructors. I have a feeling I’ll love Cody’s vibe and music style. I also used to take Robin’s class elsewhere in NYC so I’m excited to take with her again. Thanks for the great breakdown

    1. Hi Kayla! How exciting that you are getting a Peloton bike. And I’m sure you’ve taken some of the instructors before with all the studio hopping you’ve done in the City in the last few years. They make their classes a real production. You’ll love it! I wasn’t even a cycling fan until Peloton. 🙂

  5. i got a spin bike and the app in April and have been riding religiously since; totally drank that kool-aid! i agree completely with your above, and i add to the instructors i love bc there are so many! i do have a few that i cannot STAND but luckily there are many to choose from depending on what i need, what mood i’m in, what music i want. i LOVE the variety of the app and know i should change up my workouts but its just so easy to pick a class, hop on the bike, and have someone tell me what to do an jam out to a good playlist. great post girl 🙂

    1. Hi Adrianna, I totally agree — I feel like jumping on the bike is such an easy way to sweat and move — it’s addicting. I only ride twice a week but would do it WAY more if I wasn’t teaching and doing the other things I do regularly. I’m so glad you are a fan, and so glad you enjoyed this post. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  6. Hi
    I’ve been a peloton princess since last February
    I have almost 300 rides & workouts
    I agree with your description of Leanne and Cody! I love them both & feel energized and heard (even though they can’t hear me), meaning I appreciate their patience & guidance throughout my workout!
    I haven’t really tried all of the instructors as of yet bc I’m a huge Adit, Ally,Cody and Leanne follower sooo hard to step away from what I relate to with all their energy & support!
    I appreciate your honesty and will try another Alex or Robin ride, maybe that Hamilton one.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Maybe I will see you out there


    Done & Dusted 😜


    1. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for saying hi! Nice work on completing 300 workouts — that’s amazing!! 🙂 Good luck trying a few new instructors and let me know what you think!! I’d also recommend Kendall’s recent 20-minute holiday ride — loved it!

  7. Great write up , my favs for strength are Adrian Williams and Emma for core and on the bike I enjoy Tunde, Cody and Alex. I love Chelsea and Kristin for yoga and really wish they would add more barre classes …Ally has a few great ones.

    1. Hi Cynthia! There are SO many great instructors and classes, and I love that Peloton is always adding more! Keep up the great work, lady! 🙂 Thanks for reading and weighing in!

      1. Thank you! Did one of his classes earlier today. I haven’t done yoga in about 2yrs….but have a 20+yr history of doing yoga & he is great! Plus I like Aditi for more novices (like my husband).
        I look forward to doing the twists!

  8. There are a lot of fab instructors on the Peloton platform. I use the digital app as I don’t have the “real” bike. When it comes to rides, the instructors fall into a couple of camps:

    For fun rides, I really enjoy Ally Love, Emma Lovewell, Cody Rigsby. I rode a lot of Denis Morton rides while first on the platform and his rides are a kick in the pants. The Prince ride that Love & Lovewell did together coupled with their warm-up and cool-down is probably one of the best stacks I’ve done on the app.

    For training rides, I ride mostly Christine D’Ercole rides. I plan my rides around what suggestions I get from my Polar Ignite fitness watch. I find that Christine’s rides are motivational and more like the kinds of rides I used to do outside. I especially like her reminders that sometimes doing tamer rides are necessary to avoid burnout and overtraining. I need to be reminded to not over-strive. Her style fits well for me.

    I can get into a little trouble with Denis’ rides as I want to keep up. He’s got a lot of fun banter. His reminders that ‘I make suggestions, you make decisions’ can help me step back and do what’s right for me.

    It’s really easy for me to overdose on the super high energy, fun rides. I did this when I first was on the platform. I was riding 5-6 days a week and riding the fun, high energy, high heart rate rides. My legs felt more and more weary rather than getting stronger. I realized I needed to change up my training and to incorporate more mild rides. That’s when my new Polar Ignite with FitSpark showed up around Thanksgiving. FitSpark recommends workout types – eg 1h 22 min cardio in HR zone 1-5 or 1-3.

    I started trying out more instructors and I happened onto a class with Christine. Having ridden in a pack of cyclists through my 20s, Christine’s vibe pulled me back to that time. Her energy feels good. Her messages about what we say to ourselves matters are good reminders. Like she says, she teaches what she needs to learn. Ironically, those are things I need to learn and be reminded of as well.

    I like Sam Yo’s warm-up and cool-down classes and his post-ride stretches. I’m hoping he will bust out into song one of these rides with his musical theatre background. He has inspiring music on his rides.

    TBH, I haven’t found any instructors I don’t like on the platform. Some just fit better for where I’m at.

    I also really like Adrian Williams strength training & stretching classes. His workouts are challenging. He’s inspiring. I like what he has to say about life.

    Overall, I like that the instructors inspire me to show up and help me remember that 20 minutes are better than 0 minutes.

    1. Hey there, Tillie! Wow, what a comment! I love how you’ve learned to include variety of intensities, and you’ve learned that showing up is so important — with a variety of instructors too. I think Peloton is such a great way to get your workouts in, and props to you for being so consistent!

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