Wednesday updates from out west

Well hello there, Wednesday. How is it mid-week already with a new month starting tomorrow? Time flies.

Because it’s the last day of the month, I thought I’d provide some random, unrelated commentary of what’s going on right now in the life of the Lady out West (that’s me, of course).

  • It’s hot in San Francisco. We are having a two-day, out-of-the-ordinary heatwave, in which temperatures could reach 80 degrees in the City. The sun is shining, and I love it. This Florida-born Lady enjoys warm weather through and through. For the next two days, I’ll be marching around in capri-length workout pants, and my lower legs will be basking in the sun’s rays.
  • The Golden State Warriors are still in the NBA playoffs. Tomorrow night could be the deciding game in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs with the Warriors vs. the Clippers. With the recent controversy around the Los Angeles Clippers owner, there has been even more coverage and press than normal of this playoff match-up. My money is on the Warriors. Go Dubs! Be sure to watch the game tomorrow and wear your blue and yellow.
  • I’m sore. After taking four days off for a wonderful wedding weekend away in Boonville, I was really feeling it when I taught BODYPUMP last night, as my first workout back in the gym since teaching a Thursday BODYATTACK class. I also taught BODYPUMP early this morning and have to teach another BODYATTACK class this evening, so my body is a little tight right now. Regular rest days are important, which is a topic I’ll cover in the future. But too much time away is a little hard when you’re an instructor and have to jump back in full force after a break. Today, I’ll be doing extra stretching and hydrating.

The good news is that my gel manicure from last week is still going strong. Yellow nails sure do shine brightly in warmer weather, especially ones that were done with a discount.

Yellow nails

And with that, my thoughts are complete.

Usually, I try to provide useful and valuable content for all you fabulous readers of A Lady Goes West, (for instance this post on the importance of sleep, and this post on how to wake up early to work out) but sometimes … it’s hot, you’re sore and you just want to use a few bullets and call it a day.

Have a great one. I’ll be back tomorrow with something of substance, so come back again soon, ya hear?

Questions of the day

Do you have anything big planned for May? What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

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  1. SURE DO have some big things planned for May. It’s my Birth-Month, gotta celebrate haha. Oh man, is it ever hot here in California right now. Hoobuddy. I’m roasting. I think it’s in the 90’s? At least, that’s what the mail station woman told me. I can’t convert what that means in Celcuis, but I know it’s enough for me to not want to wear pants.

    1. That’s great it’s your birthday month. And yes, it’s super hot right now. People are complaining left and right. I know it will be a quick spell, so I’m enjoying it while I can.

  2. Ahhh, you’re so lucky to have sunshine. It’s been raining here in Toronto for 4 days now and we’re still expecting another 3 days ahead of us. I.Want.Sunshine lol! Your nails are really pretty!

    1. I guess it’s a good thing your workouts lately have been designed for inside. Stay dry! Our warm weather is only supposed to last today and then get cooler again this weekend.

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