The best Mother’s Day gifts for 2020 for all budgets

The best Mother’s Day gifts for 2020 coming at you today, and I want or have them all! 🙂 

Hi, my friends! How was your weekend? Ours was fine, and you saw some of it over on my Instagram stories.

Today, I wanted to talk about Mother’s Day gifts, because the holiday is coming up on May 10. Perhaps you are shopping for a mom in your life, or perhaps you need to give some hints to someone who is shopping for you.

Here’s my take on a great line-up of Mother’s Day gifts for 2020 …

The best Mother’s Day gifts for 2020 for all budgets

The best Mother's Day gifts for 2020 - by A Lady Goes West - April 2020

Gifts under $100

If you want to find more reasonably priced items, you’re in luck, because there’s a lot to choose from …

Fashion and accessories

Lululemon Everywhere belt bag

This is the cutest belt bag (fanny pack). These are so convenient to wear when you need your hands free, which is something a momma often requires. This one is reasonably priced and comes in several colors. Shop the belt bag here.

Kate Spade shorts pajama set

I feel like cute pajama sets are something most moms wouldn’t spend money on. This adorable Kate Spade shorts and top look like they are really comfy. A major upgrade from my usual pajama situation. Shop the pajama set here.


Baublebar initial necklace

It takes a while to order monogrammed or personalized jewelry like this gorgeous piece (although that’s always a welcome gift, just takes more advanced planning). But you can get initial necklaces pretty quickly. I think Baublebar has the cutest initial fashion jewelry, which is very well priced too. Shop this dainty initial necklace and this trendy initial necklace

Gorjana locket necklace

A locket is such a timeless piece for a momma, because as the gift giver, you can pop a tiny photo in there. This is a beautiful locket from a woman-owned jewelry brand, Gorjana. Shop the locket here.

Beauty and personal care

Rosewood lipgloss and lipstick set by Beautycounter

This Rosewood lip trio is absolutely adorable and comes with a lipgloss, sheer lipstick and color intense lipstick in a rosewood color that is flattering for all skin-types. Shop the lip trio here.

Gift certificate for a mani/pedi

It feels good to get your hands and feet done, especially if you’re coming off a long break of not having any pampering. Boy, I can’t wait to get my nails done again.

Clean fragrances by Pacifica 

This is one of my favorite clean fragrances, made without harsh chemicals, and it is also cruelty free and vegan. It’s made in the USA, and the two most important parts — these perfumes come in cute bottles and smell amazing. Any momma would love them. Shop the perfumes here.

Melting body balm by Beautycounter

This is the most delightful and luxurious body lotion ever. It’s so good, it’s called a balm, not a lotion. And it’s free of toxic ingredients and smells delicious. Shop the melting body balm here.

Food and drinks

Mistobox coffee subscription

I bought this coffee subscription for Dave for a holiday last year, and he loved it. Mistobox is a “Shark Tank” company (and for some reason, I always like to support those companies), and they send curated high-quality coffee to your doorstep. This is a fun one for coffee lovers. Shop Mistobox here.

Daily Harvest subscription

You guys know I love Daily Harvest frozen food deliveries, and I think that a lot of moms would love them too. The meals come ready to heat up or blend, and they are incredibly healthy and tasty. It’s such a treat to head to your freezer and choose which one you want that day. If you’re shopping, you can get a gift certificate for the mom you love or pick out the meals yourself (I recommend the flatbreads, cacao/avocado smoothie, sweet potato harvest bowl and almond lattes as the best). Shop the site here and use the code ALADYGOESWEST for $25 off your first order.

Dry Farm Wines subscription

This was an awesome Christmas present that Dave and I received from his parents, and I think any mom would enjoy it. Dry Farm Wines offer organic, bio-dynamically grown, sugar free, low carb, small-batch wines from a variety of wineries. Shop the site here and get an extra bottle for just a penny in your first order.


The Book of the Month Club

I haven’t personally tried this service, but a lovely reader recommended it. So I looked it up, and thought it was a great idea. Do you know a momma who likes to read? This club will take care of the legwork introducing her to new titles every month. Shop the Book of the Month Club here.

Fitness gear

Patterned POPFLEX yoga mat

I’m in the market for a new yoga mat, and I stumbled upon these adorable mats from the creator of POP Pilates. They are super cute. And whether the mom you’re shopping for works out at home or at the gym, having your own mat is always a major plus. Shop the yoga mats on the POPFLEX site.

Limited-edition pink RumbleRoller foam roller

I mean, a pink foam roller? The perfect gift for a fit momma who needs a little recovery and self-massage at home. I swear by this brand of foam rollers — there’s nothing else like them on the market. Shop the roller here.

The best Mother's Day gift guide 2020 - by A Lady Goes West - April 2020

Gifts over $100

If you’ve got the budget to go big, here are some winners …

Beauty and personal care

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Yes, I will say that the Dyson hairdryer is worth it. It has cut my blowdrying time down by half, and time is so precious. This blowdryer is super pricey, but it’s unlike any dryer you’ve used before. Moms need ways to get ready faster, and this blowdryer will pay for itself in time saved very quickly. Shop the blowdryer here.

Gift certificate for a massage

A massage is always a welcome gift. And even though the mom you’re giving this gift to may not be able to use it right away, it will be an excellent treat when the time is right.

Countertime skincare regimen by Beautycounter

I literally do not know a mom that does not have some concerns about fine lines and aging with her skin. The Countertime regimen is absolutely amazing for that. I’ve been using it for almost a year, and my skin has never looked better. When you buy it as a set, it’s discounted and includes all the steps you need for day and night in beautiful gift-appropriate pink and gold environmentally friendly bottles. The regular ground shipping cutoff for Beautycounter products is May 1, by the way. Shop the regimen here.

Fitness gear

The Peloton bike

This is the PRICIEST of the gift recommendations, of course. But now that we have a Peloton at our house, I can completely see why people are obsessed with it. You get in a great workout from your home, any time of day. The bike is not only top notch, but so are the workouts that come along with it. With the purchase of the bike, you get a mat to keep under the bike, weights and cycling shoes, and access to tons of great workouts. Dave wanted one for a long time, and I’m happy to say that I’m just as excited as he is that we have one now. Totally a great splurge gift for a momma that you care about. Shop the bike here.

Les Mills at-home SMART TECH equipment

Les Mills not only offers great workouts, but they also offer a full range of equipment, including a mat, resistance band, step and barbell with various weights. I have a SMART BAR and have been using it a few times a week for the last month-and-a-half. You can even use all of the equipment for non-Les Mills workouts. Shop the Les Mills equipment here.

Fashion and activewear

Lululemon Zoned In tights

I think these are the best-fitting leggings ever created in the history of mankind. I’ve had my pair for more than a year, and they still look brand new. If you know an active momma who needs leggings that look good and stay up, these are a splurge worth making. Shop the tights here.

APL Techloom sneakers

I still haven’t tried these sneakers, but they are the coolest. A mom is always in need of a comfortable shoe for daily wear, workouts, walks and more. These sneakers are also supposed to be really beneficial for exercise, with special padding. Shop the sneakers here.

Everlane Day Square tote

I have the authentic leather Day Square tote from Everlane in both brown and black, and I love this bag. You can put a lot in it, yet it also fits nicely under your shoulder. Not to mention, Everlane has ethical manufacturing processes, and everything is made with great materials. Shop Everlane here.


Apple watch

I guess you could file this one under fitness, fashion or technology, but if you know a momma that likes to track her stats and she doesn’t have an Apple watch, get on it. Shop the watches here.

Mother's Day gifts for 2020 - by A Lady Goes West - April 2020

Gifts that are free

If you don’t want to spend any money, but you want to do something that matters …

Quiet, solo, kid-free time

We are definitely in strange times right now, but it’s very common for moms (moms with younger kids) to have very little time to just be alone. Even if you’re not able to make good on this gift right away, give an “IOU” for an afternoon or evening of not only babysitting, but taking care of everything around the house you can for the mom you love. 

Printing family photos

Well, technically, this may not be free, but it’s super inexpensive to get some photos printed. I don’t know about you, but I never have a lot of recent photos printed and displayed in our house. It’s such a good present to do this for the mom that you love. I usually get my photos printed at Target online, by the way, but plenty of others sites do it.

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is nice and all, but what’s really awesome is breakfast in bed paired with a clean kitchen and empty sink. You know what I mean? 

A no-chore day

A no-chore day for a mom is usually not something that ever happens. If you have the ability to give this gift … go for it! Laundry, dishes, clean house, cooking meals — take care of it all for momma, and she will be very thankful.

Mother's Day gift guide - by A Lady Goes West - April 2020

Alright, I think we’ll end there with this list of the best Mother’s Day gifts for 2020.

Sending you lots of love, friends. Have a great start to your week!

P.S. If you want to order anything for a mom you love from Beautycounter, the regular ground shipping cutoff is May 1. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help choosing some great skincare, makeup or body products. 🙂 xoxo

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  1. What a fantastic list!!! Thank you for putting this together (the gifts under $100 were just what I was looking for). The best gift I’ve received in the past year was a song that was performed recorded for me by my boyfriend; I think this highlights how special personalized gifts or experiential gifts are.

    1. Hey Hannah! Oh wow, a personalized song sounds pretty darn amazing! That’s a gift that money can’t buy! Thank you for saying hi and for reading. 🙂

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