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One of the number one things a blogger should do is provide fresh, relevant content on a consistent and regular basis to keep readers engaged.

A Lady Goes West = fail.

Now that I am working full-time and spending most of my waking hours in an office, I have less to rant about on my blog.

While the cold weather, on-foot lifestyle, and weekends of exploration continue, my Monday through Friday is much more routine.

I’m grateful to have fallen into the job that I have at Les Mills West Coast.  While it is not permanent, it is certainly a great way to spend my days, working alongside a diverse group of people and learning new things.

But even though I enjoy working and teaching several classes a week, I’m still someone who lives for the weekend.  I’m always eager for the bit of freedom that two whole free days offer, especially now that we have so much more to see and do.

This weekend was another good one, and it even included some noteworthy milestones.

  • I drove for the first time in California, braving the interstates, one-ways and aggressive traffic.
  • I prepared for and taught during a huge Les Mills launch event at a gym just outside the City.
  • We purchased a new piece of furniture and pulled out a bunch of wedding gifts and collectibles, which have been hidden away in boxes for months waiting to be displayed.
  • We went to a highly recommended restaurant in a new neighborhood and sat outside in 40-degree weather.

Dinner was at Foreign Cinema, a cool place in the Mission district where old films play on a huge outdoor screen, while seasonal dishes are served to your table.  Dave had made the reservation weeks in advance, and we dressed warmly in preparation for outdoor dining in the little courtyard between buildings.  The food was awesome, and the atmosphere even better.

The launch event was full of energy and totally worth the drive.  I showed up to find a fully packed group fitness room with members set up and ready to go nearly 30 minutes before class!

And, to top it off, our little 700 square feet of City space, is really starting to feel like a home.

I’m here.  I’m out West.  And, I promise to start writing more.

Teaching BODYPUMP 84 debut at 24 Hour Fitness Daly City.
Who’s that teaching the BODYPUMP 84 debut at 24 Hour Fitness Daly City?
Look at all those PUMPERS.
Just look at all those PUMPERS sculpting their chests.
Do we look cold?  Wore my jacket the whole dinner!
Do we look cold? This Lady wore a jacket the entire dinner!
Presenting, my first draft of decorating new shelves.
Presenting my first draft of decorating new shelves.
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