What moms really want for Mother’s Day this year

Hi, my friends! This isn’t your average Mother’s Day gift guide coming at you today. This is what moms really want, straight from a mom, as well as from other moms, because I did some crowdsourcing. And in case you didn’t know, Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, so if you haven’t gifted a mother in your life … I’ve got you covered today with some ideas.

What moms really want for Mother’s Day this year

What moms really want for Mother's Day this year by A Lady Goes West

Here we go …

Time to work out, uninterrupted. And access to good workouts.

A momma just wants to work out. Alone. Or in a class. With a plan in place, so she can feel like her time was effective.

You guys know that I definitely prefer to work out at the gym, but I had to work out at home for the first six months of Brady’s life, and it was so hard to get it done with him around (and he didn’t nap well back then either). During that time, Les Mills On Demand (my referral link, so thanks for using it, and you can read my review of the service here too) was a game-changer for me, so I at least had a fun and well-programmed workout in front of me, and I didn’t have to make things up on my own when I was already low on motivation — while also trying to wrangle Brady between sets. Even though I’m a Les Mills instructor and have access to the programs that I teach to follow for workouts, I don’t have access to the other programs I don’t teach. That’s where Les Mills On Demand comes into play — it’s the only way to be able to watch, follow along and experience all the Les Mills programs from your computer or phone. I love it. 

So yes, a subscription to Les Mills On Demand is an awesome gift, but what’s even “awesomer” is giving a mom a chance to work out on her own regularly. How could you help a mom you love do that? Maybe she doesn’t have access to gym daycare, or any kidcare at all. Then help her out in the morning or evening so she can get in a 30-minute sweat session before or after the kiddos wake-up or go to sleep. You will be a savior. 

As far as quality workouts: the Sweat app is another great program for at-home or gym workouts. And other than streaming workout services, studio gift certificates are always an excellent gift for a fitness-loving momma too — CorePower Yoga, SoulCycle or even a local shop (I can recommend a few in the Bay Area, if you need help). Give the gift of fitness, and the gift will keep on giving. 

Pampering. With a side of childcare.

Do you get my drift here? It’s all fine and dandy to get a momma a spa gift certificate for a massage, but if she has to wait a long time to use it, then find a babysitter for it and worry about getting things organized at home for that caretaker, it takes a lot of joy out of the pampering. That’s why, next time you think about getting a momma a blow-dry, a massage or a manicure gift certificate, figure out how her kiddos will be taken care of while she’s gone, so she doesn’t have to deal with that too. Priceless.

And by the way, pampering services are always welcome gifts. Dave got me a membership to the Drybar for Valentine’s Day, and I feel like it was the best gift ever — I had good hair and alone time multiple weekend days — and he always stayed with Brady so I could go. So amazing.

All the things that mothers really want for Mother's Day this year by A Lady Goes West - May 2019

A clean house, full fridge and empty hamper.

I’m a modern independent woman, but somehow, I still do most of the housework around our house. Yes, Dave is a better clothes folder than me, but I’m usually the one handling all the things inside, just because of the fact that I’m home way more often than him. I can’t imagine coming home one day to find all the laundry done and put away, the sheets washed and put back on the bed, the house vacuumed and all the groceries purchased and put in the right place. I can’t imagine. These are things I do multiple times a week and having them done for me sure would feel like a gift. Any other mommas agree?

Moms often have to handle 8-million household things in addition to their regular jobs, kidcare and everyday life. So if you really want to surprise a mom, figure out a way to get a bunch of insignificant things accomplished for her. Maybe you can do all this while she’s out getting pampered or working out. (You’ll see this concept come up quite a bit below in the crowdsourced section.)

An afternoon free to see a movie and browse the mall.

I have often talked with my momma friends about the fact that we’ve never wanted to go to movies as much as we do now that we’re moms and it’s not that easy. I haven’t seen a movie since Brady was born. It would be so cool to head to the theatre, see a romantic comedy, put my feet up on the chair in front of me (no judgement, only if someone isn’t sitting there), eat some of the snacks I snuck in my purse and soak it up. After that, strolling some stores and taking my sweet time to get home would be the icing on the cake. If I ever get a free afternoon, I’m probably on the computer working or running errands, but one day, I’d like to go to a movie and see what I want to see. And I know I’m not alone here.

A thoughtful display of appreciation through words, writing or pictures.

Let’s face it: Being a mom, particularly a mom of young children, can be incredibly draining and thankless at times. Sometimes all a momma wants is to be told she is (A) doing a great job (B) being an excellent mom, and (C) that her daily efforts are noticed and appreciated. You can show this through a card, a poem, a speech or through actions too.

Last year on Mother’s Day, Dave made me a framed poem that was “from Brady” all about the little things I would do for him daily as his momma when he was tiny, and literally, I bawled my eyes out when I first read it, and even now just thinking of that poem makes me cry again. It truly is the little things …

What mothers really want for Mother's Day this year by A Lady Goes West - May 2019

Crowdsourced answers straight from moms

I didn’t want to make this ultimate gift guide without some help from others, so I polled the A Lady Goes West Friends Facebook group (not a member? Join us today!) and my Instagram community on what they’d love to receive for Mother’s Day. Here are the answers …

  • Getting to sleep in
  • Botox (truth)
  • Essential oil starter set
  • Adidas sneakers 
  • Allbirds sneakers
  • Not having to change a diaper all day (amen)
  • A maid
  • A clean house and a day off from doing any dishes
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner (I’ve heard good things about this one)
  • Roomba
  • 35m 1.4 lense for my camera
  • A professional photoshoot with the family
  • Framed pictures of the family
  • Day at the spa
  • Manicure/pedicure gift certificate
  • 90-minute massage (because a 1-hour massage is just too short)
  • Mud bath (hmmm, this sounds fun)
  • Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler (I didn’t know about it until now and now need one)
  • Beyond Yoga workout pants (I need to try these)
  • Beautycounter cleansing balm (I agree, and you know who to ask to help you with this)
  • Hamilton tickets (sign me up for these too)
  • A pull-up bar installed in the garage (get it girl)
  • A mimosa and cards from my kids
  • A margarita
  • The Five-Minute Gratitude Journal
  • A picnic with the family, while the husband wrangles the toddler
  • A day off to do whatever I want without kids

I like them all! Such great ideas for Mother’s Day and any gift-giving opportunity coming up for the wonderful mommas in your life throughout the whole year.

The things that mothers really want for Mother's Day this year by A Lady Goes West - May 2019

As you can see, while material items are great, oftentimes a momma wants things that involve time, independence and appreciation more so than just some flowers or jewelry. Funny enough, not one person mentioned flowers, jewelry or food actually, so maybe save those for Valentine’s Day.

Sending LOTS of love to all the mommas out there, and to all the future mommas too — your time will come, and then you’ll be tired like the rest of us. 🙂  

Thank you for reading, friends! And thank you to everyone who contributed too! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

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