Vuori clothing review: The best tennis outfit and activewear set from Vuori I always wear

A Vuori clothing review! We’re talking about the best tennis outfit and best activewear set from Vuori!

You know I love to talk about activewear, and that’s what we’ve got today. Also, I hope you’re doing well, friend!

It must have been about a year ago that I placed my first order from Vuori for activewear, and I have loved nearly everything I’ve received. Since then, I’ve placed many orders and been so pleased with the clothing. I’ve even bought Dave several outfits as well. This very casual California brand is becoming more and more popular, and I’m happy to spread the good word about it — because I buy it and I wear it.

Vuori clothing is more affordable than Lululemon, and I think the quality is great. Vuori offers a lot of athleisure as well as performance pieces. I only shop online to get my Vuori, and I’ve found that some of their clothing runs a tid bit big — in other brands I can be a small or a medium, and I’m mostly a small in Vuori. Also, as a fitness professional, I get a great discount on all things Vuori, and that’s awesome for me, because I wear a lot of activewear (every single day of my life, to be exact).

(By the way, you can always find links to the clothes I’m loving and wearing through my LTK page here.)

Vuori clothing review: The best tennis outfit and activewear set from Vuori I always wear

Vuori clothing review The best tennis outfit and activewear set from Vuori I always wear by A Lady Goes West

Let’s chat about my favorite pieces …

The best tennis outfit from Vuori

I’ve been playing tennis for almost exactly two years, and for the first few months, I wore regular workout clothes to play tennis. Then, once I got more confident, I started buying some real tennis clothes, and I’m so glad I did. It feels much better to run around the court in a skirt than leggings. And this is the tennis outfit I wear the most often …

The best Vuori tennis skirt by A Lady Goes West

These days, one of my favorite things about tennis is the tennis skirts — for real! I have quite a few to choose from, but there’s one particular skirt I gravitate to. (And by the way, you don’t have to play tennis to wear tennis skirts. They make a great casual outfit for anybody, any time.)

Vuori tennis skirt by A Lady Goes West

(Find the Volley Skirt here.)

I’ve tried quite a few brands of tennis skirts, and there plenty of good ones out there, but my absolute favorite tennis skirt is the Volley Skirt by Vuori. Not only is the price right (it’s only $68 at the time of posting this), but the regular length is great for a 5’8″ lady like me (and it comes in regular and long), and it has a flattering waistband, comfortable fit and shorts underneath that don’t ride up. And there’s a little pocket for tennis balls. I have this skirt in white, and I’m probably going to need to get it in other colors. I wear a small, regular, in this style skirt.

Whenever I wear my Vuori Volley Skirt, I pair it with this Vuori Elevation Plyo Tank or this Vuori Pose Fitted Polo, and they go great together. The Fitted Polo hits right at the waistband of the Volley Skirt on my frame, and the Plyo Tank shows maybe an inch or less of tummy, which is totally tennis court appropriate. The Plyo Tank has a built-in bra, but the Fitted Polo does not. Both are made from sweat-wicking fabric that stands the test. And the Fitted Polo has a slightly ribbed feel, which I love.

The tennis out by Vuori by A Lady Goes West

(Find the Pose Fitted Polo here.)

Even if I wasn’t a tennis player, I think I’d still love this outfit, because it’s cute, functional and affordable. And these days, tennis fashion can be worn on and off the court. I’ve been wearing this best tennis outfit once or twice a week for like six months straight. 

The best activewear set from Vuori

Although I play tennis a couple times a week, I work out almost every day of the week, so I have even more of a need of regular activewear. When I buy workout clothes, they need to last. I was worried that Vuori wouldn’t hold up like Lululemon does, but so far, it performs well and it stays looking good. And this particular set is my absolute favorite to wear …

Vuori activewear set by A Lady Goes West

I’m all about the Vuori Clean Elevation Leggings. And I wear my two pairs of these two or three times a week at a minimum. I love the thicker fabric, and the tight fit, because they feel compressive. And they stay in place when I’m teaching classes or doing my own workouts.

I have these leggings in black heather and in a grey camo (that grey camo isn’t offered any longer). And every time I slide them on, I’m reminded what a great flattering fit they have. You know, one of those pair of leggings that you just feel good in. That’s what these are for me.

Vuori leggings by A Lady Goes West

(Find the Clean Elevation Leggings here.)

The Clean Elevation Leggings come in short, regular and long lengths, and I buy the regular length, size small. Now, these are not my highest waisted of leggings, but they still are on the higher side and hit just below my belly button. The only downfall of the Clean Elevation Leggings is that they don’t have side pockets, but the fit is so good, I can forgive that. Also, they are priced right at only $98.

Vuori tank by A Lady Goes West
(Find the Elevation Plyo Tank here.)

And the Elevation Plyo Tank goes so well with the leggings. I have the Elevation Plyo Tank in a few colors, and my favorite set to wear is the black heather tank and leggings together. This is my go-to set for my solo workouts. But when I’m teaching classes I just do the leggings and pair it with one of my Life Time instructor shirts, which we’re required to wear. 

Overall these two pieces of workout wear have been my best purchases in the last few months, and they’re the ones I grab the most frequently. It took me a long time to branch out from Carbon38 and Lululemon, and I was reluctant to try Vuori, but I’m so glad I did. And as I do with most other things in my life I’m loving, I wanted to share about these with you.

Let’s chat about a few more Vuori clothing review pieces …

Other Vuori clothing review honorable mentions

  • More leggings. I still wear these Daily Pocket Leggings all the time, and I love that they have a tie waistband, which makes them look different. I wear both a small and a medium in these. I actually kept both sizes. They are also only $98.
  • Joggers. Vuori probably became popular because of its joggers, and they are so comfy they feel like pajamas. I have these Performance Joggers and this Short Sleeve Halo Crop, and once it gets a bit warmer, I’ll be sure to pull them out again as casual wear. The Vuori fabric is really, really soft.
  • Sports bras. I’ve tried a couple of the Vuori sports bras, and they are totally fine for casual daily wear and for yoga, but they aren’t quite supportive enough for some of my bigger workouts, so I’ve only kept one of them. I have the Daily Bra and I wear it all the time, but it’s one that I put on under a sweatshirt on a casual day, instead of for a workout. 
  • Men’s clothing. I’ve bought Dave both activewear and even some work clothing from Vuori over the last year, and he’s loved it all. The Meta Pants are some of his favorite work pants. And the Strato Tech Polo is a shirt he has in multiple colors and loves. We think the men’s clothing runs true to size, by the way.

Vuori clothing review by A Lady Goes West

That’s it for my Vuori clothing review. Thank you so much for coming by A Lady Goes West and have an amazing day! Also, you can always find links to my outfits on my LTK page here.

And remember, the first step to getting more movement is putting on the right gear. So if you need a boost for your workout motivation, treat yourself to a new piece. 🙂 

*There are affiliate links in this post. If you shop through my links, I do earn a very small commission, and the price of your item is not altered. Thanks for the support!

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  1. Love Vouri and I love their store on Union St in SF
    I’m about to get my brother his first pair of joggers from there.

    Ashley, I just started working out for the first time in over a decade. I’ve been a long time reader but sometimes just scrolled past your workout for the week and now I am reading all of them!

    Remind me, have you done a post of tips for working out for beginners?
    And what it’s like to teach a class of mixed levels?
    Really curious about your perspective as I am in classes that are mixed levels and I am so impressed that everyone leaves exhausted!

    1. Hi Sabrina! Thanks for saying hi! That’s SO cool you’re back to working out after time away! Major props to you, because starting up is the hardest part. Here are some posts that may be helpful, and I’ll keep your topic requests handy for future posts! 🙂

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