Barre class at Kit and Ace, Luzia show in San Francisco and my weekly workouts

While I love a lot of things about blogging and social media, the thing that is perhaps my favorite about it all is actually connecting with people in real life and mixing it with group fitness. This past weekend, I hosted a barre class at Kit and Ace clothing store in Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza, and it was so fun, because I invited a couple of bloggers, a couple of readers and friends too. (Remember when I hosted the first annual Bay Area Blogger Meet and Sweat at Orangetheory Fitness? This event wasn’t quite that big, but I am inclined to host another one soon!) Let’s check out my post-workout red face and the scene …

Barre class host at Kit and Ace by A Lady Goes West

Barre class at Kit and Ace in Walnut Creek

We met up on a very rainy Sunday morning before the store opened up to the public to chat and sweat together. I prepared a 30-minute barre style workout, which didn’t require a barre, weights or any equipment at all — but it had a lot of pulsing, isometric holds, plie squats and leg lifts galore.

After everyone arrived, we hung out, got to know each other and then I took the group through the workout. It was actually a little more sweaty and harder than I had anticipated, and some beads of sweat were definitely dropped on the floor in the middle of the beautiful Kit and Ace clothing store. Whoops! (Don’t worry, they had someone cleaning up after our session and before the store opened its doors!)

Welcome table at Kit and Ace by A Lady Goes West

The event was fun and everyone was treated to a Kit and Ace top of their choice (which is a MAJOR score, as that quality clothing is not cheap, and is perhaps the softest fabric you will ever encounter), as well as samples of Vital Proteins collagen peptides, Urban Remedy juice and coupons for a free KeVita kombucha. Thank you to all the brands who supplied goodies for us! We were so pleased!

Most of the girls were new to the brands, so I explained my love of Kit and Ace fabric and shared my story of using Vital Proteins collagen. (Just do it — so good for the hair, nails and skin when used on a regular basis.)

Barre class group at Kit and Ace by A Lady Goes West

Group at Kit and Ace by A Lady Goes West

I’m planning to do a few more open-to-the-public classes and events coming up soon, so if you’re local and would like to join, send me an email and I’ll put you on my list! We kept this one small, but there will be more. Perhaps we should take the pictures BEFORE the workout next time?

Rest of the weekend: Luzia show in San Francisco 

The rest of my weekend included going into the City with Dave to see Luzia, a traveling Cirque du Soleil show at AT&T Park. It was BEYOND amazing, and perhaps in my top two of Cirque du Soleil shows that I’ve seen in my time. So much color, fanfare, acrobatics, stunts and wonder, all about a dream world in Mexico. Dave loved it too! But first, the picture I made Dave take of me as we waited for the BART to take us under the Bay …

Ashley waiting for the BART in Oakland by A Lady Goes West

Before the show, we had sushi and appetizers at Ozumo on the Embarcadero and had delicious food, but a bit of a service debacle in which our last sushi roll wasn’t put in and didn’t end up coming out to us in time before we had to leave for the show. Oh well! This tuna tartare was pretty delightful though, so we weren’t too upset …

Ozumo in San Francisco by A Lady Goes West

What’s on tap this week: BODYPUMP 100

I’m traveling to L.A. for a couple of photo-shoots this week, including a follow-up with my favorite podcaster, woohoo! I’m also preparing for the big debut of Les Mills BODYPUMP 100 on Saturday the 14th in the U.S.. I’m team teaching with a couple of other instructors and cannot wait to share this monumental release with the members. 

My weekly workout recap

Speaking of fitness, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve shared my workouts, so let’s do it …

Weekly Workouts by A Lady Goes West

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday: Took a one-hour CP2 yoga class at CorePower, 11:30 a.m
  • Tuesday: Taught a one-hour BODYPUMP class, 6 a.m.
  • Wednesday: Did a one-hour POP PILATES class, 12 p.m.
  • Thursday: Taught a one-hour Bootybarre class, 6 p.m.
  • Friday: Practiced BODYPUMP at home for one hour, 5 p.m.
  • Saturday: Rest day
  • Sunday: Taught a 30-minute barre class, 10 a.m.

Overview of the week

This past week was the first time I had more than five workouts in probably a month. There was a good mixture of weights (BODYPUMP) and also some flexibility (barre, pilates and yoga). This week didn’t really include any individual workouts, and I didn’t make it to the gym for my solo weights session, but I plan to get back into that routine very soon. While I didn’t do any workouts that were specifically cardio, there was plenty of cardio involved in the classes, so I’d say this was a balanced line-up. 

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P.S. Thanks to Meghan for today’s “Week in Review” link-up. 

Questions of the day

How was your weekend?

Have you tried anything new yet in 2017?

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  1. How fun hosting the Barre event! I just read that a few of the athletic stores around the DC area do free workouts on Sundays I seriously need to take advantage of. It was a COLD and snowy weekend here so I didn’t really leave the house, which was kind of nice. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Patricia, Yes, a lot of athletic stores host little workouts, run clubs or yoga to get people, which is an awesome idea. You should go to one sometime! It’s fun! And I’m sorry you were snowed in! I bet you did some baking hahaha!

  2. I so wish I could join in on these meetups of yours and take your classes. This looked like such a fun one! And what a fab looking group of ladies!!!

    Happy Monday to you.

    1. I know!! I would LOVE to have you in class one day, somehow. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Monday, my friend! Have your boots come out for their once-a-year wear in the cold weather hahah?

      1. Hehe. I haven’t succumbed to boots just yet, but it was leggings, socks and Nikes for me all weekend!!!

        I will someday make a trip to San Fran happen and I will put in an early request for an itinerary filled with at least one Ashley-taught class. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. So fun! I’ve been hearing SO much about Kit and Ace lately – but you’re so right that their pieces aren’t cheap!

    Random, on-topic find… we have some friends that play in the NHL, and a lot of them love wearing the Kit and Ace pants with their suit coats for games because their so much more comfortable. One of the guys that plays on the Kings was actually the one that told us to check out the brand in the first place, ha!

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!
    XO, Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica! OMG, I love to hear that. I have a friend that wears the Kit and Ace women’s suit pants exclusively, because they are so comfortable. I have three tops from Kit and Ace, and they are WITHOUT A DOUBT, the most quality tops I’ve ever had. Love to hear the brand is in sports too! ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehe Thanks for sharing! Happy Monday!

  4. I haven’t tried anything new quite yet, but I am really excited to! This year my little city is getting a Cyclebar and an Orangetheory fitness! I intend on trying both when they open the doors. There is also a Barre3 studio opening close to my house so I look forward to checking it out as well.

    1. Hi Amanda! That’s so cool you have new studios coming your way! Have fun trying out the classes and let me know how you like them each! I’ve never done Barre3.

  5. The group barre class event is such a great idea. I’m sure you ladies had an amazing time. I get super red faced too when I work out, not to mention sweaty, so you’re not alone. It’s a sign of a great workout. At least that’s how I look at it.

    I need to see one of the Cirque de Soleil shows. They sound fantastic.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    New this year: making my own Moscow Mules.

    1. My hubs has made some Moscow Mule at home a lot, but I’m not really a fan heheh. Good for you!! And hey, red faces after a workout just happens. Happy Monday!!

  6. Sounds like a great event and a great show! I’ve always wanted to see a Cirque Du Soleil show! There’s actually one coming to my area soon so I was thinking of getting tickets.
    I’ve been enjoying trying new to me prenatal workouts the past few weeks and have been enjoying getting moving again ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Hi Megan, When Kit and Ace opened in the area, they reached out to me to come in and try the clothes. At that time, we discussed the fact that I was an instructor and they ended up inviting me back to teach the class. I invited some people and that’s how it happened. Totally do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The meetup is such a great idea. I would’ve loved to join! What’s the podcast you’re following up with? I hope you’ll keep us updated to listen when it’s published. Hope LA is fun.

    You gave me some recommendations for my visit in SF and I walked Lyon’s stairs for the first time this year. The view was amazing!

    1. Hi India! YAY! So glad you had fun in SF and went to the Lyon’s steps. Woohoo! There are so many beautiful views here. As far as my trip to LA — I’m doing another interview with Shawn Stevenson with The Model Health Show! YAY!! I’m not on his podcast, I’m interviewing him! Have a great week!!

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