The seven most popular items I’ve shared that you’ve bought in 2021 (reader favorites)

Hello, my friends! We’re doing something a little different today that I haven’t done before. I was taking a look at some of my analytics last week, and I thought it would be fun to see what items I’ve shared on the blog and on social media that have resonated the most with you.

The best thing about sharing things that I love with you is knowing that you may end up loving them too. And these are all some of my (and even Dave’s) favorite things we own. Let’s get into the reader favorites …

The seven most popular items I’ve shared that you’ve bought in 2021 (reader favorites)

The seven most popular items I've shared that you've bought in 2021 (reader favorites) by A Lady Goes West

These are listed in order of popularity based on your purchases through my affiliate links. And as a reminder, when you shop through the links I share, it supports me, so I appreciate you. (Also, all of these items are still available at the time of publishing this post) …

Beach Riot Piper leggings

These were the first pair of leggings I ever bought from Carbon38, and they got me hooked on the Carbon38 site. They are so incredibly flattering. They have the highest waist of any of my leggings, and they just feel fancy. I wear a medium, and I actually have these in three different patterns, but leopard is my favorite. I’ve had these leggings for about a year-and-a-half, and they still look new. Find the Beach Riot Piper leggings here.

(Always a reminder that if you use the code ASHLEYPITT on Carbon38, you get 15 percent off your first two orders of $100 or more.)

Carbon piper leggings by A Lady Goes West

Carbon38 Cloud Compression high-rise leggings with pockets

What makes me happy about seeing that so many of you have bought these leggings from Carbon38 is that I bet you are as obsessed as I am after you get them. I wear these leggings multiple times a week, and they are so affordable. I have them in five colors now, and I tell everyone about them. They are that good. I wear a medium, and I love them so much. Find the Cloud Compression high-rise leggings with pockets here.

Carbon cloud leggings by A Lady Goes West

Lululemon ABC men’s joggers

I’ve put these joggers on two gift guides for guys, and I’ve bought them for Dave multiple times (and he wears each pair at least once a week). They are so good. Apparently you guys took my recommendation and bought these for the gentlemen in your lives too. These have been around a while, which lets you know they are quality and they last. Love that! Find the Lululemon ABC men’s joggers here.

Lulu joggers

CeCe Off-the-Shoulder ruffle cuff blouse

I have to admit that this item surprises me, because I only shared it a couple of times. But it must have been just when many of you were in need of a pretty top. I have a small in this top, but I would rather have it in a medium, so the off-the-shoulder portion was a bit more loose. This top comes in plenty of colors and patterns, and you can tuck it in or leave it out. Find the leopard off-the-shoulder blouse here. Find the solid color off-the-shoulder blouse here.

Off the shoulder top by A Lady Goes West

Spanx faux leather leggings

I’ve had these leggings for longer than I’ve had anything else on this list. And I’ve shared about them quite a bit. These run a bit small, and I’m wearing a medium. I realize a lot of other brands make shiny leggings like these, but I can’t say enough about the fit of these — they are almost like compression, because they form and shape perfectly to your body in a comfortable way. Big fan. And because I’ve had mine for a while, you can be sure they last. Find the Spanx faux leather leggings here.

Faux leather leggings by A Lady Goes West-2

Quay Jezebel Sunglasses

I bought these sunglasses before our trip to Jamaica this summer, and I’ve been wearing them daily ever since. I don’t like to spend a lot on sunglasses, because Brady usually ends up ruining them, or I drop them. These sunglasses are very affordable, and somehow, they’ve stayed totally in tact for five months too, so that’s a big win. I like bigger sunglasses, and these do a decent amount of face covering. They are also nice and light. Find the Quay Jezebel Sunglasses here.

Big sunglasses by A Lady Goes West

Alo Yoga Foxy Sherpa Jacket

I bought this jacket in January after eyeing it for maybe a full year. And once it arrived, I was so happy I finally invested in it. It’s not cheap, but it’s high quality. It’s warm. It’s fashionable. And it even has a removable hood, so it’s like you have two jackets in one. I have a small in the ivory color in this jacket. Find the Alo Yoga Foxy Sherpa Jacket here.

Alo Sherpa by A Lady Goes West

And that concludes the list of the most popular things that I’ve shared that you’ve bought this year.

A great selection of reader favorites! Thank YOU for loving them like I do. Have a great week! 🙂

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