When it rains, go work out

Rain, rain, go away. Do not come another day.

It has been pretty dry in San Francisco for the past year. In fact, some have said this drought is grounds for a state of emergency.

That all changed over the past four days, when it started raining non-stop.

A couple months after we moved here, we encountered a rainy season, and it was the most miserable time I’ve experienced while living in San Francisco. I’m now reminded of just how bad it is when it rains in the City.

It’s scary to walk around the Financial District with everyone else’s umbrella coming to gouge your eyes at every corner. The rain comes in from the sides, so you can’t help but get soaking-wet from the waist down anywhere you walk. It’s just awful.

Rainy days in San Francisco make me want to stay on my couch in my shoe-box apartment and watch TV with a tub of cream cheese icing at my fingertips. However, with work and classes, I’ve had endless commitments keeping me on the run and out braving the elements.

Lessons in the rain

What have I learned during this time? When it rains in San Francisco, people don’t hide in their homes in the face of inclement weather. They work out.

Some raw data to support this claim:

  • On a very rainy Friday night, I had my largest ever turn-out for my BODYPUMP class. I was hesitant to take on the new class on a Friday evening when it was added to the schedule a couple of months ago, since I myself didn’t like to work out at that time. But this little class has grown and grown, and it’s finally so full we nearly run out of equipment and space in the room. I had to drag myself out of the apartment after a long work-week on Friday to make it to the gym, and much to my delight, the group fitness room was bursting with energy and eager members before I even arrived.
  • On a very rainy Saturday morning, I had a pretty good showing in my BODYATTACK class. I was sure it would have been empty, since many of the people who attend live nearby and walk. The weather was so bad, that Dave dropped me off at the gym so I didn’t have to make my way on foot. I figured since I’d be sweaty after class that I wouldn’t mind the walk home in the rain, but the wind was so strong that my umbrella was flipping inside out, so I made it the short distance to Target and called Dave to come pick me up from there. (I picked up a few toiletries to make the stop worthwhile!)
  • On a very rainy Sunday morning today, I substitute taught a BODYATTACK class at a gym a couple miles away, and it was incredibly packed. The room was so hot and sweaty that the mirrors fogged up and people were slipping on the wood floor from the moisture. Wow. It was like a Bikram yoga class in there; and I loved it.

Moral of the story? Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you can curl up and retreat. Get out and get moving! Everybody else is doing it.

Western Chapter of Team Fun

Among the rain and workouts, this weekend marked a visit by my good college friend Chelsea. Chelsea lives in Colorado and frequently comes to the Bay Area and wine country through her role with the Wine Sisterhood. Chelsea had a couple nights in San Francisco, so on Saturday night she came over to our pad for some cocktails, then we all three went out to eat.


We dined at Barbacco in the Financial District, where we enjoyed some creatively topped bruschetta, kale salad (both shown below), wine and our own entrees.


We didn’t know the seating arrangements at Barbacco, and were surprised to be seated at a long communal table with another party. Just another bizarre San Francisco dining scene, complete with tasty food and excellent service.

Good friends, good times

It’s fun to catch up with Chelsea when she comes through town. We share a few college memories, which gets us laughing, and then talk about our lives as a grown-ups. Chelsea is a delight, and I love that we’ve seen each other so many times over the past year-and-a-half.

One of the perks of being Chelsea’s friend? Wine Sisterhood product! She always seems to come with a bag of loot for us.

Wine Sisterhood

Tried any of those wines before? If not, you should. But only after you work out.

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