What’s in a name?

I went through a little exercise to get to the name of this blog.  It looked like this …

What do I plan to write about?

  • San Francisco
  • California
  • Being a newlywed with a strapping young lad by the name of Dave
  • The challenges of being in a new city
  • The beauty of taking every day one day at a time (something this OCD-planner has never done)
  • Getting situated in a new place
  • Discovering all there is to see in the Bay Area
  • Healthy living, mixed with a sweet tooth
  • Finding a job … a GREAT job
  • Finding friends … ones who have a lot to live up to compared to our Florida peeps
  • Finding a gym … do I teach or just take?
  • Finding a life
  • Staying warm … layers, layers, layers
  • Musings … just straight musings

What type of name would encompass all of that?

It had to be something with California, Golden State, Golden Gate, Bay Area, West Coast or Pacific in the title … as well as something noting the changes we are making, like adventure, exploration, lessons, learning, quest or discovery.  And, let’s not forget about the writing portion, being that it is my profession and passion … or would that be implied?

Here were some initial ideas …

  • Life Lessons on the Left Coast (too political)
  • Our California Chapter (b-o-r-i-n-g)
  • Written out West (sounds like the title of a crappy song)
  • SerendiPITTy (as suggested by my Mom, which unfortunately is already taken!)
  • Stories from the City (decent)
  • Left Coast Lifestyle (love the alliteration)
  • Healthy Dose of Life Out West (nope)
  • Golden State Lifestyle (nope)
  • Life is Golden (nope)
  • Hostess in the City (I love this one, but feedback has been it doesn’t quite make sense)
  • Uprooted Writer (offered as a suggestion to me by a savvy businessman, but not personal enough for these purposes)

They say a good name needs to encompass the subject of your blog’s content, as well as be easy to remember, and be something that is available as a standalone domain name so you can carry forward a catchy brand.  As I thought about it more and more, I knew my blog’s name had to show a little bit more of my personality.

It came to me one evening as I thought about how I jokingly, albeit constantly, refer to myself as “a Lady” — a Lady who does this, and a Lady who does that.  Well, this lady is going west.

There it is.


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  1. Ashley–super excited to find your blog. And even more excited about your Thursday night Pump class. So glad to see you are embracing the experience. Still jealous, Greg

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