Three affordable wellness and self-care products I’m currently obsessed with

Sharing some wellness and self-care products I’m currently obsessed with!

Last week, during the week, I went to dinner with three of my girlfriends, and while we were sitting there nibbling on our Mexican food, we started talking about things that we had been using and enjoying in our wellness routines. I talked about two of these items below, and that single conversation inspired this post.

So sit back and relax, and pretend we’re chatting over dinner, because I’m about to share some self-care products I’m currently obsessed with, friend to friend, minus the mediocre Mexican food …

Three affordable wellness and self-care products I’m currently obsessed with

Three affordable wellness and self-care products I'm currently obsessed with by A Lady Goes West

The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller

Current price: $69 (but I have a promo code for you below, I found via some research)

I should have ordered this ice roller long before I did. I’ve been a fan of the creator of this product for a while, and I listen to her podcast as well. The creator is Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Show, and her show is probably my favorite podcast right now. I ordered this ice roller a few months ago and then didn’t take it out of the box (as usual) for quite some time. Finally, just before the holidays, I put this beautiful pink product into the freezer.

The first time I pulled out my Hot Mess Ice Roller from the freezer was the morning after a holiday party, when I was definitely feeling tired and puffy. Rolling this ice-cold roller along my face and neck was a shock to the system at first. It came out of the freezer so darn cold. Then, that shock turned into bliss. It felt heavenly. While the handle is easy to hold (it doesn’t get too cold), the aluminum part is frigid in the best way.

To use: You roll gently upwards and outwards on the face, and not only does the act of massaging your face provide a great sensation, but it also does some real work on your appearance. Massaging your face with an ice roller can support lymphatic drainage and move any extra puffiness out of your face and even minimize pores and redness too. My face feels noticeably tighter after an ice-rolling session, that’s for sure. Brady has even taken this from me on occasion and rubbed it on his face too, because it feels so nice.

The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller by A Lady Goes West

(Meet The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller)

To me, having an ice roller always seemed like some extra item I didn’t need in my arsenal. But now that I have one, I’m literally obsessed and feel like it’s essential. You can ice roll in the morning to get your skin ready for the day, and you can also ice roll at night as part of your wind-down routine. I haven’t worked up to using mine daily yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s where I’m heading. Friend to friend … treat yourself to one of these or gift one to somebody you really care about.

The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller by A Lady Goes West-1

You can buy the Hot Mess Ice Roller for full price on Amazon here.

But, you can also buy the Hot Mess Ice Roller directly on The Skinny Confidential site and use the promo code ICEQUEEN (which I found via a little research) for a 20 percent discount and free shipping.

Happy rolling! If you buy this and try it, you’ll have to let me know if you love it as much as I do.

MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin + Hair Growth

Current price: $79 for a monthly supply (but I save 10 percent with subscribe & save)

From face rolling to vitamin sipping. I had never taken a liquid multivitamin until I started taking MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin + Hair Growth a couple of months ago. And it’s actually a nice little treat to enjoy two spoonfuls of this flavored product after breakfast.

I found out about MaryRuth’s because it’s all over social media. And while a lot of brands can be all over social media and not be worth investing in, turns out, this one is. I’ve totally enjoyed taking the MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin, and in just two scoops, it’s got nearly everything I need every day.

Before this, I was taking a prenatal, vitamin D, iron, vitamin C, Nutrafol and more pills every single day. And almost every morning after taking all my vitamins (which I always do after breakfast), I’d get the tiniest queasiness in my stomach (which started happening after I switched from oatmeal to yogurt for breakfast). I was used to it for a while, so it didn’t slow me down, but I didn’t love it.

Now, I’ve pulled back on a lot of the things I take (it was far too much), and I’m only on MaryRuth’s, and it doesn’t hurt my stomach at all. And boy it saves me some valuable time in the morning to have pared back to two spoonfuls, instead of 8 to 12 pills or more. (Although, this particular vitamin doesn’t have fish oil/omega-3s, so I may add those back in separately.)

Self-care products I'm currently obsessed with by A Lady Goes West

(Meet MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin + Hair Growth)

Before writing this post, I did a little reading up on the benefits of liquid multivitamins. And apparently the vitamins and minerals in liquid form are more quickly absorbed into your system than if you take them in capsule form. Because of that, the potency is actually a bit higher as well. I’m sold on that, because if I’m spending the time taking a vitamin (or buying one, for that matter), I better be absorbing it, you know?

This particular version of MaryRuth’s also has skin and hair support through a proprietary blend. While I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed any major positive improvements in my skin and hair (it’s still early for that), I do feel good knowing that there are ingredients in this vitamin that are working in that department too.

As a reminder, you want to try to get most of your nutritients from your real-food meals. But there are always gaps to be filled in, and that’s where this liquid multivitamin comes into play. I’m really glad I ordered it on a whim, because it’s now part of my routine.

Liquid vitamins by A Lady Goes West

You can find MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin + Hair Growth on Amazon here or on the brand’s site. I signed up for automatic monthly refills on Amazon, so I save 10 percent that way, which is great, because it takes about a month to get through the bottle, and I’m just about to start bottle number three.

Fun fact: Get yourself a good/deep tablespoon for this liquid multivitamin, because you don’t want to be spilling any of it. Been there and done that.

Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler

Current price: $35

And for the final self-care item I’m currently obsessed with … I’ve been a trendy Stanley cup user and lover for well over a year, and I’ve never had a problem carrying around that big 40-ounce situation. For many, many months, I’ve carried that cup in and out of the gym, up and down the stairs in my house, in and out of the car, and basically anywhere I go.

However, we had a pretty rainy January and February here in Charlotte, and early on in the rainy days, I noticed it was a struggle to carry my umbrella, my Stanley cup, my gym bag, my phone (which I use to get into Life Time, so I need it out every morning) and my tennis bag. Juggling all this stuff on multiple occasions in the rain made me realize I needed to streamline some things in my life. (Fun fact: Focus on what you can control. I couldn’t control the rain, but I could control how much stuff I had to manage while moving through said rain.)

Stanley IceFlow Tumbler by A Lady Goes West-1

(Meet the Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler)

I knew I didn’t want to give up my Stanley cup entirely, because I love that it keeps my water cold and has a straw that has helped me up my water intake like crazy (160 ounces a day, no matter what, for me). But I wanted something I could put in my bag without having to carry it separately. Enter: The Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw. Yay!

This Stanley cup keeps my water frigid, is the same great quality as my other Stanley, and I can fold the straw and put it in my bag so I have one less thing in my hands. This cup has truly made my long walk into the gym (employees like me have to park pretty far away from the front door) a lot more convenient every single day.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I still love my 40-ounce tumbler and use that at home. But I don’t bring it into the gym any longer, and this keeps me a bit more hands free, a minimum of five days a week.

Three affordable wellness and self-care products I'm currently obsessed with by A Lady Goes West

(Here’s my gold tote bag, which is another great addition to my life as of late.)

The IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler comes in a ton of colors, but I went with the muted cream, because that’s one of my favorite colors. It holds 30 ounces of liquid, either hot or cold, but I’ve only used it for cold so far.

I think this particular product has added to my wellness and self-care, not only because it keeps me hydrated, but also because it’s something I’ve selected to make things easier on myself. And that’s real self-care right there. 

You can find the Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler on Amazon here. And you can also find it on the Stanley site here.

Maybe you don’t need a new water cup, but is there something in your life you can streamline too, friend? Here’s your nudge to do so.

And those are the three!

Thanks for coming by to read about the three wellness and self-care products I’m currently obsessed with. If you have anything you’re using and loving in your life, feel free to share with me/us in the comments below. Go off and have an amazing day!

*There are some affiliate links in this post. The purchase price is not altered, but if you shop through my links, you do support me. Thanks for that!

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  1. Hi Ashley. Some of the things I do to try to keep healthy and take a minute for myself (lol) – a shot of Asea water. I think it can be purchased on Amazon. Tastes like salty water but great benefits. A dropper of Methylene blue in my first cup of coffee. Tried it with water, too strong, can’t taste it in my coffee. A spoonful of mineral waters in our water pitcher or my water cup. Two tablets of nitric acid later in the day. And some red light infrared therapy! I usually break it up in two 15 minute sessions but really try to do it everyday.

    1. Wow, Joanna! I love that you have all these cool daily tricks for your wellness. I want to know more about the methylene blue for sure! Maybe I’ll do some research. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Great post! I’m a huge fan of Mary Ruth’s products! Fun fact, she does a monthly fireside chat/Q&A session and usually gives away a few free products to attendees (just have to pay shipping). It’s always great and there’s usually some inspiring stories from participants.

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