What I’m doing to have a healthy postpartum recovery

My friends, I’ve only ever been postpartum one time, and I’m only about nine weeks into my postpartum recovery — with a long way to go — but I’ve already been compiling some things that I wanted to share with you. And there’s a giveaway for some awesome Vital Proteins collagen in here too, so don’t miss that. (By the way, according to most professionals, it takes about a full year to “get back to normal” after childbirth, so postpartum is not a short time-frame.)

What I'm doing to have a healthy postpartum recovery by A Lady Goes West

I have to preface this by saying that this is what I’ve been doing just for me. Before you choose to do anything, you should check with your doctor and do what’s right for you. This is not a prescription for success, it’s just my thoughts, so you can take it or leave it! But I feel pretty good, so I know it’s working for me.

My healthy postpartum recovery essentials

Supplementing with collagen

While pregnancy often brings luscious hair, long nails and glowing skin, after delivery, the immediate drop and change in your hormones often means that us new mommas are left looking … well … not so good, because that wonderful “growth phase” of pregnancy is over. All of a sudden, your skin gets dry or even breaks out, your hair gets brittle and sometimes falls out (I haven’t experienced this yet), and if you had stretch marks during pregnancy (OMG — thank goodness, I didn’t get these!), they can appear ever present, meaning your entire body can look a little mangled. Add that onto recovering from delivery, and you’re not feeling so hot.

Enter collagen. I used to supplement with collagen before getting pregnant, and it absolutely improved the thickness of my hair, which as you can see in pictures, is pretty darn thick. Then, I cycled off of collagen during pregnancy and knew that I would get right back on it after delivering Brady. Why? Collagen is the most prevalent protein in our bodies and helps bolster our joints and enhances skin and bones, and high-quality collagen supplements can support all of that.

Vital Proteins collagen creamer by A Lady Goes West

I happen to think that as long as your doctor approves, collagen is a great choice for postpartum women, to help support your skin, hair and even improve your gut health and joint health too. I’ve been adding a scoop of Vital Proteins collagen to my morning tea every morning, and so far, my skin hasn’t been too terrible. 

Vital Proteins is my collagen brand of choice, because they use the best of the best, and have a great line-up of products. I love the collagen peptides, unflavored and vanilla for my morning tea, as well as the new coconut milk-based creamer too. So good! See below for a giveaway prize package of all the collagen goodness.

Getting my placenta encapsulated and taking the pills

Okay, don’t click away from this post yet (I mean, you still have to enter the giveaway), but I got my placenta encapsulated into pills after delivery and then took the pills daily for six weeks postpartum. As you all know, I used a doula to prepare for labor and delivery and to attend my labor and delivery. My doula was also the one who did my placenta encapsulation service.

Basically, the placenta (which is the organ where the baby grows and lives inside you), is delivered shortly after the baby comes out. Then, the placenta can either be given to the hospital to use for testing or to dispose of, or you can sign some papers and save your placenta. I elected to save mine, and because my doula was in attendance at my birth, she handled getting it into the refrigerated bag and taking it with her to process outside of the hospital at her home and we didn’t have to worry about any of that.

Placenta encapsulation pills by A Lady Goes West

I chose the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of processing the placenta, which means the placenta was dried out and steamed and put into capsules. And the day after we got home from the hospital, my doula dropped about 110 capsules with instructions off to me, and I started taking them right away. I took two pills with breakfast and lunch for about six weeks, which is the normal amount of time. And why did I do this? Because ingesting the placenta essentially means you are taking back in the iron that you lost when you delivered the baby, as well as other valuable nutrients, which can all can boost your energy, aid your uterus in recovering and much, much, more.

However, these benefits are NOT scientifically proven and some health care providers do not believe in this practice, calling it unsafe, but I believe in it — (and it’s been around in ancient cultures, but is still a little new in the U.S.). In fact, because of what I’ve gone through with my fertility issues leading up to getting pregnant and having Brady, I like to seek alternative means at times outside of conventional medicine and have had a ton of success with Eastern medicine. And not to mention, my midwife from my OB practice, who actually delivered Brady, was fully on board with placenta encapsulation as well.

Placenta encapsulation pills 3 by A Lady Goes West

Placenta encapsulation pills 2 by A Lady Goes West

Did the placenta pills work? I think so. I did not have ANY postpartum depression or baby blues symptoms at all, nor did I have any issues with my milk supply or breastfeeding — all of which I would like to attribute to taking my placenta pills and reintroducing all of those valuable nutrients into my body that I had grown during pregnancy to create a home for my developing baby. It’s truly not as gross as it sounds. 🙂 

Following the advice of my doula and resting

I can’t believe I went back and forth on whether or not to get a labor and delivery support doula. It was absolutely the right decision, and after interviewing two doulas, I’m totally confident that I chose the right one. (I went with Kathryn Webb of Red Tree Birth Services, and I would highly recommend her!) Not only did she help me (us) prepare for childbirth (read my birth stories here and here), prepare for staying in the hospital and then was actually there to help us make decisions and cope with labor, but she was integral in supporting me in a safe and healthy postpartum recovery. Here’s what my doula did …

  • Encouraged me to do NOTHING but rest the first two weeks after birth. She told me I could possibly feel a burst of energy and needed to ignore that and focus on laying down as much as I could.
  • Gave me some worksheets to help plan who was going to help with what once we got home from the hospital, so that I could be free to rest. Dave and I were able to use the worksheets to discuss our plans ahead of time and have it all laid out.
  • Reminded me to rest when she came to visit me after we got home from the hospital. Once again, emphasizing the importance of laying down and snuggling with Brady, rather than running out to the grocery store or organizing my things, because of course, I had forgotten.
  • Explained to me how even if I was feeling okay physically, my insides had a long way to go to heal up, and her words rang in my head whenever I was attempting to do too much. I totally took them to heart.
  • Suggested that I wear a waste trainer/support girdle in order to help my uterus stay in place and encourage it to shrink. I bought one and literally did NOT want to take it off. I wore it every day after the first week through the sixth week. This is the one I wore and loved. I would tell any postpartum woman to think about having some sort of stomach support, because it just felt great to have everything held in tightly and securely. I took it off to shower and sleep, and that’s about it.

Basically, my doula was not only available to answer my questions leading up to Brady’s birth, but she visited me two times after his birth and counseled me to do all the right things for a healthy recovery. The rest was key. I know that if I had tried to push myself to be very active in the beginning, I may not have healed so quickly.

Other things that have helped my postpartum recovery …

There were a few other things that helped me to recover (and let me say that I am still recovering, because eight weeks out does NOT mean that I am back to normal, nor will I be for a while) …

  • Eating warm and nourishing food. Chinese Medicine often suggests that you eat hot and nourishing meals, like broths and soups in order to help warm up your reproductive organs to support their healthy functioning. When you eat mostly raw or cold foods, your body has to spend energy warming up that food in your stomach, which can take energy away from warming up and maximizing the use of your reproductive organs. I totally believe in this, and other than sushi a couple of times a week, I tried to eat mostly hot and cooked food and a lot of fat. I loved the feeling of eating miso soup and hot bone broth — it just felt right.

Favorite lunch of the week by A Lady Goes West

  • Stocking up on important postnatal care supplies. I took as much as possible home from the hospital, and there were a few supplies that I couldn’t have lived without. I highly recommend loading up on the following, because you need a lot of stuff when you’re in that post-delivery phase:
  • Slow walks in the fresh air. About two weeks after giving birth, I went out for a very slow walk with my mom and Rudy. We moved at a snail’s pace and stayed outside for less than 20 minutes, but that fresh air felt awesome. We continued to do that each day, keeping things nice and short, until I felt strong enough to add a few minutes at a time. I knew that moving my body in this gentle way was right for me at the time, and I waited until I was sure that was the case.

Walking with water by A Lady Goes West

(Another tip? Drinking LOTS of water and always having it with me, and this is something I’m trying to continually get better at it, even though I consume a lot. Breastfeeding and being tired can be dehydrating, so there’s always a need for more H20, and this is my current favorite bottle, which I can drink with one hand.)

  • A hot daily shower. I know that we’re supposed to cut our shower time down for the sake of the environment, but as a postpartum new mother, those moments in the steaming hot shower were the best of the day for me. As long as you have someone around to watch your little one, just go for it. I scrubbed my skin, let the hot water massage my head and soaked up the quiet time. Taking hot showers was truly me time, and I loved them and felt so recharged each day after taking one.
  • The kegels. This should be a friendly reminder to all women to do your kegels. All the time. And also, I’ve heard of pelvic floor physical therapy, which can be helpful after childbirth. I didn’t think that I needed it, but I’m sure it’s very beneficial. 

My overall postpartum recovery philosophy

I think that many women, particularly those in the fitness industry, are super excited about jumping back into their workout routines, regaining their physiques and getting right back into their activities, with their macros calculated and meals as clean as can be. I would have guessed that I would have wanted to be that way too with my postpartum recovery, but I’ve actually chosen to do things very slowly, and I can tell my body is appreciating it. I’m keeping my workouts shorter and lighter, I’m continuing to rest a lot, I’m taking slow daily walks and going very easy on myself. And I’m also not obsessing about eating super clean meals either, I’m focusing on lots of nutrients and also having plenty of treats, because quite frankly, I want them. And I always eat a slab of garlic bread with my plate of protein and veggies. Because bread. 

Right now, my focus is bonding with Brady and feeling healthy, and that mindset has done wonders for me. I haven’t set any postpartum body or fitness goals, and I’m spending the majority of my time with Brady rather than exercising or fixating on my different and recovering body. Although don’t get me wrong, I’ll be VERY excited to get back into my jeans and feel lean, but I know it’s going to take some time to get there, and it’s not my number-one priority right now.

Ashley and Baby Brady at three weeks by A Lady Goes West

I’ve kept up with friends, done eight million loads of laundry, but I’ve not been putting too much pressure on myself to get a lot of other things done, nor to eat perfectly or work out a ton. That’s why the blog has been updated less frequently, and that’s why I’m not already back to teaching group fitness. This laid-back approach is very healthy for me, and I’m glad I’m doing it this way.

I would definitely recommend that all postpartum women practice some kindness with themselves, because it’s the best tool for postpartum recovery around. Kindness wins!

And that about concludes my current postpartum recovery efforts, although every day I’m still working on healing and regaining my strength, while also learning to be the best mom I can possibly be. And yes, I absolutely love it! Let’s move on to that giveaway now …

Vital Proteins care package giveaway

Thanks to my friends at Vital Proteins for this one. (Although, please note: this post is not sponsored, I’m just a fan!). Oh and collagen can be beneficial for people in all walks of life, so this is not just for those in the postpartum phase.

Vital Proteins collagen giveaway by A Lady Goes West

Rules: One lucky winner will be chosen next week, and the giveaway will close on December 6. The winner must reside in the U.S. or in Canada. The winner will receive a collagen care package worth more than $110 including the following:

To enter the giveaway, use the widget below …

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As a closing thought: Postpartum recovery from childbirth and having a newborn is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding things I’ve ever done, but once you get through the initial super hard weeks at first, you already start to forget how hard it was. And YES, its worth every bit of effort!

Whether you’re pregnant, postpartum, or not interested in any of those things but interested in the giveaway, thank you for stopping by the blog today! Take care of yourself and stay vital! 

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Questions of the day

What’s your favorite warm meal?

What’s one way you can practice self-kindness today?


  1. Today I practiced self-care by doing my morning workout. It’s a time where I can think, be alone with my thoughts and get to just be. It’s an incredibly therapeutic time.

  2. Thanks for this post, it’ll be really helpful for me down the road. I’m currently almost 20 weeks pregnant! Today I am practicing self-care by going for a lunch time walk, doing a short workout after work, and snuggling with my husband & cats this evening 🙂

  3. I love collagen and this post reminded me that I need to get a new container of it, thanks girlfriend!

    My favorite warm meal is chili! Give me a big bowl of chili on a cold fall/winter day and I’m a happy camper.Self kindness today hasn’t happened yet. But after work, I have to go to the mall to pick my computer up from getting fixed. I may treat myself to something there. But then again it’s almost Christmas, so I may save my dollars and just do a face mask at home 🙂

  4. Good for you for taking things slow! It can be so hard to do as you adjust to becoming a parent and all that goes with it. Enjoy this time with sweet little Brady!

  5. So glad to hear that you’re recovering well and doing what’s best for you 🙂 I wish I had practiced more kindness to myself during postpartum recovery, but I had a very different (and not so great) experience with pregnancy and childbirth. My son was born at 24 weeks via emergency c section after a super complicated pregnancy. He was in the NICU for 4 months and I coped with the stress and emotions of that time with obsessive exercise. So yeah, I didn’t exactly ease back into things…ugh!

    Thanks for the giveaway! And keep enjoying this special time and lots of yummy treats 🙂

  6. Using kind/positive words to our selves is a very important one, another is to make sure we take time for our selves, even if its just a bath or a shower in peace. 🙂

  7. As I’ve noted before, I’m not a mom, but I totally appreciate your attitude and approach towards recovery! I’ll absolutely keep these things in mind whenever the time comes for me 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley! I’m glad you appreciate it — I know some people think it’s more inspiring to immediately bounce back, but I think taking time is just as inspiring! 🙂 Thank you for reading, lady!

  8. LOVE Vital Proteins! I would be SO excited to win!

    I practice self care by moving my body daily in ways that feel good!

  9. I’ve been wanting to try Vital Proteins so badly!

    I practice self care by eating nourishing foods and making an effort to move my body every day!

  10. I have been wanting to try Vital Proteins Collagen, but haven’t yet. Seems like everybody’s using it.
    Sounds like you have a good plan for recuperating. Good luck, Momma!

  11. Hi Ashley,

    I totally laughed at “no thongs people, its not the time” I cant even imagine any woman thinking that’s ok!! I’ve loved watching your journey and love your approach with everything. I am all about the placenta pills and have talked to my fiancé about it too, I’ll definitely be doing that also when the time comes. 🙂 I have my Vital Proteins every morning and sometimes twice a day, I’ve noticed a huge difference!

    Happy Wednesday my friend!!

  12. These are great tips! Being 6 months postpartum myself, i totally understand how difficult the recovery can be (and totally recommend pelvic floor PT!) I practice self care by going to daily walks with my girl.

  13. I am all about TCM right now and I am such a believer, all thanks to my incredible acupuncturist. I’ve been going through fertility treatment for almost a year and I have been going to acupuncture and taking herbs in between treatment cycles, hoping something will work! I will definitely look into the encapsulated placenta when my time comes, although I feel like my husband wouldn’t be so into it. Also side note, I am so dying to try collagen and it just popped up in my local health store which I tend to prefer vs. the prices at WF.

    1. Hi Allison! Sooo glad to hear you are going to acupuncture! It can totally be a game-changer for you, as it was for me. I also took ubiquinol when trying to get pregnant, have you heard of this? Ask your acupuncturist. Thanks for saying hi, lady! Wishing you lots of good thoughts!

  14. Such great advice that I wish I had postpartum. I tried to get back to normal life too quickly and didn’t give myself enough rest which I really regret. Now I try to listen to my body more and actually rest when I need to. My favorite self care activity now is laying down with a good book?

    1. Hi Erin! I think a lot of women fall victim to doing too much too quickly, because that’s what everyone wants to see us do. I’m sorry that happened to you, but if you learned from it, you are better off for the future! 🙂 Thanks for saying hi, lady!

  15. At 38 weeks pregnant with baby 4, I have been practicing self care by napping when my other kids nap! Normally I would run around doing as much as possible, but finally with baby 4 I’ve realized the importance of rest for my own well being! I have been looking at trying collagen and would love to win!

  16. I love that you’re so open with sharing all this info, I read it all and know I’ll hopefully come back to it one day when/if I become a mom. I had never heard of the placenta pills, but am so interested in that. I too have tried to read into less conventional forms of medicine.

    And LOVE vital proteins! My favorite warm meal is chili with tortilla chips 🙂

    1. Hi Patricia! The placenta encapsulation thing is a little alternative right now, but I hope to see it become more popular. Totally look into it! And YESS you will be quite prepared with info when your time comes, lady. Thank you for always reading! 🙂

  17. Self care is so important! I like to make time for the little things, like brewing a hot cup of tea and putting my feet up after work, getting in a workout, taking a hot shower, putting on a face mask or painting my nails, etc.

    1. Hi Courtney! I like to get a good dose collagen in the morning, so the tea is the answer for me. It dissolves and you hardly know it’s there! Enjoy! 🙂

  18. It’s so easy to forget to show yourself kindness and love, especially as a mom with so many responsibilities! My “me time” usually involves a workout or sitting down with a good book (it doesn’t happen as often as I would like these days, but it’s so important to take time for yourself)! If you don’t take care of yourself first, you’re no good to your loved ones. 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren! So true! What’s that phrase — you can’t pour from an empty cup — we have to take care of ourselves to be around for those who need us. 🙂

  19. Thanks for the post. I just had my baby a week ago and enjoyed reading. I have also been very interested in callogen supplement.

  20. I love this post! All of your tips are spot on!
    Lately I have been focusing on breathing exercises and meditation. This time of year can be stressful! Plus I have a few health issues I am dealing with so taking 10-15 minutes to breathe is helpful!

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re having some health issues, Brandy, but YES to breathing. It’s amazing how much slowing down to breathe can do for us! Hope you get better soon!

  21. We are in the process of moving (first time in 16 years – yikes! and right before Christmas?!?) so a reminder to practice self care is really appreciated! Today I’m just going to remember to drink my water, try to go easy on myself, and take some time out just to sit and focus on my breathing. I have arthritis in my hip and add collagen to my coffee each morning. I think it really helps!

  22. I try to take a few minutes for myself doing something I enjoy: taking a bath, reading a book, or watching a show that I actually want to watch.

  23. Today I practiced self-care by getting up to workout…and then taking it easy when I realized that my body was exhausted. My 10 month old son is cutting teeth, so sleep is a luxury we don’t have these days, haha. So I have to be kind to myself daily!

    1. Hi Susie! Sorry to hear about your sleep, but we didn’t get much either hahah! Taking it easy is super important when you are low on sleep. Thanks for saying hi!

  24. I really wish I’d been able to encapsulate my placenta. We planned to and my midwife’s office even asked specifically beforehand if we planned on it, but when Zander was born not breathing, they cut the cord quick and all our plans went out the window. I delivered the placenta 4 minutes after he was born and all the focus was on making sure he was okay, as it SHOULD be, but my husband didn’t remind them to save the placenta and a nurse cleared it away so they could stitch me up quickly. I also wish I could have recovered better, but since I was discharged 12 hours later to go be with Zander at the big NICU hospital, I was no longer a patient and had to live without a room at that hospital, just a chair next to his NICU bed, which was tough, and I would absolutely stay as long as I could next time around, and be a lot lazier at home with a newborn that first week! By week two I felt like people expected me to be up and about faster because we hadn’t been home, but walking around the NICU every day, walking to get food in the hospital cafeteria, and it seemed like I should be more mobile – but in retrospect it should have been a slower return!

    1. That is so awful, Alyssa! I’m so sorry to hear it! I’ve actually heard from other people that they got discharged early when their babies needed extra care — and that just doesn’t sound right to me. 🙁 I hope you have fully recovered, and if you ever go through childbirth again, you get to have more downtime.

  25. I love, love, love and ADORE this post. I am also hoping to hire a doula and do placenta encapsulation. I did a prenatal yoga teacher training over the summer that really drove home for me the importance of giving yourself that bonding time with baby after birth and RESTING for a full 6-8 weeks before returning to physical activity.

    I agree with you that the fitness industry is WAY to focused on snapping back and how quick you can start working out again. For the health of my body and my baby, I am going to be following your lead! <3

    1. Thank you, Jen! I do think that a lot of people have been surprised I’m not back to teaching and already doing a lot of HIIT, etc., but I KNOW that it’s not right for me just yet, and I’m glad you agree. The whole “bounce back” thing is too much. Women and mothers have SO much to go through, that it’s okay not to have your physical appearance as your first priority so soon after birth. And I loveeeeed doing prenatal yoga at home almost 4-5 times a week my third trimester!

  26. Yesterday’s self care: A lovely, post-dinner walk and some time to watch my favorite show before bed, after a longggg day at work.

  27. Lately I’ve had a genuine need for self compassion. I don’t practice it as a rule, my sister does and is a strong influence.

  28. My self-care lately has been taking lunch time walks in the sunshine. For me it’s important this time of year since it gets dark so early… Also, lighting a candle while cooking dinner. I enjoy cooking and I love lighting a candle as a reminder to take the time and enjoy it as dinner time is often a rush.

  29. A nice big bowl of chicken and veggie soup is one of my favorite warm meals at the moment :). Collagen is part of my morning green tea every day!

    I’m glad you all are doing so well and recovery is going smoothly for you. I’m not a parent yet but am amazed by my coworkers who come back to work after 8 weeks (or less). I hope America decides to focus on parental leave soon, the average family can’t afford to take 12 weeks (what is allowed under FMLA) of unpaid leave. I can’t imagine how tough it is on families. When we start a family, I’ll be able to take off the full 12 if I want, but I know many don’t have that option.

    1. I KNOW, Jessie! It’s amazing to me that a woman would be expected to perform fully at her job after 8 weeks. There is NO WAY you could have the mental capacity for that, and there needs to be more support for families to take longer time off. So terrible!

  30. Glad to hear you’re doing so well!!

    My self care today is going to the gym! I haven’t had a chance to go all week so I’m finally making it happen. I’m going to lift alllll the weights:)

  31. Your daily posts with Brady are so pleasant and refreshing. And I can always count on your nutritional suggestions to be honest and researched.

    1. Dana! I love to hear from you! Thank so you much, lady! I hope you’re doing well and love to see your fitness journey going SOO well post-baby! 🙂

  32. To be kind to myself – realize I am doing the best I can and give myself some slack for the dirty floors and pile of laundry. My kids are loved!

    1. Hi Allie! I heard something yesterday on a podcast all about that if your kids are happy, safe and healthy — that’s ALL you need to accomplish. Seriously, who cares about the dirty floors hehehe! Thanks for saying hi, lady!

    1. Hi Ali, Oh man — injuries can play with your mind, I know. But just remember you WILL get better, and rest and taking it easy will get you there. And there’s nothing wrong with taking a little time off exercise. There may be some things you can safely do too. Keep your head up! 🙂

  33. I made a nice warm batch of baked oatmeal this morning and ate it with coffee and my little one year old. We listened to music and she helped me start my day with a smile. Self care in the morning really sets me up for a good day.

  34. thanks for sharing your post-partum story. I had no idea about encapsulating the placenta! when my mom gave birth to my sister, someone had recommended to use the placenta to wash/wipe her face. it was recommended for a better complexion or something along those lines!

    now to answer your questions. my favorite warm food is fresh banana bread out of the oven! as for self-care, i decided to sleep in today since my stomach was feeling well. skipped my workout this am, but didn’t feel bad about it!

    1. Okay, rubbing the placenta on the faec? Weird, but I totally get it heheh! You can also put breastmilk on their faces hehehe! And yayyyy for banana bread! Send me a loaf — it’s my fave! 🙂 Hope you feel better soon!

  35. Love your approach to recovery! Glad to hear things are going well for you, your body, and that your son is growing and healthy! If it makes you feel better, Aubrey started doing long stretches sometime just after 8-9 weeks old, so it may be on your radar soon!
    My favorite warming meal lately has been one of Simply Quinoa’s recipes: Slow Cooker BBQ Lentil Sloppy Joes…I can’t stop making them! They’re so good over potatoes or rice or even pasta!

  36. First, I just want to congratulate you on your new baby and say that I am so jmprrased with your patient attitude toward health and fitness postpartum. That is incredibly smart and so good to hear! I think self kindness is so hard already just as it is, but seems even harder to practice as a new parent, so way to go!! I am trying to practice self kindness particularly in just letting myself fully feel my feelings, even when uncomfortable. I struggle with anxiety, so doing this practice is challenging, but I have faith that it will come with time!

    1. Hi Bonnie! Congrats on your little one! And I mean, the first month, showers were my ONLY alone time! Take more than one a day maybe hhehhehe! Thanks for saying hi, lady!

  37. Give myself grace! This time of year can be so fun but also so hectic! This year I am trying to be more kind to myself and remember it is OK if I don’t do it all.

    Thanks for sharing your post-partum story. I appreciate the real talk and tips!

    1. Hi China! Thank YOU for reading! And there’s no way to do it all during the holidays and really any time of year. Remember — you’re probably doing a lot more than you think already! 🙂

  38. Hi Ashely! I’m glad your enjoying post pregnancy and you’re all fine. I’ve noted some of your best practices because I’m on my second pregnancy. Unfortunately I did not have any post partum regimens from my first and yes, my hair grew thin and still experiencing hair fall after that and I’ve had stretchmarks but never too late to try these collagen tips. I’ve read a lot about them helping with skin, hair, bones and nails. I also agree placenta is not only healthy for babies but healthy to use with proper processing since it contains a lot of nutrients. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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