Top five things I learned this week

Today marks the end of the first full business week I’ve spent in “Everybody’s Favorite City” (a nickname of San Francisco).  The reality of a cross-country move is not pretty, and still today we are without our belongings, which are apparently even more delayed in transport.  Not only is eating off paper plates getting old, but so is putting on the same four outfits that I’ve continued to wash and wear.

Colder weather is here, and this Florida Lady is ill prepared.  Yesterday I went out to buy some sweaters and closed-toe shoes to get me through a few more days until our stuff arrives.  And although I love shopping, something is less enjoyable about it when you are shivering and in need of the clothing for actual survival.  But I persevered and came home with a jacket, a blazer, some sweaters, tan pants and even some shiny black riding boots.  Don’t worry, I found the intersection of function and fashion in all of my purchases.

Here are the top five things I learned this week:

  1. San Francisco is green.  It seems nearly every single garbage can in the commercial areas (as well as at our place of residence) is not simply an all-purpose trash receptacle, but has separate compartments for waste, compost and for recyclables.  We haven’t quite figured out what goes where just yet, but we’re getting closer.
  2. Downtown San Francisco is mostly for adults.  I’ve truly seen only a handful of children in a full week’s worth of walking around.  Granted, this is the urban core, but still, there are not even any little ones hanging around the hotels.
  3. Business folk like the lunch-time workout.  There are quite a few 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m. group fitness classes at my new family of gyms (24 Hour Fitness), and these classes are packed with people on lunch break.  In fact, I even saw a couple of secretaries enter a group fitness room early and set up the equipment for their bosses who arrived just as the class began.
  4. Walking cities are good for you.  I’ve walked well over two miles a day this week to get to the places I needed to be.  It seems totally normal to be on foot for at least 15 minutes to reach a destination, and the fresh air does a body good.
  5. Tap water = tasty.  I like the tap water.  Apparently it’s safe too.

I’ll totally fit in here once I find some friends.  I can just tell.  🙂

That concludes my top five list.  I’ll leave you with a couple of interior shots of the 700 square feet of glory we now call home.

The kitchen.

Living Room
The living room.
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