Top 10 simple and clean store-bought healthy snacks

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Hi, friends! What could be more fun than talking about healthy snacks?

Exactly! That’s why I’m so happy to be sharing with you some of my favorite store-bought snacks. And I say store-bought, because I didn’t cook or prep any of this stuff. 

And while I love a good home-made protein ball or home-made energy bar, I just don’t have the time to do those right now with little Brady demanding my attention — and when I want a snack, I need it right in front of me. So today, we’re going to look at a bunch of healthy and clean snacks you pick up straight from the shelves of your local grocery store.

And this one is a reader request, so I’m super happy that my friends at Whole Foods Market 365 were interested in partnering on it. A win win.

Before we get started, remember … I like to eat healthy food. I don’t count calories or macros, I don’t cut out any food groups, I don’t have any food intolerances, and I’m not a registered dietitian, so what I recommend and suggest works for me, but it may not work for you. You should eat what makes you feel GREAT and only you can figure out what that is. 🙂 

10 simple and clean store-bought healthy snacks

Top 10 simple and clean store-bought healthy snacks by A Lady Goes West

I found all of these items at my local Whole Foods Market 365 in Concord. I’ve mentioned Whole Foods Market 365 on the blog a couple of times, but in case you need a reminder — it’s a more affordable version of Whole Foods Market, with a lot of convenient grab-and-go items and the same great quality standards and products.

A new location just opened in Concord (about 15 minutes from me), and I’ve spent WAY too much time there already. You can find out where the other Whole Foods Market 365 stores across the nation are here (and there are more coming to the Bay Area soon).

Let’s get to the snacks …

1. Organic apple + peanut butter

Apple and peanut butter store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

Nothing is as simple and as satisfying as a good ol’ organic apple and some minimal-ingredient peanut butter. When it comes to apples, because you eat the skin, it’s best to buy them organic. And although I would love to buy EVERYTHING organic, that’s not always possible, but with apples, you really should try to get the best option available to you. This is a gala apple, which is one of my favorite varieties. I cringe at the thought of green apples. Anyone else?

2. Organic banana + almond butter

Banana and almond butter store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

Another classic, which seems to make its way into my day every single day — you really can’t go wrong with a banana and almond butter. These single-serve Justin’s almond butter packets travel really well, and they help you with portion control, because we all know it’s hard to stop at just a couple tablespoons of tasty nut butter. Fun fact: You have to knead the packet before opening it. Trust me on this one. It will give you a way better nut butter experience. (Is that a thing?)

3. Sourdough rye crispbread crackers + tahini

Tahini and Finn crisps store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

Never tried tahini? It’s so good and full of healthy protein and not strange at all. Made from nothing but organic ground sesame seeds and salt, it pairs well with these Finn Crisp sourdough rye crispbread crackers as well as rice cakes. And I feel like tahini is one of those silent heroes, never getting a lot of credit. However, it’s versatile and nutritious. You can even put it on fruit, veggies or a sandwich. As far as the crackers? They are all natural, 100 percent whole grain and full of good fiber — with, of course — a minimal list of ingredients.

4. Siggi’s yogurt

Siggi's yogurt store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

You know I had to put yogurt on this list. Yogurt has protein and fat and, of course, probiotics. Typically I go for the plain yogurt, but when you’re eating it alone as a snack, it doesn’t hurt to choose a flavor. And 4 percent or whole-milk yogurt is always my choice. Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt is good stuff, it’s all natural, has milk from grass-fed cows, no preservatives, etc.. But most importantly, it tastes delicious.

5. Rxbars

Rxbars store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

Have you heard of these RXBars? I only tried them for the first time a few months ago, and I was instantly a fan. The ingredients are SUPER clean and stated right on the front of the package, and they have a lot of protein too (12 grams a bar, to be exact) from egg whites — which is awesome. All of the flavors are good, but I’m partial to these two. Remember, there are a lot of bars out there in the market that can have their place in your diet, but if you’re aiming for a healthier or cleaner bar, you have to look at the ingredients list, and Rxbars are high ranking in the clean department.

6. Rice cakes + nut butter

Rice cakes and nut butter store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

Remember when rice cakes were thought of as a sad diet food? So far from the truth. Rice cakes are the perfect vessel for sooooo many things. However, I find them a tad messy with crumblings, so I wouldn’t eat them on the go, and this one is more of a stationary meal. These Lundberg Family Farms rice cakes have nothing but organic brown rice and sea salt on the ingredients list, and you can top them with nut butter, tahini, smashed avocado or even cream cheese — your choice. I, of course, always go with a nut butter for some fats and protein to add to my crunch. I also like to throw some chia seeds, a sliced-up banana or goji berries on top too.

7. Trail mix

Berry Bounty trail mix store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

Something I try not to do? Eat my trail mix straight out of the bag, because I literally cannot stop myself. So, when you’re eating trail mix as a snack, portion a serving or so out into something else and then get started on your snacking session. It’s hard to choose a favorite trail mix from Whole Foods Market 365, because they are all so inviting, but this 365 brand Berry Bounty one is fairly clean. Now, I just have to keep Dave out of my stash — he’s a trail mix monster worse than me.

PSA about trail mix — there are a lot of varieties out there with tons of chocolate — and those won’t be the best choice. Look for ones with more nuts and seeds, and as always, eat with moderation, as this may be the biggest calorie-bomb on this list — but oh so tasty. 

8. Larabars

Larabars store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

I must say that Larabars are my original favorite snack bar, because they are the cleanest of the clean. Now some people worry that there are too many carbs in Larabars because of the dates. I don’t have time for that worry, because they are tasty and healthy, and carbs are our friends. I’m not scared of the natural sugar in fruit anyhow, as you’ve gathered from the other items on my snack list. Here’s a fun tip: If you want to up the protein or fat content of a Larabar (for instance, if you’re eating it pre-workout), throw some extra nut butter on top. I love to do that.

9. Purely Elizabeth oatmeal

Purely Elizabeth oatmeal store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

Yes, I know, oatmeal is for breakfast, but it can also make a good snack. And not just any oatmeal. Those little sugary oatmeal packets of our youth are not the best choice, but this Purely Elizabeth brand has nine grams of plant-based protein, is organic, has a clean ingredients list and is gluten free as well. And all you need is hot water (or hot milk for extra creaminess) to prepare it. I love oatmeal cups, because you don’t have to get a dish dirty. You feel me?

10. Forager Project organic probiotic smoothie

Forager smoothie store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

Now I like smoothies as much as the next guy, but I’m much more into eating my calories, which is why there are no other liquids or juices on this list of snacks. Straight juice doesn’t have any protein or fat either, which means you’re not going to be satiated. Instead, this Forager Project organic smoothie actually has dates, probiotics, chia seeds and a dairy-free nut-milk blend, so there’s plenty of protein and fat. And it’s oh-so-creamy. This wouldn’t be an everyday snack, but perhaps more of a special occasion snack. And yes, there is such a thing as a special occasion snack.

Honorable mentions for other store-bought healthy snacks 

And there were a few that almost made the list, which I didn’t want to leave out entirely …

  • Cage-free pasture-raised hard-boiled eggs + hot sauce or sea salt
  • Carrot sticks + hummus + almonds
  • Cottage cheese + slivered walnuts
  • Dates stuffed with nut butter

Wow, I’m getting hungry just thinking about all this!

The moral of the story with snacking is that you want to watch your portions, try to get some protein and fat, and the cleaner the ingredients list, the better. And of course, only eat what you enjoy and what makes you feel good inside!

10 simple and clean store-bought healthy snack by A Lady Goes West

A couple more things about Whole Foods Market 365 before we go: They have an awesome loyalty rewards program for members, which is free to join, and there are random flash sales and deals for members nearly every time you shop. Also, there’s a taqueria, vegan burger bar and juice shop inside the store in Concord. What more could you ask for? Perhaps I get a little too much joy out of healthy food shopping … so let’s end this one here!

Disclaimer: This store-bought healthy snacks post is sponsored by Whole Foods Market 365. I received compensation as well as a gift card for product, however, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who support A Lady Goes West.

Have a fab day, my friends! Happy snacking!

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Questions of the day

Which of these snacks would be your favorite?

What’s a weird snack combination you love to eat?



  1. Love all of these snacks! And I use tahini as a salad dressing base but never thought to spread it on crackers, love that idea. I usually always eat hard boiled eggs and drink some kombucha when I get home from work. I also love RX and Larabars when I’m on the go. I always keep a few of those plus some raw almonds in my emergency snack bag, lol.

    1. Hi Patricia! Good work! And yesss to the emergency snacks — I’ve always got mine with me too. And a cold kombucha after work sounds amazing each day. Hope your week is going well, lady! 🙂

  2. I’m getting hungry reading your list, too!

    I love and regularly eat so many of these items. Bananas + almond butter = major snack win. And portion controlled trail mix is snack goals for me because that’s haaaaaaaaaaard.

    Thanks for the tips on the tahini and rice cakes ideas. I used to eat rice cakes with tuna and mustard but haven’t done that in a really long time. I like the idea of putting something sweeter on top like a nut butter and chia seeds because that could satisfy my sweet tooth.

    The only bad thing about this post is that there are NO 365 stores near me nor are there any “future stores” coming soon to my hood. Just another reason for me to invite myself out to come see you! Hehe.

    1. Hi Courtney! Oh man! Yes, looks like you’re going to have to visit to experience the 365 store hehhe! That’s fine with me! 🙂 Hope your week is going well, lady!

  3. I love tahini! Does this brand separate? The kind I usually buy does and it’s difficult to mix together. Most of the oils ends up spilling all over the counter. 🙁

    1. Hi Stephanie, this brand does not separate for me —– it’s just quite liquidy — but not just oil, it’s all of it — so I used a spoon to pour it, and I keep it in the fridge. I’ve also bought brands that separate, and that’s not fun — you are right, TOTAL MESS. Happy to hear you’re on the tahini bandwagon ahahha! 🙂

  4. Hi Ashley,
    This is a great blog. We can’t get through the day without a good snack or two. Trail Mix has to be my favorite item.

  5. I love these! I eat a banana with almond butter each and every day so I guess that’s my fav.

    And actually a weird snack I used to eat when I was younger that I kinda forgot about was tahini topped with some balsamic vinegar, and dip pretzels into it. It’s so good! Can I say some kind of healthy pretzels to make it a healthy snack?? Haha.

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