The best workouts on Les Mills+ (Plus formerly On Demand)

This post about the best workouts on Les Mills+ (Plus formerly On Demand) is a reader request!

Here’s the deal: You guys know I love my Les Mills workout classes. And I’ve been using Les Mills+ (Plus formerly On Demand) streaming service at LEAST once a week for the last six months, and usually a lot more than that. By the way, if you haven’t tried Les Mills On Demand yet, get a free 30-day trial of the service with my special Les Mills On Demand referral link here. Also: Les Mills On Demand is now called Les Mills+!

There are more than 1,000 workouts on the Les Mills On Demand service, with different durations, formats and overall vibes. And Les Mills On Demand just recently started doing live workouts too, which is an awesome development.

And fun fact: Although there are a LOT of great fitness brands out there offering workouts, nobody combines the music and moves quite like the Les Mills company. That’s the truth.

I’m going to share the specific workouts that I like the best from Les Mills On Demand. Of course, what you will like the best is totally up to you. But I’ve done a lot of them … so I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction. And I don’t do ONLY these workouts when I use Les Mills On Demand, but these are my favorites that I come back to often.

Side note: In case you’re new around here. I’m a certified Les Mills BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK and CXWORX instructor, and I’ve taught Les Mills classes in a live group fitness setting for more than 10 years. But right now, I’m just a happy Les Mills On Demand participant, as my gym has been closed for almost six months.

The best workouts on Les Mills+ (Plus formerly On Demand)

The best workouts on Les Mills On Demand by A Lady Goes West

Let’s start with this. Here are my top programs:

  • For cardio: BODYATTACK (even just 30 minutes of this program is plenty, and you can take out all the jumping, if you don’t like impact). If you’re super hardcore, you could also try GRIT Cardio, which is always 30 minutes. No equipment needed for either program. People love BODYCOMBAT too, but it’s not my jam. It’s cardio-based as well and martial-arts inspired.
  • For strength: BODYPUMP (even a 30-minute session will do). If you like to do high-intensity interval training, then GRIT Strength, which is always 30 minutes, is amazing. And CXWORX (which is not full-body, but is still super valuable and targets the trunk/core muscles) is effective too. You’ll need a barbell for BODYPUMP, a barbell or weight plates for GRIT Strength and a band and weight plates for CXWORX. 
  • For flexibility: BODYFLOW (which doesn’t require equipment) and Barre (which is only 30 minutes and requires two small plates) both feel amazing on the body.

Now, let’s get to specifics. Here are the actual release numbers of my favorite workouts on Les Mills On Demand:

Les Mills Barre #9

Focus: Full-body strength and flexibility

I love Les Mills Barre, even though it’s not easy at all. This workout is shot in a dark warehouse, the music is good, the moves are challenging, but doable, and I just love the way it feels on the body. All you need is a set of small plates and a mat.

You can do this workout in the bare feet or in grippy socks, and you need a little bit of space to do some of the combinations. Les Mills Barre is a full-body workout, and you feel a little cardio, flexibility and strength in one.

Even if you aren’t a dancer, you will feel so graceful during and after this workout. And don’t get frustrated during your first try, go back to it several times to really get the moves.

Les Mills GRIT Strength #30

Focus: Full-body HIIT strength 

This is probably my favorite Les Mills GRIT Strength release, and that’s because the moves aren’t super complicated. I love the long ladder sequence in the middle with a lot of barbell work, because barbell work is my favorite kind of work.

This workout is only 29 minutes, and you are so spent at the end, you feel like you were working for multiple hours. The moves are nice and simple, so you can pick them up quickly and just focus on intensity. Big fan of this one.

I also really like GRIT Strength #29.

Workouts on Les Mills On Demand by A Lady Goes West

Les Mills Training Strength #1

Focus: Full-body strength 

This type of workout was exclusively made for Les Mills On Demand, and it’s SO good.

I’ve repeated this same 40-minute workout several times, because it is a full-body strength experience that isn’t quite as demanding as Les Mills GRIT Strength, but it’s still really good. And you see every move in the class two times, which is helpful for perfecting technique and adding intensity.

You can use dumbbells or a barbell, and I’ve done it with both options. There’s also some yoga at the end to stretch, which is so cool. I’m a sucker for a good hybrid class, and this one does it. I would highly recommend it, because there are even some cardio bursts, so you really feel like you are getting a cohesive workout.

In fact, I wish they would make more of these Les Mills Training workouts, based in strength.

CXWORX on Les Mills On Demand by A Lady Goes West

Les Mills CXWORX #30

Focus: Core strength

Here’s the deal: The first time you do CXWORX, you aren’t going to like it. The moves will seem awkward, your core will be on fire, and you’ll be so over it. But stick with it.

This release has some amazing moves and just the right amount of challenge. You may not be able to complete all of the hover portions on your toes, but give it a go. You do need a band and weight plates for this workout. And the standing strength portions are my absolute favorite — you will feel your side glutes and hips working like crazy.

I also really love CXWORX #34. And I highly recommend CXWORX for Runners #1 and #2, because they both have an additional track.

Les Mills BODYPUMP #113

Focus: Full-body strength

This is one of the newer BODYPUMP releases, and I taught this one in person before our gyms closed down.

The music is good. And the big tracks, like squats and back, are super tough, but in a good way. And it’s got a lot more functional training than some BODYPUMP workouts of the past.

The music is great. It’s a solid and fun release. It’s best to have a bench for this particular release, but I don’t have a bench at home, so I do it without. BODYPUMP is definitely my true group fitness love, and even though I’ve taken breaks from it throughout the last 11 years, I always come back to it. This is the first program I was ever certified to teach.

I also really love BODYPUMP #112, BODYPUMP #100 and BODYPUMP #95. But let’s be honest, they are all good. I would definitely suggest looking for the “metabolic blast” remixes too.

CXWORX workout on Les Mills On Demand by A Lady Goes West

Les Mills BODYATTACK #107

Focus: Full-body cardio

BODYATTACK is so fun, and I truly miss teaching and taking this program. I actually haven’t been doing it very often at all, and I should change that.

BODYATTACK has a lot of jumping, but you can still get in a great workout by keeping your options low. This particular release is super solid, with simple and classic BODYATTACK moves and great music. I’m a big fan of a 30- or 45-minute BODYATTACK session, as well. And make sure you wear supportive cross-trainer sneakers too.

I also love BODYATTACK #106, so would suggest that one too.

A few other notes about the best workouts on Les Mills On Demand …

  • I love the variety in the “Hybrid Workout” section, so I encourage you to look there as well to find combination workouts with pieces from different programs put together.
  • If you haven’t tried streaming Les Mills On Demand on your smart TV through Roku, go for it. The bigger the viewing device, the better. All you have to do is pull up Roku, search for Les Mills On Demand, and sign in on your computer. So simple!
  • As I mentioned before, there are now live workouts on Les Mills On Demand. I haven’t joined for one yet, but definitely plan to. That’s a cool innovation.
  • Short workouts are the BEST. I totally recommend checking out the short ones for each program. I almost always go for the short ones, and then do more than one at times.
  • There are some brand new bodyweight workouts under the “Trainer Series” heading that I can’t wait to test out soon, and I’ll report back on those too.

Les Mills On Demand by A Lady Goes West

Free 30-day trial to Les Mills+ (Plus formerly On Demand)

If you haven’t tried Les Mills On Demand yet, hop over and use my special 30-day trial link

And that’ll do it for today! 🙂

Thank you for stopping by the blog today to read about the best workouts on Les Mills On Demand! I’d love to see you over on Instagram too, so you can check out which Les Mills On Demand workouts I’m doing each week.

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  1. Hi Ashley! I loved reading this post 🙂
    My favorite Les Mills programs are Grit Strength and CXWORX. I also love doing BodyAttack at the gym but it just doesn’t feel the same at home, I guess I am missing the energy of the group and the space for all the running around 😀
    I have tried the Trainer Series last week and they are really good, similar to the Les Mills Training programs but shorter (25 minutes) and bodyweight only. I did a cardio and a conditioning workout and they were great, they had some surprise moves that you don’t normally see in Les Mills programs which I loved (like sprinter lunges).

    1. Hi Andrea! I agree that BODYATTACK is WAY more fun in an in-person setting, so I’m with you there. I’m planning to try one of the trainer series workouts this week, so thanks for sharing your quick review — YAY for new stuff. Have an awesome day, my friend. Thank YOU for reading! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your suggestions! I’m going to try the Grit 30 and Barre 9 today during my 30 day free trial of Les Mills On Demand since I’m off work this week. My favorites are the step classes, Body Pump, ab attacks in CX and Body Combat. I love the huge class settings with high energy. Such a 360 from other apps like FitOn and Peloton. I might get a subscription after my trial! I can tell a difference already after 2 weeks. I wish the navigation made it clear which classes I’ve already taken, but otherwise it’s great. 🙂

    1. Hi Carol! Yes, you can totally feel the Les Mills difference with the workouts set to music — I need to do BODYSTEP more, I just don’t have a step at home hehe. And I hope that Les Mills plans to make some improvements to the app tracking in the future for sure, but at least the actual workouts are great. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  3. My favorite is Grit Strength 25! Also, I never enjoyed any spinning class until I started doing The Trip. It’s fantastic!

  4. I’ve been subscribing to Les Mills on demand since the beginning of the pandemic and I JUST found the hybrid workouts – you are right on -they are really good!!
    Also, Bodypump #113 is my all time favorite, so I feel like we agree in all of the other things, too. #113 has some of the best music and the instructors are really great.
    Some of the Les Mills is really daunting to me like the Plyo stuff – I want to expose myself to all of the workouts then decide what I can grow into.
    Great post!

    1. Hi Amy! If you want to try GRIT Plyo, I would recommend wearing some good cross-training sneakers, clearing your space, and try to do one of the shorter versions of the GRIT Plyo class, like the 15-20 minute ones, with a warm up, some tough work, then go take a stretch or BODYFLOW to cool down. You don’t have to do ALL the jumping, but maybe ever other jump and build on from there. But remember, you don’t have to do do Plyo to get in a great workout, so keep doing what you’re doing and try new things as you feel ready! 🙂 So glad you’re a Les Mills fan!

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