What is the perfect day in San Francisco?

I have an idea of the “perfect day” for me in San Francisco.

A great workout, some pampering, learning something new, spending time outdoors, buying something, seeing a show and eating delicious food.

A couple of Saturdays ago when we had some free time, Dave asked me what I wanted to that day.  Out of nowhere, I listed off grand activities and indulgences fit for a luxury vacation.

Clearly, those those activities were not in the cards for that day, but it got me thinking about a perfect day and what I would really want to do, if money and scheduling were not an issue.

Here’s what I would call a perfect day in San Francisco …


  • Wake up around 7 a.m. after a full eight hours of sleep.
  • Have a quick breakfast.  Walk out into the breezy, crisp air to a Les Mills group fitness class at a nearby gym.  Perhaps I would teach the class, or perhaps I would take it.
  • Break a sweat.  Work hard.  Go home, get ready and put on a brand new outfit.
  • Walk to the Ferry Building and get a fancy coffee, sample some fresh fruit and home-made granola bars and pastries from the local vendors.  Sit by the water, and enjoy the view.
  • Stroll through the neighborhoods to a spa for some pampering.  Maybe Spa Vitale at the Hotel Vitale for its waterfront view and relaxation package.  Or maybe the Nob Hill Spa at The Huntington Hotel for a dip in its outdoor reflection pool, a massage and a pedi.


  • Enjoy lunch al fresco on the Bay, at Epic Roasthouse or Waterbar, complete with champagne and fresh seafood.
  • Then, hop in an Uber to take a quick peek in a few boutiques on Chestnut Street in the Marina neighborhood for a new dress.
  • Get some fruity, frozen yogurt and a Pellegrino and find a grassy spot to lay in Fort Mason Park.  Maybe even doze off a little in the sun.
  • Go home, relax, catch a show saved on the DVR, and then get ready for the evening.


  • Attend an early evening cheese and wine pairing class at The Cheese School of San Francisco.
  • Continue the wining and dining at a tiny, intimate, dark, French restaurant like La Folie, for a multi-course meal, where the Chef presents each course with an explanation (I don’t even know if they would do this, but it would be a pretty cool experience).
  • See some live music or a play, maybe at the Independent or one of the small theaters around Union Square such as the American Conservatory Theater.
  • End the night at the Cheesecake Factory on the top of Macy’s with a big hearty piece of decadent dessert.
  • Walk home through Union Square, taking in the cool, crisp breeze and city lights.
  • Crawl into a cozy bed by 11 p.m., full, pampered, educated, entertained and with something new hanging in the closet.

I’d also consider adding a sunset cruise on the Bay to the evening’s line-up, but that might be overkill.

My agenda is probably too much to fit into one day, and it would definitely break the bank.  But, it would be just delightful.

Most people have a running list in their mind of things they want to do, eat and experience their city.  Imagine if you could put together a day that had it all.

So, what’s the line-up for your perfect day?

Perfect Day
Of course, I’d bring this guy along for the ride.
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